A videogame that helps women instead of objectifying them

The world of gaming isn't known for its friendliness to women. There are damsels in distress, sexualized characters, and only a few who are portrayed in a multidimentional way. Female characters in video games are not only less powerful (and certainly less numerous) than male characters, they are usually impossibly-figured, with tiny waists, long legs, longer hair and giant breasts programmed to jiggle enticingly. Yes, even the popular, and powerful Lightning character from Final Fantasy got a breast enlargement and developers spent their time engineering "breast physics" so they will move realistically in the latest version of the game.

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KingKelloggTheWH1770d ago

"they are usually impossibly-figured" Looks at men characters...Hmm,goes both ways.

knifefight1770d ago

Help me understand. I've never seen a game character with a penis so huge he'd get daily backaches or be rendered wholly ineffective in a fight. Can you post some examples?

Remy_S1770d ago

Don't be stupid, you know he referring to the roided out physique of most male characters. But if its penis you want, Dante's Inferno's Satan would be what your looking for.

Septic1770d ago

That is a silly example. When have you seen a game character with a vagina so huge, she'd get backaches?

knifefight1769d ago

"Boobs, how do they work?" Those are what's called "private parts" on women. If you are leaving them out of the discussion intentionally because you think a big chest on a man is the same as a big chest on a woman, you are sadly mistaken.

Yes! Indeed I do know that. So why is that that men get idealized physiques while women simply get less clothing and bouncier boobs?

If they were designed equally, the dudes would be running around in thongs and showing big buldges. ;)

TekoIie1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


I think you should look up what women find attractive before claiming that women would want " dudes running around in thongs and showing big buldges"...

Also before we get onto a 45% of women are gamers therefore we should have equal representation as the article claims. Why not go in depth with this research and not ask them which platform they play on? Because chances are that a good portion of them are on mobile platforms (not including handhelds).

That assumption is not sexism its just from simple observation. I know women who got into console gaming through these devices and its those womens who's opinion matters, and also those who should be looked for by the industry. Not people who only play angry birds or cut the rope.

cleft51769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I have never seen a modern female video game character with her vagina showing. Also, in the GTA4 dlc they showed a male character's penis. In Dante's Inferno they showed the Devil's penis as well.

I get what point you think you are making, but you are wrong. Male characters are often more exposed than female characters in modern gaming. But the same people that complain about exaggerated female characters often ignore how male characters are represent or they simply downplay the issue relating to males insisting it doesn't matter and issues affecting women need to be focused on first. This is actually backwards thinking considering the issues that affect one gender will inevitably affect the other gender as well.

KonsoruMasuta1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Have you played God of War or the WWE games? All of those guys are big, muscular, sweaty, and wear next to nothing.

Are men being objectified?

knifefight1769d ago

cleft5: "I have never seen a modern female video game character with her vagina showing."
Compare private parts to private parts. You've seen game boobs (if you've played MA games, at least), and those are considered a private part. To play fair, we need to talk about things that ARE also private parts, which a man's chest isn't. Sorry. ;)

Re: "I get what point you think you are making, but you are wrong."
Well, being 'wrong' is obviously a little bit subjective.

Re: "Male characters are often more exposed than female characters in modern gaming."
Hahahaha okay XD
For every man you show me running around in a sexy thong, I can show you 10 women.

Re: "Have you played God of War or the WWE games?"

Do you *really* think that Kratos is depicted as an object for female sexual fantasies? No, he's the embodiment of an alpha male. And do we see his naughty bits?

The female equivalent of Kratos would be a woman who has a sex minigame. Does the new Tomb Raider have a part where you control her in real time as she convinced a dude to do sexual things to her? I may have missed that part, and if so, I apologize.

guitarded771769d ago

Well, look at Marcus and Dom... their pectoral muscles are so big they couldn't perform some of the actions they perform in game, so yeah... your point is moot.

knifefight1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

1) Not really, no.
2) Pectoral muscles are not a private part. Try again.

Re: "Also breasts aren't private parts. Only prudes think they are."
Think of every single person who...
* Would be startled by a bare breast in public.
* Would be startled by a bare breast on network television (note: network television is the stuff that isn't HBO and things)
* Would be startled by bare breasts in just about any situation.
* Are sexually aroused by breasts.
* Are women who would be downright humiliated to have someone see their breasts.
Now, add that up and you get a lot of people. Each one individually has exceptions, but in the broad sense, if you're arguing that breasts are NOT private parts, you're fighting a losing battle there. Come on, be serious here.

