Cliff Bleszinski Teases His New Project With Another Image

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, Cliff Bleszinski shared an image from a project he’s currently working on. Although we did not cover it back then, Bleszinski shared a new image today, therefore we are bringing you both of these screenshots."

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Septic1620d ago

Basketball game with jet packs, robotic legs and midget referees confirmed!

zeal0us1620d ago

Its probably just a picture of a poster on a wall in some type of shooting game.

Paytaa1620d ago

@Zeal0us I don't know man. I remember being pretty excited when the announced that at the VGA's of 2011 I believe. Looked ambitious and something new for Epic but they haven't said a word about it since the VGA's.

zeal0us1620d ago

Its still in development but as of lately Epic has yet to release any information about the game.

HAL_Kn0wZbest1620d ago

@ BiggCMan

Yeah Epic is very hush hush on that one. Don't know why. If anything, we would have at least got a glimpse of it since it is releasing this year on PC. Probably next week obviously...hopefully more like it!

Pintheshadows1619d ago

I was wondering about Fortnite. It just disappeared of the face of the earth for a while.

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iamnsuperman1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Well it is Cliff. He did put a chainsaw on a gun. Anything is possible

MWong1620d ago

There will be chainsaw basketballs!!

I forgot about Fortnite, that was an impressive looking game. We heard about it for about 2 months and then it vanished.

HammadTheBeast1620d ago

This just screams DUDEBRO!!!

BallsEye1619d ago

I call it now, the other team is locust. Space Jam!

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Iltapalanyymi1620d ago

What on earth is Cliffy up to?

OlgerO1620d ago

How much you want to bet that this is a xbox one exclusive.

gaelic_laoch1620d ago

Nice to see Clifford B doing his day job rather then trolling gamers!

HammadTheBeast1620d ago

I could've sworn he quit from the industry like 4 times.... or was that Moleyneux...

Legion211620d ago

I believe he said break...

listenkids1620d ago

Could just be part of a cinematic, based in a future real world, where something goes down at a game.

Who knows.

die_fiend1620d ago

Given how bland the Gears series got, this is gonna be 100% underwhelm

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The story is too old to be commented.