Do Third-Party Publishers Hate Nintendo?

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'The Wii U’s distinct lack of third-party support has bore the brunt of many an opinion piece about the console’s premature demise, and it’s understandable as to why. With high-profile publishers such as EA and Konami dismissing the platform entirely until Nintendo manages to shift more units, the Wii U’s future, it seems, will be shaped by the strength of Nintendo’s first-party software alone.

But isn’t this always the case?'

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iamnsuperman1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I think you are forgetting that it isn't hate but just a business choice. The 64 sold just over 30 million units while its competitor sold 102 million (also to note disc based helped here). The gamecube sold 21 million while its competitor sold 155 million. The Wii sold loads but didn't embrace the HD era and also had a control scheme which, even today, is rather limiting while its competitors didn't and had more traditional style controller (note the Wii had a lot of shovelware from EA and Ubi) and it couldn't really be ported down from the 360/PS3 to the Wii

The Wii U isn't selling well at the moment so third parties are not jumping on board (similar to the PS vita situation). It is too risky. Nintendo made bad choices in the past (except the Wii) which result in no third party support. The Wii U just hasn't taken off and, at this present time, it is less risky going for the One and PS4 than it is for the Wii U. If sales pick up for the Wii U then third party will be back in some form

Sincere01211767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Your logic is flawed by your assumption that the ps4 or xbone will sell better than the wii u. It's a greater risk to support consoles that haven't even came out yet.

Everyone acts like wii u has no 3rd party support at all, granted it's not as much as the other consoles but there is more 3rd support than everyone makes out.
Furthermore Nintendo's 1st party titles are better than then 3rd parties. that's why they support ps and xbox more because they have no quality 1st party games to compete with.

from a business point of view, It's stupid to judge nintendo sales so early when their big games haven't even been released yet.
it's the software that sells the hardware and playstation/xbox can't compete with nintendo when it comes to software.

iamnsuperman1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

"Your logic is flawed by your assumption that the ps4 or xbone will sell better than the wii u"

It isn't such a flawed assumption. Wii U sales are abysmal at the minute (no denying that). All I said it is less risky for them to go to the other generation consoles (i.e. start developing them now) as the Wii U isn't selling well now (it is already out). More potential for the others to sell better. I didn't say it was a garentee but considering Nintendo have said they don't think a price cut is in order and we have no idea of any big quality games coming out (for instance Zelda?) which people think sell Nintendo systems. We haven't seen anything from Zelda since the first announcement which was a tech demo. It is less of a risk going to the PS4 and One

Sincere01211767d ago

I said your logic is flawed not assumption.
on what basis are the other 2 consoles less risky.
everyone said the same thing about the wii and the ds, yet they outsell both playstation and xbox.

zelda isn't the only big game coming on wii u, do ur research. loads of games have been confirmed including zelda.

Wii u doesn't need a price cut. it offers best quality games, backwards compatabilty, free online, where as the other 2 consoles only offer slightly better hardware.

Wii U is the least risky.

MasterCornholio1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

The Wii has an install base of over 90 million consoles while the PS3 and the XBOX 360 have a install base over 80 million consoles.

My only question is based on history where do multiplatform games tend to sell the most? If you look at the Wii, PS3 and XBOX 360 you would see that almost all multiplatform games sell a lot better on the PS3 and the XBOX 360 than the Wii. If developers go by history where do you think they will bring their games first? On the platforms that sell the most 3rd party titles which in this case would be the XBOX and the Playstation brand.

This is the main reason why a major AAA IP like Battlefield 4 (or others like the Witcher 3) are not coming to the Wii U.

"Battlefield 4 is the latest in a string of third-party releases that will skip Wii U this year. Saints Row 4 developer Volition has said its open world adventure won't be on Nintendo's home console. And neither will Techland's Dead Island: Riptide - the developer didn't want to rework its engine for the platform."

In the end its more risky for a developer to produce a game on a console that has a history of poor sales for 3rd party games than 2 consoles which have a great history of selling 3rd party titles well.

Fanboyssuck271767d ago

The reason they don't sell more on nintendo consoles is because 3rd parties have never made a game that can sell for generations like Nintendos first party titles.
With Nintendo it's about quality not quantity.
A lot of 3rd partys are just out to make money, its not about the quality of gameplay and love of games, this is why Nintendo and 3rd parties can't get along.

Furthermore when 3rd parties port games over to nintendo they do it sloppy.
If they put more effort into Nintendo then they would recieve the sales they want.
Fact is no one wants to buy half a game and thats what a lot of these 3rd party companies are doing, porting games with missing features and then expecting nintendo fans to come flocking to buy them.

zeroskie1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I would love to own a Wii U for several reasons: Pikmin, Smash, X.

But that's it, three games that I want to play on the WiiU. On the other hand the PS4 hasn't even come out yet and there's a bunch of titles I'm already going to get: Watch Dogs, Destiny, MGSV, FFXV, AC4, Cyberpunk 2077, Infamous: Second Son, Witcher 3, Dying Light...

