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See a working Xbox One with Kinect at home, playing Ryse: Son of Rome

Microsoft PR chap posts image of his living room setup (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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golding89  +   783d ago
Hm.. I don't really see much from the picture. but waiting for this game bad.
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iamnsuperman  +   783d ago | Funny
Well we can tell he is a fan of candles. He has a Wii, a Wii U (maybe unopened/not currently out/might have spotted it behind the boxes on the right but that could be a plug) and a fat PS3. He likes the old school slightly village/ country house decor which is contrasted by his massive TV. He is clearly right handed as he took the photo with his right hand. He plays more 360 games than anything else. He has a karaoke game (edit figured it out it was lips for the 360). He is a very tidy person

Apart from that. Can't really tell anything else about the One or Ryse (off screen shots always shows games badly)

Anything else N4G community?
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devwan  +   783d ago
OK, you noticed far more than I did and I thought I did well!
creatchee  +   783d ago
I love that he has a lot of consoles - it's great to see that even though he works for one company, he is a gamer above all.
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MasterCornholio  +   783d ago

Your one scary person.

Motorola RAZR i
Sitdown  +   783d ago
He could have a significant other who is a fan of candles. He could hate the decor of his house, and again it be to the liking of a significant other. It's not clear that he is right handed, just clear that this picture was not taken with his left hand....he could be ambidextrous. You did not state he has a Panasonic TV. You also missed the automatic light switch.
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Septic  +   783d ago

I feel sorry for any girl you have ever stalked!

If the CIA hired you, you would have spotted Osama Bin Laden on 8/11.

Quite a humble setup for a MS PR person. Kinda nice to see he plays on other platforms even though he works for MS.
HammadTheBeast  +   783d ago
It's interesting, does the Xbox Logo always stay lit up on the controller?

I know some people had issues with the PS4 light bar being on unless devs turned it off.
mewhy32  +   783d ago
Oh come on. This could easily be running from the PC in the floor next to his TV. It's already been revealed that most of the game demos at E3 were running on windows computers.
Dlacy13g  +   783d ago
@mewhy32... omg... troll much?
monkey nuts  +   783d ago
@ mewhy: dude it's not in his floor, seriously dude blatant trolling. The PC tower has conveniently been housed inside the cardboard box stack. All he had to do was cut the backs out of the boxes and BLAMO! Instant camouflage.

Hey did that box move?!
Hmmmph must have been nothing
Come in control, everything is normal here...........

*removes tinfoil hat*
guitarded77  +   783d ago
He's also very open with twitterers. This guy should me MS's spokes person. He makes the XBOX One seem legit, while MS's corporate shills damage the XBOX One's reputation with everything they say. He better not get in trouble over this... he's they best thing that's happened for XBOX One.
ShinMaster  +   783d ago
So is the best looking game of all time(according to Xbox fans), Ryse, still running bellow 30fps?

Or is 30fps only a bad thing when it's a PS4 game?
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Dead_Cell  +   783d ago
I've scared myself.

I knew that photo was from the UK in an instant and I didn't even see the directory of the link. I don't know how but yeah.
Godz Kastro  +   783d ago

The execs are usually level headed... Wish I could say the same about fanboys. If they ran these companies they would be bankrupt in months...
spicelicka  +   783d ago
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   783d ago
a stalker in training?
Novistador  +   783d ago
Did you happen to find Waldo as well?
jon1234  +   782d ago
there clearly is a female living with him....
BattleAxe  +   782d ago
clouds5  +   782d ago
The xbox is a pc anyway...
oNIXo  +   782d ago
He's not a fan of candles and probably doesn't like old school slightly village/country decor either. He's probably has one of those "women" things living with him. I gots one too, and they like to do that shit.
StoutBEER  +   783d ago
Look how many consoles hes got! I ll trade you living rooms if you want? XD
frostyhat123  +   783d ago
@hammad Wow, you can't be serious? Can you?
nypifisel  +   783d ago
But have you seen Titanfall?
SITH  +   782d ago
He seems to have his consoles arranged in order of Hierarchy without room for any additions.
Insomnia_84  +   783d ago
Their self-hype is hilarious! lol
sobotz  +   783d ago
He's a gamer after all. He has a PS3 and Wii U
Insomnia_84  +   783d ago
That I know but the way they try to create hype is just...idk it's like they trying to convince you saying stuff that the public should be saying not them for example some of the tittles we have seen here
"XX person FROM MICROSOFT says the Xbox is amazing"
"XX person FROM MICROSOFT says Ryse is the best thing he has seen"
"XX person FROM MICROSOFT: when I showed my wife what the xbox one and kinect can do my wife said: OMG it can do that? Can I get one? That's amazing!"
"Xbox One unboxing with Major Nelson FROM MICROSOFT(followed by the video showing him saying some really annoying PR big hyoe words as usual from MS) "
"XX person FROM MICROSOFT says with the POWER OF THE CLOUD blah blah blah"

