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Submitted by Kydawg 835d ago | opinion piece

The Xbox One Is Worse For Everyone If Kinect's Not Mandatory

Using Kinect with your Xbox One is no longer mandatory. Yay, right? No. Wrong. Again. This is another dumb subtraction from Microsoft, presented as choice. As an optional feature, there's far less incentive for developers to take advantage of everything the new Kinect can do. It's actually a really impressive device, and maybe some of that still comes through. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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gamingfriend  +   835d ago
Kinect= who cares about that I for one dont and I know more people who dont like it than like it, that sorta gaming will take awhile to become awesome, for now console and controller does me,
Shadonic  +   835d ago
at this point its just game design and not the tech
rainslacker  +   834d ago
Most Xbox people on here didn't even like it before it became a selling point of the console. Food for thought.
VENOMACR  +   835d ago
I wont even use the Kinect, except for maybe Skype. I think they felt like they HAD to incorporate it to get it in people's homes. Problem is, majority of people don't want it lol. Removing the mandated Kinect connection is great. Who want to go to their friends house and lug around the kinect just so they can play a non kinect game? Good move by microsoft, but they should still remove it and make it an optional purchase, or make a version for $100 cheaper that doesn't include it. 2 SKU's, but they won't. Maybe I'll just sell mine after someone breaks there's lol.
Auron  +   835d ago
I don't want Kinect so it wouldn't be worse for me. videogame journalists think they know what's best for everyone.. Microsoft thought the same thing with the reveal of the xb one, and it blew up in their faces.
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Neixus  +   835d ago
Kinect not being mandatory, means people who don't find kinect interesting/planning on using it would then have to pay 100$ for something they will never use and doesn't have to.

Compare it to a game, if you only want singleplayer, so 30$ is a reasonable price. You -only- want to play singleplayer,not touch multiplayer, but you're forced to pay those extra dollars for something you don't have to play, or want to.
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crazyeightz  +   835d ago
Well then the choice is then going to be made by the consumer. Who is to tell them that if they are not buying an XBox with Kinect they will die instantly. If they don't like the Kinect concept, they can get a PS4. Nobody is forcing anything to anybody if the consumer is free to buy whatever he or she so wants.
ShwankyShpanky  +   835d ago
This is the compromise MS had to make to avoid hampering one of their key strategies significantly, and yes, that is the marketing data collection/sales strategy.

It simply looks like MS just wasn't expecting the negative backlash to their policies. They might have even gotten away with Kinect, but I think Edward Snowden should probably share some of the credit for the fact that it will not be mandatory to keep it plugged in. Their reversal has pretty much confirmed that their previous "requirement" that it be hooked up was based on nothing more than wanting to use it as a monitoring device, at the very *least* for advertising purposes; there was really no technical/engineering reason for it to stay connected. (I at least gave them the benefit of the doubt that *maybe* they put the WiFi hardware in it or something like that, though to be honest, I would have considered that to be a shifty method of engineering the Kinected requirement into the system, considering how much space the console has in its case)

Looks to me like MS got the new numbers from some more up-to-date "market research," and probably figured out that they'd have better luck getting Ones/Kinects into homes by removing the Kinect stigma, and that ultimately more people would end up having it Kinected anyway. "It has a camera that you can't unplug and they won't tell you why" creates a negative reaction in many people (as it should), and could dissuade them from purchasing the system altogether. By removing the talking point now, it will fade from view by the time of actual launch (as perhaps may the NSA brou-ha-ha), at which point many who haven't been following this debacle will just say "oh neat... it comes with a motion-control camera accessory," and they'll hook it up without much consideration, ultimately placing more Ones (and more Kinected Ones) in homes throughout the world...

...or at least the US and UK ;)
GryestOfBluSkies  +   835d ago
in my opinion, it was a good move to make kinect not mandatory. the only better move would be to have a console without it for cheaper. a lot of people dont want it at all, so why not give people the choice.
rainslacker  +   834d ago
Giving people the choice to buy one or not, the most likely scenario is that most people would not buy it. That isn't what they want.

By including it, they know that people are more likely to connect it, even if they will never use it. And they are right about this. Most people will. But would those same people buy it to connect it if given the choice?