You can't show them on most TV stations, showing them in movies and games gets you a steeper rating, and in -most- countries/states, a woman going without a top is downright illegal. Heck, a simple "nip slip" by a celebrity makes news headlines for weeks -_-

So when you say "only prudes" I guess you must mean "most people."

When you say "...Puritan society has deemed it taboo to show a woman's bare"
Are you really carrying this that far? Wow.
Sorry, but bare breasts are considered sexual and out of bounds in more societies than just ones influences by the Puritans. And have been before the Puritans arrived. There's nothing wrong with having your opinion, but you have to admit that your opinion is in the vast minority here. Why is that a problem for you to admit?

Men's "objectification" is not objectification, it's male characters becoming idealized into the killing machines the male market gravitates towards. While it's okay for a man to have sex in a game, you'll have trouble finding a man whose only role is for a female character to have her sexual way with him and move on. The other way around, oh yeah, all the time. The fact that you can't see the problem IS part of the problem.

DragonKnight1769d ago

@knifefight: I guess it's a good thing I brought a gun. Lame joke, but moving on. The male physique typically shown in games has as much a hindrance on performance as "big boobs" does for women only in a different way. You can claim that women with large chests would have back problems, men with bulging muscles would have movement problems, in both speed and flexibility. Men the size of, say, Marcus from Gears of War would actually not be capable of moving as fast as those characters do.

You are also taking exposure to mean indecent exposure when it can easily mean someone like Kratos who is bare chested wearing a loin cloth. Just because he doesn't have breasts doesn't mean he isn't exposed.

Also breasts aren't private parts. Only prudes think they are.

Men are equally exposed as women, it's only that no one cares because men get turned on by the female form more than the opposite so titillation becomes a marketable feature plus self-esteem issues from the female audience adds controversy and boom, feminist dogma is born.

DragonKnight1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

@knifefight: Just because Puritan society has deemed it taboo to show a woman's bare chest doesn't mean that breasts are a private part. By that logic, in the Islamic tradition all parts of a woman's body, save for her eyes (and in some instances including them) are private parts because men who follow the Islamic faith would be startled to see any part of a woman's body shown to anyone but her husband.

You're completely wrong here. Again, only prudes would be started by seeing a bare chested woman, and only because of Puritan society, not because of any ethical dilemma.

Blacktric1768d ago

So when someone presents the fact that male characters are also mostly portrayed as being over the top and perfect people, your mind immediately goes to the size of their junk? I'm hoping you were joking because otherwise, I gotta say that white knighting of some of you people knows no boundaries.

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Donnieboi1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Lol at the article: It speaks against painting women as Damsels in Distress, then the title says it's to "Help Women".

Isn't the assumption that they need help (based solely on their gender) essentially making them into Damsels in Distress?

Why don't more women help make the kinds of games that they want to see? Don't put the burden on men to do it (which would essentially make man the heroe, and women the one's needing to be "saved" again). Besides, in the real world there ARE all types of women, from smart, athletic , dependable, strong, to weak, undependable, lazy, and co-dependant. To not include the negative sides of either gender is to make up unrealistic expectations. Yes we need more strong females, but not every portrayal of a weak female is meant to be a negative trope/stereotype. Some women (as well as men) just carry themselves as being weak and dependant on others, while some other women (and men) are more self reliant. Omitting both sides of these personality types is unreal, and akin to trading one stereotype (weak woman) to another (always perfect without flaw or fear).
So let's embrace both, without necessarily assuming that every "weak" female role is an intended insult, or every "weak" male role means he's any less manly. If we look outside, we will see that most people carry themselves in a variety of ways.

Edit: Speaking of looking outside, if u go to any magazine shop, or turn on most tv channels, u will see that virtually all of the womanizing and unfair standards put on women are done by OTHER women. From magazines putting pressure on the to lose weight, buying latest fashions, get married, prevent aging, have babies, and be overly sociable/obsessive with how many people like them--then I think women need to confront that. Talk shows, reality tv shows (like Bridezilla, etc), magazines, etc put impossible standards on women to hold numerous conflicting roles. The womanizing is coming from what they set before their eyes, more than from men, older/traditional women, etc combined.

Maybe they should use games as a way to discuss the many possible roles a woman is capable of having (whether "good" or "bad"). Because not every woman is as perfect, in the real world there are just as many Oprah's and other strong women, as there are Snookies (very Sexual, undependable, co-dependant) and Kim Kardashians. If fact, just as many women are interested in the lives of those losers than they are about strong women. So don't be surprised when male Game designers put similar female characters in games, when the look outside and see this everywhere. If women want to see change, they Should be their own pioneers (in the real world, as Well as in gaming). Finally, let's not cheapen the artform and make it less realistic by omitting those personalities that may not be perfect renditions of women.