It's just that they have never really showed nothing to the real public, no one besides people FROM MICROSOFT have put their hands on it or even a prototype or something and all the feed back has been only from them really and this is something I've been saying for a while now, it's like they don't want anyone to touch the thing or even get clkse to it for some reason and when the showed it to the public for pics it was behind a glass no ine could get close to it or touch it unlike Sony with the PS4, we have seen other people from the media with the actual system.

It's something that's been in my mind for a while and it's always the same thing. It could be the lack of trust the have created in me over the course of the past 7 years with the way they do things.
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StoutBEER   783d ago | Bad language | show
tokugawa  +   783d ago
lol @ insomn ia you guys are desperate

stoutbeer. well said bubs +
Insomnia_84  +   783d ago
I see a lot of ignorance as replies to my comment. Try to look at the way Sony advertises their product and then look at the way Microsoft does, Microsoft has a very cheap way of doing it. It takes more than the naked eye to see and understand this. Compare them and you will see, how both companies talk, their wording, who speaks more straight forward, no spinning words and as a result look at people's reactions and which comlany has more support from gamers and which company has been back pedaling and trying to be like the other.

Btw, judging from how some people replies like stoutBEER and tokugawa cheering him up, I can understand the big problem Microsoft has with the immaturity of its Xbox Live users to the point of having a "xbox live police department" to counter this. That is a community I seriously don't want to be part of. Goes to show the kind of low people that support a company that acts just like them.
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pacostacos  +   783d ago
it is pretty funny seeing as the other console makers and their employees dont hype up their own products, Oh wait...
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lastofgen  +   783d ago
How is that bad?
This isn't something even worth criticizing..
theWB27  +   783d ago
I'm calling your BS out...there have bee tons of people who've been up and close with the X1. Public included...Plenty of people have played both systems...

It's like you went from May...lived under a rock...then came in today and posted both of these silly comments.

A company hyping its own product in order to gain customer awareness. Whoda f"n thunk it right?

How many interviews has Cerny done doing that same exact thing??? The has been everywhere hyping the PS4. Troll harder...or at least more intelligently.
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RyuCloudStrife  +   783d ago
WRONG!! Cerny hasn't done the same exact thing. What Cerny has done is answer the questions many people have had about the PS4 ALL IN 1 VIDEO. Then the gaming media chopped it up into 40 different articles. That's why there were tons of articles about Cerny saying this or Cerny saying that.

Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

What M$ is doing is viral marketing. They are letting you do the advertising for them.
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starchild  +   783d ago

Oh jeez, how much more biased can you get?
Cerny absolutely is hyping up the PS4. You can do all kinds of mental contortions trying make excuses for why it's really not hyping the PS4, but the reality remains.

And there damn sure as hell has been more than one video. I've read several different written interviews and watched several different videos with Cerny talking about how amazing the PS4 is going to be.

I've also seen lots of comments from Shuhei Yoshida and other Sony executives hyping the PS4.

But you know what? There is nothing wrong with that. All companies work to build excitement for their products. That some of you try to twist this into a bad thing when it comes to the XB1 really says everything about the heights of your fanboyism.
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XboxFun  +   783d ago

Wasn't Cerny on Jimmy Fallon hyping up the PS4?


