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Septic1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Nice, can't wait!

clewis941555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Edit - Okay you changed your comment lol.

Septic1555d ago

Haha sorry yeah...I couldn't see the confirmation anywhere. I re-read it because I know how useless I can be on a Friday, and noticed the info.

hOoDnErD1555d ago

Good job CLewis *salute*

Dee_911555d ago

what time exactly does it start ?

abzdine1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

me too :D

EDIT: release plans? it's exactly what i'm expecting from Gamescom.
Hopefully some groundbreaking announcements as well.

slimeybrainboy1555d ago

Also It would be nice to have a "And here's The Last of Us DLC, out tommorrow!"

I want at least four big titles announced, not JRPG weird stuff, save that for TGS. I want the to know more of the new ip's and AAA franchises.

vigilante_man1555d ago

It said "plans" but not "date". This could mean a list of countries but not the actual date.

I do believe they will release the date as well. Sony have done well at being straight up so far. We may even get the final tech issues clarified such as:

. CPU speed
. Ram for games
. Sata interface for HDD (2 or 3)
. etc.

Let the games commence..

torchic1555d ago


I'm not sure, "launch plans" include launch dates, territories, bundles and so forth. what other "launch plans" have they left to tell us apart from the release date?

but I do see Sony waiting til TGS in September to give the launch date as one last publicity push, or rather, to ignite the marketing surrounding the release of the console.

Lunatic_Medic1555d ago

I, too, assumed they would save the release date information for TGS, but I was talking to my friend last night, and with how SONY said ( back in February)that Japans launch isn't a priority (as compared to the Americas and Europe in the context of releasing quickly and efficiently to beat the XONE) it would be insulting to the Japanese people to announce the release date at an event in their country.

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badz1491555d ago

release date announcement CONFIRMED! just do it SONY!!

AlexanderNevermind1555d ago

Great news. I've got my fingers crossed for an Oct. release date.

us_army1555d ago

O how much I would love an October release... The sooner the better, plus November is so busy with stuff and spending money on the holidays!

TheFutureIsBlue1555d ago

I think we all want an October release lol. If not that early November. Please Sony!

assdan1555d ago

Or, gamescon could be right now!

GribbleGrunger1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Coming soon, confirmed:

From an insider over at Gaf:

"Originally Posted by Verendus

Release date is being announced next week. It was held because Japan was still being confirmed and they couldn't announce it confidently as early as June. Not to mention various other issues. It has little to do with MS. The release is very soon so MS wouldn't really be able to react regardless, but no specific date could be announced in confidence either a couple months ago."

That October 21st date is looking good at this point

TheFutureIsBlue1554d ago

Funny thing is my wifes birthday is around Oct 21st. I guess I can be like "Surprise I bought us a ps4!" lmao

miyamoto1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


The Sorceress is dancing with joy!

3 days 14 hours!

The saviour of gaming is coming!

showtimefolks1554d ago

Already pre ordered it a while back so whenever it's out it's a buy
earlier the Better, I am hoping for a late September to early October

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black0o1555d ago

with Bf4 man that'd be amazing

Tru_Blu1555d ago

Same day as BF4 please!!

reko1555d ago


early October would be better ..

Ghost_of_Tsushima1555d ago

I'd rather it be late October so I have time to enjoy GTA5. I'll most likely trade in my current gen console to help with next gen.

jay21555d ago

Europe getting a 13 release then THANK GOD!

GribbleGrunger1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

The fuse is lit, asbestos pants are ordered and the detonation is imminent! Be there:

1OddWorld1555d ago

Bubble for the link.
Thank you

reko1555d ago


when is gamescon?
the 20th or 21st? or Sony's conference
on the 20th? or??

GribbleGrunger1555d ago

Look at the link I've provided. That's when the Sony conference is on.

Boody-Bandit1555d ago

shortcut created

Thx GribbleGrunger!

I delayed my vacation a day, was suppose to originally leave 8/20, just so I could watch and get all the info possible before hitting the beach for a week. Hope I leave for vaca on a high. October release Sony *crossing fingers*

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