That's the gamble that MS isn't willing to take. If they had real confidence in the product, they'd sell an SKU without it, and offer the camera seperate like they do with Kinect 1.0 now. They would have to work harder at that though, because that means making games that are actually compelling enough to buy the Kinect for. Something they've failed to do so far with Kinect 1.0 IMO.
ape007  +   835d ago
kinect might be cool and all but it's not the next big thing, making everyone pay 100$ for something unnecessary is worse for everyone, even ms themselves, 100$ is a huge difference, look at the 3DS sales after the price cut and look at ps4 preorder number....

MS HAVE TO make a kinectless xbox one in order to compete
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No_Limit  +   835d ago
Go all out or go home. kinect should be included and I am glad it is still the case. I don't want a supped up X360 for another 6-7 more years. Hate it or not, Kinect, smartglass, and Windows 8 integration will breath new life into the Xbox brand this generation.
Minute Man 721  +   835d ago
What about the games?
No_Limit  +   835d ago
LOL, Forget the games, it is all about Kinect! /S

Seriously, That is why I am getting XB1 first = GAMES. Dead rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza 5 will be there for me on Launch day and big hitters such as Quantum break, Titanfall, Halo, and other new titles will be there in 2014. It is all about the games. If naughty dogs next game comes out, I'll get the PS4 too. So far, XB1 has the better games out of the gate IMO.
ape007  +   835d ago
yeah they are good stuff for people who like em but make them OPTIONAL

Mandatory buy for side peripheral stuff is just 100% wrong
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Hicken  +   835d ago
IF they catch on. They have to do that first.

And it bears repeating- though I doubt it'll do any good- that having the Kinect in every box doesn't ensure devs will use it any more than Sixaxis in every PS3 controller- DS3 or not- was used. There are multiple cameras on every 3DS and Vita, but not every game- I highly doubt even MOST games- take advantage of them.
stuna1  +   835d ago
Exactly! Going by the track record of the original kinects, there are quite a few documented instances of gamers not being able to get the hang of certain games, Steel Battalion fo example, and sells suffered behind it, through word of mouth or reviews! But look at this from another angle! The person that just get the hang of playing Steel Battalion, wouldn't it be feasible to believe that, that bad experience would also influence him on taking a chance on buying another kinect title?

As of now people are going on heresay as far as improvements in kinect 2, really no solid evidence otherwise, now look at promises made to the majority of kinect owner, and tell me what's the likely-hood of them even wanting to give it a second chance although it's included with the console.

Because it is included with the console it will determine how software is sold! Fitness & Dance games will sell well, but most games requiring extensive use of kinect outside of those won't except for the occasional fluke here and there, all other titles requiring minimal intergration will do OK.
rainslacker  +   834d ago
Even more recent example, devs aren't truly utilizing the Wii U game pad for anything amazing. Nintendo is making efforts of course, but 3rd party is mostly gimmicky crap...some of the 1st party is gimmicky too, but I digress. Please note I'm generalizing.:)

Vita is the same way. Touchscreen and rear touch pad on every system. Mostly unused for big titles except for gimmicky crap. There are a few decent implementations, but those games are centered around the controls.

In fact, a lot of DS and 3DS 3rd party games don't utilize the 2nd screen for anything truly groundbreaking. It's there, and sometimes has something cool, but rarely is something completely done in a way that you can't use standard controls easier.

MS is the one that has to show true innovation with the software side of the Kinect 2.0. No one is really discrediting the tech. I think the tech itself is amazing. But I don't play tech, I play games.

One or two decent applications of the tech does not make a device worthy of being mandatory, nor does it prove that with decent applications shown, others will follow suit(See any decent motion control game this gen for reference). There's also no reason why most of those decent games wouldn't be better on a standard controller. To put it in perspective, keep in mind one of the most hyped games for X1 is Ryse. It was supposed to be a Kinect game. Now it's on a standard controller. That should be worrisome.

I'm OK with people excited for the tech based on promise....but I still remember Milo, and the one reasonable person who could make an argument why they were excited wasn't enough for me to give MS the benefit of the doubt in this case.
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Funantic1  +   835d ago
Microsoft should just insist on developers incorporating the Kinect into games.
ShwankyShpanky  +   835d ago
Sure they should... because then the features could be ported over to the PS4 Eye (please don't pretend that Kinect is just SO advanced that the Eye couldn't replicate most of its basic game functions). Heck, they could even translate some of them to the DS4 touchpad.

