Battlefield 4’s ‘Best Moments’ Video Revealed

In anticipation of a new outing at Gamescom next week Electronic Arts have compiled a ‘Best Moments’ trailer for the forthcoming Battlefield 4. Currently in development at DICE for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, Battlefield 4 is set for release on all formats this autumn.

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mathsman1555d ago

It's a flash video, so try turning off Adblocker.

Failing that, use a different browser.

MWong1555d ago

I got video, but it's just the E3 multiplayer premier without the scripted cast. Thought I was going to see some sort of montage.

sourav931555d ago

For people who can't see the video, this is the same video as on the website, but it's around 2 months old.

Nice job electronic theatre /s

1555d ago
BattleReach1555d ago

But Battlefield has no fish moving out of the way when you get close to them.

csreynolds1555d ago

This video was revealed almost immediately after E3. This is by no means new.

pandehz1555d ago

Lol I thought news was meant to be new.