TekoIie1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

"Speaking of looking outside, if u go to any magazine shop, or turn on most tv channels, u will see that virtually all of the womanizing and unfair standards put on women are done by OTHER women."

This is something people need to realise. Its not men making a big deal out of Sheryl Sandberg being the COO of Facebook... To tell you the truth most of us dont care who the COO is of any company.

EDIT: Also what is it with the increasing number of gender related articles recently? I remember when you'd get one every so often but theres been a good 5-10 by my count recently :/

adorie1769d ago

I agree. I'd like these articles to come with substance, I feel the majority of these gender-orientated articles have an underlying agenda to push on the community.
I couldn't care less, if it doesn't have to do with leaking Naughty Dog's next masterpiece, or if MS has a new megaton exclusive. I just don't care.

Most of us know by now, that you need a tough skin when you deal with peeps on the internet, and that includes online gaming.

I've dealt with my share of stupid on XBL, but you won't see me back down from a moron attempting to degrade me, just because I'm female.

TBH, if women want equality, we need to act like it, not want that equality and expect to be treated better than men. It's up to men if they want to be men and treat us with respect.

(I hate these kinds of articles, but this discussion was interesting enough for me to type, so here I am)

cleft51769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I pretty much agree with what you wrote. I can understand the complaints about one type of woman being primarily represented. But there is ways of dealing with that other than going on a witch hunt. I really feel like that is what happened with Dragon's Crown. I just beat that game playing as the Sorceress and the ending was actually really empowering to women in general and empowering to the Sorceress as well.

I think that before people jump to conclusions they need to know the proper context for the content they are looking at. Also, this one sided focus on these issues seriously serve to undermine the arguments being made and clearly show that people are just trying to push an agenda whether than focus on an issues that affects both genders.

MrMister1769d ago

Says they are impossible figured, but I look up and see that Chun-Li cosplayer and she managed to pull off that body. Nothing wrong with being proud of having a good body.

clearelite1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

The author conveniently left that out. They're DISQUALIFIIIIED!

If they don't mention the "oversexualization" of the men as wel, they are possibly biased, have an agenda, are actually just jealous, etc.

dark-hollow1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

how many male characters are being created in "bold, angry tough and sexualized" look in games?

Drake, Cole, snake, Booker, Altair, Gordon freeman, ryo hayabusa, Mario, link, cloud, and I could go on forever on famous male characters that aren't sexualized.

male protagonist in video gaming have more variety. There are the handsome, the plain looking, the ugly, the bald, the ripped, the skinny.characters who aren't shirtless or sexualized. While the MAJORITY of female protagonist are sexy blonde #26, sexy brunette #68, busty redhead #100, female fighter with "armor" that covers 5% of her body, and so on and so forth.

implying that the sexual objectification of male characters is ANYWHERE near as frequent and as bad as objectification of female characters in video games is simply far from the truth.

Dagobert1769d ago

Just cause there's a variety in male character's looks, it doesn't mean it's not sexualized. Not everyone has the same taste in physical appearances. Personally I as a male in this female dominant world feel very upset that my gender is represented in a sexualized way and that there's most likely a fan made hentai picture of it made in Japan.

I would like men to stand up against this. Enough of working out just to fit in society and be accepted by women. Enough of penis enlargements just so a woman can be pleased. I'm blessed in the looks and ding dong department but I as a male feel that other men are oppressed and treated as a sex object. Why do men have to be metrosexuals just to look "pretty" for women? Enough is enough!

dark-hollow1769d ago

Are you serious? Wow I won't even bother replying to that. Yeah we men have it so hard!!! What a joke!

DragonKnight1769d ago

@dark-hollow: Your comment is a joke because it smacks of ignorance. Dagobert is completely correct. Every day society is gearing more and more towards women. A militarized police force enforces feminist agendas on men placing them in financial servitude to women and it continues to permeate in all areas of life. Men are ridiculously portrayed in games just as women are but the problem with white knights is that they are incapable of seeing it through their narrowminded view of what is objectification of men.

Lord_Sloth1768d ago

Ryu Hayabusa...A man with perfect physique running around in skin tight, leather outfits.

Snake has so much definition in his ass he might as well not wear any pants.

Aside from Mario, all the males on your list are in good shape and look appealing (bad gfx aside).

As for women, you're generalizing and it's not really true. You just have to find games that don't try to objectify either gender.

Women respond differently to sexual attractions than men do. Turning on a dude is like flipping a switch. For women it's like running a Nuclear Reactor! It's just more of a hassle than it's worth. And as for female characters not depicted sexually...