This upcoming system, both superior in power and variety of games to the Wii U only costs $50 more! with Movies, Music, F2P and a bunch of first party games yet to be announced.

I'm not saying the WiiU is worthless. Far from that, but Nintendo is assuming that consumers don't know the meaning of value for money, and they've priced it inappropriately. I'll buy the WiiU when it reaches $150, no more.

Edit: One more thing. The Wii may have sold more consoles than the PS3 and X360, but the software sales per console was abysmal. Many people bought the Wii which came with Wii Sports and purchased one or two more games for it only to never touch it again. Keep in mind those sales figures include a bunch of casual consumers too.

exfatal1767d ago

several isnt 3 games... that's a "few" anyways you spread out a list of games over two systems in that list. yet watch dogs and AC4 are multiplats coming to the Wii u as well.

Also i find it hard to believe u are interested in pikmin and Smash but not wonderful 101 which is a more action based pikmin with alot deeper combat, but to each their own.

but thing that really bugs me about your comment is that you assume the people who bought a Wii U don't know the value for money, we own and played it we no nintendos selling at a loss, we see the value in the tablet controller we see the care they put into their games, and we can see how powerful the system can be when taken advantage of its inner workings.

IMO it just looks like you don't know the true value of the Wii U, i suggest you give it a try before trying to take a shit on it and say its only worth 150$

Jay70sgamer1767d ago

I wanna get this point across why is everyone saying the playstaion 4 is only 50 dollars more than wii u's more to the price than meets the eye the playstation4 is selling you .....1. If you go and buy a playstation 4 at 400 dollars you still don't have a game to play....once you buy it plus to play multi player online you have to get playstation plus....... so the real price if you want to buy 1 game in which you are gonna have to do and a extra controller and playstaion plus it is really 560 dollars ...that's over two hundred dollars more than wii u deluxe just saying at least with the wii u deluxe you have a game and you can use the old wii controllers and old wii games .....

zeroskie1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )


Actually you're right, I am interested in Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 as well, I forgot about those. But out of these 5 games I just listed, only Pikmin is out right now! And it's been a year since release! Please, explain to me the true value of the WiiU.

But I stand by my point. I've been a loyal Nintendo customer since SNES and owned every product they've made since then including a range of Gameboys and the DSiXL, but the buck stops at the WiiU and 3DS mainly because I've reached a point in my life where I can't afford the time to play every game on every system anymore, and I have to actually sit down and weigh cost/benefit--the WiiU comes up short.

As far as Watch Dogs and AC4. I"m really glad some third party support is coming to Nintendo, even if it's only from Ubisoft so far. But let's be honest, are those games going to look better on the WiiU or the PS4/PC/XONE?

Nintendo has done this ballsy thing where it's released a console in between generations and if it were going to do well, it would have done so already. At the beginning of the WiiU release, I honestly thought Nintendo had a great plan to dominate the market once again, so I wasn't worried at all, but they didn't and they refuse to adapt to their situation. After the Xbox ONE and PS4 released it's going to be an even more uphill battle with the tragic cycle of no support = no install base = no support. The only way to break out of it is a price drop. And you're definitely going to disagree, but as of right now it's worth $150, especially with so many other wonderful options for gaming out there.

Honestly, if I had to buy my little brother a console this holiday, I'd get him a PS3 or an Xbox 360 over the WiiU.


That's not a fair comparison. You can't assume everyone has a Wii and controllers (In that case you just paid for backwards comp that you didn't need). Also Playstation Plus is optional and not everyone plays multiplayer games (even if they did, what kind of multiplayer games are you playing on the WiiU? Thought so). Even so, Playstation Plus is a tremendous value and gives out free games like they're hot potatoes, it's amazing. Also with WiiU deluxe you get freaking NintendoLand compared to Planetside 2, Warframe, Blacklight and other F2Ps? Where's the comparison.

Also if you want to buy an extra controller for the WiiU how much does that cost? It costs about the same to get an extra classic controller, even more for a gamepad (plus having a second gamepad drops the framerate of the video by half!) what kind of value is that?

Finally, 32GB hard drive vs 500GB.

Dunban671767d ago

Is the answer YES (according to the author of the article)?

It is ashamed all these 3rd party publishers are "out to get Nintendo". As we all know multi million/billion dollar business organizations usually make their decisions based on juvenile emotion. All of these publisher developer execs are just fanboys plain and simple-

As a Wii, 3DS and Wi U owner only- I am glad they aren t making decisions of which consoles to release their games based on good business sense- otherwise we may never see another 3rd party game on the Wii u again (or for a vey long time)

1767d ago
Neonridr1767d ago

It's hard for 3rd party developers to compete on a console where 1st party titles rule the sales charts.

Unfortunately with most Nintendo consoles, it's the first party software that sells into the millions of units.

Of course it doesn't help that the userbase isn't there right now. Again, when the install base grows, we will see more devs willing to take the risk.

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