"Okay, we added this 'lean around corners' function to CoD for Kinect."
"Can we do that with the PS4 Eye?"
"Guess so... might not work as well in low light, but we can do it."
"Cool. Could we make it so a thumb-swipe on the DS4 touchpad activates the 'lean' as well?"
"Sure, don't see why not."
andreasx  +   835d ago
Hahaha, the eye of sauron pic is golden :'D
Edward75  +   835d ago
It's like the wiiU pad. A different way to enhance your games. Just like the wiiU pad, you can choose to buy games the utilize the new kinect or not. And much like the wiiU pad which is sold in every console package developers can choose to use it or not. Time will tell if the gamers like the new tech upgrade from the old kinect, or if they prefer just the standard controller and nothing else.

Right now I am not a big fan of the games for the 360 kinect except for playing games with my youngest daughter, but including it, and giving developers more options is always a good thing. I still say as the most important thing....if developers can now incorporate it into hardcore gaming now that it will be with every system, in a way we will enjoy it will separate the Xbox one from the pack.

I'm still skeptical if it will happen, but having more options included with the kinect is a good thing, and could POSSIBLY be a great thing in the future. There is a reason why Sony makes a similar product for the PS4, it's just that MS is banking more on the fact that we will be impressed with what happens in the future with said tech. Only time will tell if them betting on it works.
Magnus  +   835d ago
Kinnect is great technology if used right. Homebrewers come up with great ideas for it. From puppet technology to maybe even using it to help those with a disability. As a videogame addon it great for kids keeps them entertained when the right game comes out for it. But me as a gamer I won't get any use out of it. When it came with my 360 I thought great maybe Microsoft might drop a patch to play Halo or Activision drop a patch to play COD. I'm up for a challange but nope they did not so I sold my Kinnect right now as it stands what turns me off to XboxOne is Kinnect comes with the console and I pay $500 for something that is useless and has no games. If Microsoft made a sku without the Kinnect I might buy an XboxOne.
rainslacker  +   834d ago
I currently work with the Kinect 1.0 making API's for a company utilizing this for research studies. They are making mini-games, but it isn't the focus of the project, just the interface.

The current Kinect is pretty good for a lot of things, and is not in any way a bad device...outside some technical issues due to hardware.

The new Kinect is really a step above the old one in many ways. Quite a few devs that work with the current Kinect like it. From a programmers standpoint I am extremely excited for the new Kinect. I will definately get one because it's what I do. I may have to get an X1 for it.

From a gamer's perspective, which is the way I talk about things on here, I could care less. It's not going to be as groundbreaking as most are assuming. It will offer up some nifty features, and some may become commonplace, but it's not going to become the norm for controlling games. It'll enhance some games, but it'll likely be in the most novel of approaches, and if history tells us anything, novelty soon wears thin.

Still, some dev or pub may be bold enough to utilize something truly groundbreaking. If that happens then expect the Kinect 2.0 to become a much bigger deal. Until then I just say, "meh".
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andrewsqual  +   835d ago
So I guess its worse then as Kinect ISN'T mandatory, its not a question anymore of "if". Oh and at least 30 million gamers in the world give a sigh of relief too.
GarrusVakarian  +   835d ago
Choice is the most important thing.
jmc8888  +   835d ago
The NSA's prism is but ONE of MANY spying programs. Xbox One and Kinect definitely ARE going to be used against you.

Both by Microsoft and the gov't...and the thousands of companies the gov't gives the information to.

Anyone that seriously tries to say Kinect2 wasn't going to be gathering information about you, or that you could turn it off (and someone NOT have the ability to turn it on) is a fool.

Look around, there is no oversight of the NSA. In fact the only oversight the NSA has received is FROM the former corporate employee who had access to everything without warrant, Edward Snowden.

People that use it will still be spied on. That's simply a fact like the sky is blue. It watches your eyes, your facial expressions, your heart rate, it can pick up things in your environment and yes ALL of this is heading somewhere.

I could go on and on and on but really if you want more information, use google and read the thousands of articles out there. Every day there is more coming out, and if you think you've heard the vast majority, you haven't.

Now when it comes to Microsoft, the real reason the article misses the boat is that since Microsoft made the CORRECT call in allowing people not to use it, is that every Xbox One will STILL HAVE IT. Meaning, if some dev wants to make a great use of it, then everybody has the OPTION of using it.

People that can't understand this have no reason to think they should have anything to do with business decisions. Because the simple fact is, giving the people the option to choose for themselves doesn't hurt, it enhances.

There were people who didn't want to use Kinect2, but were going to anyways. Well how does that change if they can unplug it when they don't need it? How does that hurt developers?

You have people who are going to use Kinect2 like the sadly humorous naivete that there is no spying going on against them. This won't change.