Yes he was...oh you silly sony fanboys.
RyuCloudStrife  +   783d ago
Ok everyone here has something VERY confused.

What Microsoft is doing is making videos and doing things regular consumers would do AFTER you purchase the product.

It's called Viral Marketing.

They know this will get customers exited and will share across social media sites and generate more "advertising" for free.

What Mark Cerny has done is a 40 minute presentation on the "Road to PS4", and yes he's gone on VARIOUS interviews- of course people wanna talk to the man behind the PS4. HELLO??

Now is he going and tweeting pictures of the PS4 in his living room? Or is he doing PS4 unboxings? No Sony already said that it is better for the customer to experience themselves for the first time.

And the video about sharing a game on PS4, that was a direct jab at Microsoft- and its also understandable because in those days the #PS4noDRM was tearing up twitter. It's totally understandable why they did it at that VERY opportune time.
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badboy776  +   783d ago
Who Cares?
RyuCloudStrife  +   783d ago
Well I agree with you 100%. Microsoft is using social network media to generate free advertising.

Viral Marketing.
theWB27  +   783d ago
Are you dense? You can Google Cerny interviews and see how many sites have done interviews with the man.
ALLWRONG  +   783d ago
Insomnia_84 How does it feel tike to get caught?
theWB27  +   783d ago
"Insomnia_84 + 1h ago
I see a lot of ignorance as replies to my comment. Try to look at the way Sony advertises their product and then look at the way Microsoft does, Microsoft has a very cheap way of doing it. It takes more than the naked eye to see and understand this. Compare them and you will see, how both companies talk, their wording, who speaks more straight forward, no spinning words and as a result look at people's reactions and which comlany has more support from gamers and which company has been back pedaling and trying to be like the other.

Btw, judging from how some people replies like stoutBEER and tokugawa cheering him up, I can understand the big problem Microsoft has with the immaturity of its Xbox Live users to the point of having a "xbox live police department" to counter this. That is a community I seriously don't want to be part of. Goes to show the kind of low people that support a company that acts just like them."

Microsoft has a cheap way of advertising? They spent over 50 million on ads for Halo 4.

500 million on ads for Kinect- http://www.gamespot.com/new...

500 million on the original Xbox. 1BILLION on the 360.

None of those numbers are cheap. Lets look at Sony.

Killzone 2 had about 4 million. It's looking like the PS4 will have 100 million.

Online- Does the PSN crowd offer a chance for tea and crumpets before every match? Or ask how your day went and feel sad if it didn't go well? I doubt it...they're just as immature in PSN as Live.
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Booyah  +   782d ago
When he said cheap, I don't think he was talking about the money.
DigitalRaptor  +   782d ago
I think you misunderstood what he meant by "cheap" in this scenario. I'm not saying he's right, but on the other hand, Microsoft has had to be more conservative with their console after everything that has happened in the past 4 months, and it's definitely not the consumer's fault. They're going to have to tread lightly with everything they do, and it's already folding around them.
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zeal0us  +   783d ago
Should've posted of image of Killer Instinct, TitanFall or Forza instead.
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Kingdom Come  +   783d ago
Titanfall isn't even a launch title, so that'd be quite difficult...
pacostacos  +   783d ago
i like how the xbox logos light up on the console, kinect, and pad pretty neat
IcicleTrepan  +   783d ago
You get to really see the size of it in comparison to other consoles and gear. It's really not much diff in size to the 360.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   783d ago
Nice the picture quality on tv although the picture quality on tv isn't great.

Take a lool at Ryse Tech presentation at Siggraph 2013 . Foward to 5:55 mark.

golding89  +   783d ago
Nice. thnx for link.
FITgamer  +   783d ago
That's an odd living room setup. Everything is crammed into a small corner. Is there no center wall?
robotgargoyle  +   783d ago
Some older houses have awkward living for entertainment. My friend's tiny living room 4 doorways and 2 big windows. It's like "where do you put the electronic entertainment?". The walls are uneven to your seating and you can't block the entrance door way or kitchen entrance.

