Activision's Gamescom 2013 line-up

Activision is building the buzz around the next-generation of gaming at Gamescom 2013, with a line-up of strong franchises within the gaming industry. Some of the most highly-anticipated games of the year will be shown within Activision’s “Show Mode” booth. Call of Duty: Ghosts and Destiny will both be featured in the Activision booth, located in Hall 7.1 and Skylanders SWAP Force™ will be featured in SONY Computer Entertainment Deutschland booth, located in 7.1 in the Koelnmesse GmbH Exhibition Centre in Cologne, Germany from 21st – 25th August, 2013.

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Eldyraen1741d ago

Destiny is the game to see--rest I don't care about.

MizTv1741d ago

I agree but knowing them it will be cod cod cod

Whore_Mouth1737d ago

Unfortunately, you may be correct.

BigShotSmoov0071741d ago

I think they going to promote the hell out of destiny also cause thats there next big thing. They have to know the COD is going to start to slow down and Destiny is there next big franchise for the next 10 years. So I'm sure we'll see and hear alot about Destiny.

ForgivenZombie1741d ago

Activision really needs some new IP's, the only one I want is DESTINY.

ForgivenZombie1741d ago

I hope they don't do to DESTINY like they have COD, that would piss me off.

TheFutureIsBlue1741d ago

I'm hoping Bungie doesn't get pushed around with Destiny.

ForgivenZombie1740d ago

Hopefully Bungie stands up to Activision like they did Microsoft and stay true to their vision for Destiny.

Whore_Mouth1737d ago

As a long time Bungie forum goer, I will say that on many occasion, they have stated how much their independence means to them. Hopefully they mean it, and have stayed true to their own vision. It's good to see a company willing to stand out in a crowd, even if it means giving up a massive franchise like Halo.