Top 5 Reasons Why GTA 5 Online Will Be Amazing

We all have all been waiting for it and we got it. Grand Theft Auto Online is the next big thing for Rockstar and us gamer simply because it’s going to be its own thing. In fact it won’t be available for launch but 2 weeks later on October 1st. We can argue this would give use enough time to play the singleplayer but then again we all want access to everything once we pay the cash. On the other hand Rockstar seems to be focusing a lot on the fact this is something that will grow on its own and that made me wonder what if GTA Online can be moved on next Gen. Even if we don’t get a next gen version of GTAV they probably can put the online mode so that gamers don’t have to play the online for GTAV on the current gen for the next 5 years like how GTA IV is still one of the most played on Xbox Live.

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golding891707d ago

Friends and Crews..customization..I'm sold.

TomShoe1707d ago

Gonna buy the ish out of this game.

I just hope people don't go shooting me up "for the lulz"

Snookies121706d ago

I heard there is a "passive" option you can turn on. So that others can't start shooting you up. If you don't want to attack or be attacked by people for a bit.

MidNite1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

WOW... I didn't hear about the passive feature it sounds hot just imagine walking around the city looking at chaos everywhere that would be epic.

thanks for the laugh...

Snookies. Its a welcome'd feature which literally made me laugh
I hope they do implement it. I'll play online with the feature turned off then turn it on for my girlfriend and the apocalypse around her.
Laughing at her WTF facial exprsssions.

My friend had the same problem with RDR, so he completed all the missions and while he was busy his wife picked all the flowers campaign mode due to online being the wild wild west.

Snookies121706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

@MidNite - This was mentioned by someone who has played the demo and talked with the developers.

I get your sarcasm, but it's not necessary. It's a really great feature to have, especially when you're dealing with people who continually kill you for no reason. (Which was a HUGE problem in Red Dead Redemption mind you.)

It's a preventative measure, and is very welcomed. All it does is prevent people from shooting you, and you from shooting. There are plenty of other things you can do with it activated anyway. Plus, when you're ready to start causing mayhem again. All you have to do is turn it off. No issues there.

GarrusVakarian1706d ago

Jets, submarines, skydiving.

Take my money.

Snookies121706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I kind of feel as if this game should cost more than others... There is just so much content packed into this one game, it's like the normal price is a sale or something lol.

MidNite1706d ago

I agree with you not even alittle sarcasm thanks again for
Making me laugh

FlyingFoxy1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

The true potential of this will shine on PC, as long as they don't limit it to a lame 16 players like the console versions.. give us 64+ and editable game modes so we can have Cops n Robbers servers like SA-MP has with stats being saved to server.

Also, car surfing please.. nothing like playing SA-Mp with 2-3 people on top of a car hunting down some other players. In IV the realism kinda killed the fun, you just slide off moving objects.

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