It's like Satan built their house!
Wikkid666  +   783d ago
Yes... definitely older homes are issues for electric space. Today a nice big tv is the center piece.. back then it was nice big fire place.
Thomper  +   783d ago
eeekkk...tv in corner = fail
r21  +   783d ago
...the Kinext has glowing eyes O_O
Kidmyst  +   783d ago
I see the WiiU is still boxed? Atleast he games on multi plats and has a Phat PS3. Maybe it's just his flash or something but is the light that bright on top of the XB1 controller?
TheEnigma313  +   783d ago
I wish it were a video; I want to see this game in action.
bub16  +   783d ago
nice to see some hardware in the wild! even if it is the xbone lol
Qrphe  +   783d ago
It should have shown a right thumb on the X button to make it look like he was playing the game.
bligmerk  +   783d ago
Then why hasn't XBone showed up at FCC yet if all these people have pre-production units in their homes? Something fishy about all this damage control.
andibandit  +   783d ago
Youre right

Seems like some sort of conspiracy, im pretty sure tha NSA is involved somehow, i just gotta figure out some crazy theory to tie it all together.
Grindlefly  +   783d ago
Does anyone know the timeframe for when it has to go through FCC? Are they not running out of time? Can this sort of stuff be passed quickly?

Honest question, could some clever poster explain how this stuff works?
timotim  +   782d ago
Are you being serious?
Cherchez La Ghost  +   783d ago
They're showing how Kinect will work in a limited amount of space. Notice the three small lights under the TV?! That's Kinect.
DigitalRaptor  +   782d ago
And Microsoft has definitely never ever been caught presenting falsified information to sell a product. Never. /s

However, it does look that room would stretch back enough for even the 1st generation Kinect to work, so of course the kinect 2.0 would be fine.
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BOWZER35  +   783d ago
This guy just took a shat on everyone if you ask me.
monkey nuts  +   783d ago
Good job no one asked then eh? xP
GiantEnemyCrab  +   783d ago
Okay now you're just teasing me random MS employee!!

Bring on launch day!
orangechicken67  +   783d ago
I just like how the tittle says "A working XBOX One".
modesign  +   783d ago
theyre saving the non working xbox one's for launch day.lol
Good_news_every1   783d ago | Spam
FragmentsOfHope  +   783d ago
I've seen better
Phoenix76  +   783d ago
Pictures don't hold much wait with most gamers. Show us a video of the console in action instead, then you'll start getting more interest.
Picnic  +   783d ago
The Xbox One controller looks like a child's drawing of what a typical controller looks like.

And what part of the game does this formally Kinect game, now only partially Kinect (if you choose to use it) game, have?
sassmannico   783d ago | Spam
Chase51   783d ago | Trolling | show
aLiEnViSiToR  +   783d ago
I expected a video lol
kingPoS  +   783d ago
The benefits o being game developer - You get to take it home with you. (to test it of course)
Dlacy13g  +   783d ago
Albert Penello is one guy I hope see's more and more time with the public as I think he represents MS well. He's had some great commentary for GAF in terms of questions they have raised.
cell989  +   783d ago
so much clutter with all those cable boxes
T2  +   783d ago
Interested to see how open the battles are in ryse ... Im not really into qte or linear war games
Picnic  +   782d ago
Well I doubt that you're going to be in to Ryse then because that's probably what it'll essentially be underneath. It looks like more like a showcase for the technology.
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sassmannico   783d ago | Spam
LKHGFDSA  +   783d ago
I was expecting a video.
Dagobert  +   783d ago
Ehh, it's not PS4. Who cares.
timotim  +   782d ago
You...you did actually have to click on this news story after reading the headline to post that irrelevant line.
Dagobert  +   782d ago
And you cared enough to reply to an irrelevant line. I guess we're in the same boat bruh. Where we sailin' off to? Somewhere tropical I hope?
timotim  +   782d ago
You're the one who asked the question, not me. I didn't mind at all exposing your irrelevance.
Dagobert  +   782d ago
And I'm not minding exposing your interest in my irrelevant reply. Again, where we headed off to in this boat?
TongkatAli  +   782d ago
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