Aeris, Elena (Uncharted), Lucy Kuo, Michelle (Onimusha 3), Ellie (Dead Space), Kyrie, Cai Wenji, Yuri Sakazaki, Titania (Fire Emblem), Maiden in Black,

See? Modest women are there. Women depicted as independant, non-sexualized, badasses. And when they're ugly (Fat Princess) it stirs up anger from the femenists. There's no winning here...

Now let's post up men depicted sexually...

Kratos (hyper buff, sex machine, wearing nothing)
Hayabusa (Leather Clad, super buff, macho Ninja)
Dante (Buff, over-handsome, rugged dude)
Raiden (pretty boy, skin tight suits)
Snake (middle aged-hot, skin tight suits)
Johnny Cage (super cut dude in his underwear)
Ken (Super buff, pretty boy)
Jin Kazama (hyper buff, pretty boy)

You can cherry pick all day but never forget that men asre sexualized in gaming as well and there are plenty of women who are not sexualized in gaming.

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StraightPath1769d ago

Games just like the media have a long way to go in representing women equally. Very small amount of characters do this such as elizabeth from bioshock or the new lara focus on the character rather t hen being near full naked with a huge rack. Samus Arun is cool too but look what they,did to her made her weak and sexualised her abit in Other M.

hazelamy1769d ago

yeah, a male power fantasy.

and the women wearing a couple of inches of material held together with dental floss are just a male sexual fantasy.

if it really was equal, more games would be like this.

imagine if most games that featured men had dick physics, would that be ok?

KingKelloggTheWH1768d ago

Breast physics aren't the same as penis physics,that would be the equivalent of vagina physics.

Also quit throwing around the power fantasy bs, it is dumb childish and annoying.Every game EVER plays off fantasies and people dreams, man and woman.

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Qrphe1769d ago

This Anita has caused way too many headaches for both part of some gaming communities and some actual feminists as well. This article is a result of her influence.

dark-hollow1769d ago

What Anita did was a wake up call to the female objectification and the frequency rendering female characters hopeless and weak without the help of the usually male character.

TekoIie1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Anita basically claimed that an Italian plumber is somehow more privileged than a princess... You lose some respect after saying that and being dead serious about it.

dark-hollow1769d ago

No she didn't. She implied that the princess is rendered useless and weak without the help of the said Italian plumper.

TekoIie1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

And yet the princess who rules over an entire kingdom... Is powerless.

She has an entire population of Toads who will do anything for her, but just because a Plumber saves her on numerous occasions shes weak and helpless?

Outside of saving Peach I guess Mario has to struggle to make ends meet whereas Peach gets to live in a beautiful castle and get pampered till she dies.... Apparently Mario has the better end of the stick according to you -_-

DragonKnight1769d ago

"What Anita did was a wake up call to the female objectification and the frequency rendering female characters hopeless and weak without the help of the usually male character."

No she didn't. Stop white-knighting. What she did was cherry pick and twist game and story design elements to make the claim that women are powerless objects for men in gaming, completely ignoring important aspects like character backstory, world context, and the most damning of all is how she reeks of confirmation bias and complete ignorance to the opposing end of the spectrum. I.E. the objectification and degradation of men as they are made to be nothing more than steroidal filled, emotionless, killing machines whose only goal in life is to save some girl that constantly gets herself in danger.

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kingdip901769d ago

@dark hollow

Not to mention that mario games portray the male as the one who has to do the saving... that kinda macho attitude causes a lot of pressure on men. I know if my girlfriend was kidnappeb by a large prehistoic looking and massively strong turtle I would just get a new girlfriend... and feel bad about it because I didn't live up to the male stereotype in video games and movies

dcj05241769d ago

Stop making guys overly buff and macho. Girls aren't the only ones. Everyone is freaking out because lighting has slightly bigger boobs and it now has realstic boob physics. This is as sexual as me getting larger muscles and now my hair has more realstic physics so I can do a sexy hair flip.

TheHierarchy1769d ago

To tell you the truth there are women that dress so obvious on their own. everyday on facebook they'd be posting pictures of themselves.

seriously the music industry for women promotes the same message, since the days of Madonna and her pointy boobs.

memots1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Exactly ... Do a women go out without trying to make herself presentable to be good looking? Women in general are vain and wan't to look good. Is my wife happy when i tell she looks pretty?

What is it so wrong in video games when it actually represent the exact same trends that are all around us , Be it in movies , Tv , Ad/commercial , music Video its all there its always been there.

While i will agree that there is over exaggeration more often than not i don't see this as a problem.

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