The only thing that WILL you will bring people INTO the fold, that will buy the Xbox One now, when they weren't going to at all. This is in the MILLIONS.

So by removing Kinect2 being mandatory, you have millions more people who will buy the unit where they weren't going to the morons that think by having it mandatory would have somehow won the argument and people would have caved are dumber than a box of rocks.

Now the people who don't want to use Kinect2, will have an Xbox One, millions of them, if not TENS of millions of them over the life of the generation....these people will buy games, games they wouldn't of bought, if the Kinect2 was still there.

Thus IN REALITY, the only ones that lose with non-mandatory Kinect is Microsoft's quite fascist advertising section, and the NSA and other agencies spying on you. (the NSA is just one that is).

Make no doubt, whoever uses Kinect2 will be spied on, at least now people have the option for the first time, to buy an Xbox One, and not be worried about the Kinect2 camera spying on them...because they can unplug it and keep it in the box.
jmc8888  +   835d ago
Does it suck that you still have to pay for it, sure, but the main issue has always and correctly been about PRIVACY and CONTROL. It's not a perfect solution, but it is the right one. MS gave us our privacy and control back, at least that which Kinect2 was poised to take away, at the cost of still needing to purchase the full system. Not perfect, but a dang good solution nonetheless.

Some will still balk at not purchasing one until there isn't one. That's fine. Anyone that feels that way is fine. In time there probably will be an SKU without it, or the price will drop to the point where it doesn't matter and people will buy it and mothball the Kinect2...probably when it hits $299 in price. But hey, the thing about console generations is not all 100 million or so are bought that first year are they? Of course not.

But ONLY with the removal of Kinect2 are tens of millions more people going to purchase the Xbox One. I'm pretty sure devs are more happy about that then sticking to a failed fascist policy of morons. Not to mention, that for the time being they all will still have the Kinect2, which means there is NO REASON for a dev to NOT use Kinect2, unless they simply cannot find a reason to use Kinect2 in their game.

People having the ability to unplug Kinect2 will NOT affect in ANY WAY the inclusion of Kinect2 uses in a game, and people who think otherwise are mentally rank amateur.

Good for Microsoft to finally come back to reality and allow people to opt of the spying that will occur to those that don't opt out. Make no mistake we're all still being spied on in other ways, but this privacy battle of the bulge has been won, and now we can push back the other way.

The NSA and other government agencies and the corporate lackeys aren't going to win this battle. Nor will the so called journalists who shill for them. I'll give the author credit for acknowledging the possibility of spying, but then missing the boat in his interpretation.
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captain_slow82  +   835d ago
kinnect is like what 3d movies was like back in the 80s

and even now with 3d reintroduced for movies and games is it really taking off with the masses? not really.

heres one for ya my phone and laptop both do voice commands do i use them? yes once and will i try them again? No.

thing is MS was trying to make everyone see there so called vision and its failed will forcing kinnect 2.0 on everyone make them change there minds? i dont think so.

i have many of friends and family that got kinncet for 360 and do ya know what they all say? crappy gimmic good for a mess about and thats it

the bottom line is MS future vision is all over the place and day by day they prove that.
hkgamer  +   835d ago
kinect not having to be on makes it great. Was probably the only thing that had me worried about but now you won't have to have it plugged in makes me feel alot safer. Although I do think it makes it pointless of me having to buy one now.
Master-H  +   835d ago
Mandatory sucks, optional is the way to go.
Imo motion gaming sucks ( well, except for the good old Duck Hunt game) .
JunioRS101  +   835d ago
I think I would rather buy an Xbox One withOUT Kinect, to be completely, utterly honest.

If a game has huge Kinect Functionality, then I don't want it.
hazelamy  +   834d ago
don't need it, don't want it.

you do, good for you, i prefer choice.

maybe one day some amazing game will come along that will make me want a kinect.
but for the foreseeable future, it's not for me.
mochachino  +   834d ago
Microsoft focus on Kinect has only deteriorated the xbox brand in the eyes of gamers.

Sentiment to 360 turn to vitriol not long after it was announced and now MS is releasing a console that costs more and is less powerful than it competitor, all for Kinect.

Imagine if xone was had the same power and price as PS4, or had it's current power but was$350. Personally, for me, it would be a much harder decision. Currently, I don't even consider getting xone.

99% of the best games are multiplats and they'll all look/run as good or better on PS4 and the console is cheaper. And PS Plus gives you free games and major discounts on content unlike Live.

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