Why I've Chosen the PS4

Why Ryatta put his bets on the PS4 despite reviewers like Adam Sessler reccomending but to pre-order anything, as well as having faith in Sony and not Microsoft and why you should do the same if you agree.. for either Xb1 or PS4

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

You're not the only one whose chosen the PS4. Most everyone has chosen it including me. You just know when it comes to Sony they support their gamers. Just look at PS+ and all the new features with PS4. Instant downloads, share button, and Gaikai. All that stuff is important for us gamers.

jessupj1582d ago

Don't know why you're getting disagrees. It's a fact, Sony supports it's gamers.

If you're a gamer, the clear choice is the PS4.

JBSleek1582d ago

If you're a gamer the clear choice is to pick up both of them.

negative1582d ago

Well said JB. BUBBLES!!!!!

NukaCola1582d ago

I'm a gamer and I am going to wait until MS gets an identity and their crap together before I invest into their manic depressive console and ideals.

asmith23061582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

@JB, such a sad response. After Microsoft's anti-gamer and anti-consumer policies I am never buying an Xbox again, and I had 3 360s. 180 or no 180, I will never support a game company who has or who had that kind of mindset. I will never give them my money.

Edit: I expected all "gamers", people who love the industry and it's products, would have had the same opinion.

dcj05241582d ago

I am also getting a PS4 but if you're a gamer you get the games you want. Platform is a second thought.

Cherchez La Ghost1582d ago

Well, fact is not everyone wants a PS4. Whatever system any gamer gets I hope he/she enjoys.

_QQ_1582d ago

If you are a gamer the clear choice is play the games you want to play.

Thomper1582d ago

With respect, they haven't exactly supported the Vita have they?

I'm getting a ps4, but this weird god-like adoration being aimed at a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation is fracking weird.

This site is growing boring.

My lack of bubbles is testament to anyone daring to question Sony's saint status.

Mr1Y1582d ago

That's kinda biased, don't you think ?

Picnic1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

The reason why people might disagree with the idea that it is a clear choice to choose PS4 is that it assumes that people should have a weighing system in their mind where anything game related should always carry equal weight with any other game related thing.

But if, as a gamer, I absolutely want to play Killer Instinct, Ryse or Insomniac or Remedy's next game, then it's entirely up to me how much weight I give that and what I am willing to pay for certain things. If you really love something you might spend absolutely ages on it. But if some type of genre doesn't float your boat it doesn't matter whether it's 5 or 25 hours long because you'll probably tolerate playing it for a demo's length at best.

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OlgerO1582d ago

Just look at all the exclusives sony brought us in the last 3 years compared to microsoft. that should tell you something.

SuperLupe1582d ago

I've chosen the Xbox One because from what I've seen I prefer without a shadow of a doubt what MS have shown than what Sony has shown. From the games to the hardware. I have absolutely zero excitement whatsoever for what Sony has shown in the games department (Infamous SS being an exception though I didnt care for the series this gen) and I'm looking forward and pretty excited to how Kinect 2.0 is integrated in games such as KI and DR3 as well as multimedia features.

On top of that we it comes to comparable franchises well I prefer what MS has to offer. Such as Halo over KZ and Forza over GT for exemple. I also prefered Live over the PSN and the 360 controller over the DS.

I dont give a damn about hardware talk, thats why I game on consoles and not PC so I cant care less about 0.5 more of GHz or whatever crap the Sony camp likes to brag about.

Xbox One day one for me, the decision was made obvious to me when MS dropped the DRM. Otherwise I would have bought PS4 by default.

Ryatta1582d ago

Good for you! I'm not planning to get an XB1 but if the games their pumping out are what you like then that's awesome!

Its good they dropped the DRm if it was going to potentialy stop you from buy the games you wanted most

Quicktopick1582d ago

To each his own. And lets just enjoy shall we, whichever console we prefer. ok? =)

Ron_Danger1582d ago

And a slow clap begins in the distance for Microsoft's PR account on N4G.

Thomper1582d ago

Completely agree with you. I have pre-ordered both, cuz I love tech and have been gaming for 30 years, but xb1's line-up appeals far more right now.

As you can see from my avatar, KI is a big deal for me and this game is looking better and better every day!!!

dc11582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

@ron danger!
you have earned the "Correct" award...... I think we could be good friends...... on N4G.

XabiDaChosenOne1582d ago

"I prefer Xbox one hardware"
"I dont give a damn about hardware talk"

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3-4-51582d ago

Article isn't needed.

This is like telling us why you wear boots in the winter instead of sandals, it just makes sense.

gaelic_laoch1582d ago

I've got 99 problems but an Xbone ain't one!

StoutBEER1582d ago

Okay honestly how many of these have we seen? Im getting tired of seeing why i chose PS4. Why i chose Xbox. Why the Wii U is best choice. Respectively, please shut the fuck up. Were past the point of caring. Get what you want, you dont have to justify it to other people.

thetruthx11582d ago

I choose the Xbox One because I have seen the games I want from Microsoft and don't have to go off of promises that Sony are giving

Without the numbers and tech jargon if someone showed me games from both systems I'd prefer the xbox one games

The Ps4 hasn't showed me anything to wow over

The One will catch up in sells

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TomShoe1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

"Why I've Chosen the PS4"

Better Hardware

Better Software

Better Exclusives (Naughty Dog *mic drop*)

Better Free Games

Better TV service

I feel bad for those people that plunk down $500 to get CoD DLC a month early.

Septic1582d ago

Yeah because everyone buying the X1 is doing so to get COD DLC early..../s

Seriously, grow up kid.

HammadTheBeast1582d ago

Yeah that last comment of his was kind of unnecessary.

JBSleek1582d ago

Better Hardware- Yes

Better Software -How do you know? What does that even mean? Isn't that covered in your next point or do you really mean software that runs the console?

Better Exclusives (Naughty Dog *mic drop*)- Hard to argue against that but so far I think Xbox is bringing it hard...if we talk about the span of six years well we have to wait and see.

Better Free Games- I don't consider those "free" games if you have to pay a subscription service for them. I don't consider Netflix "free" movies.

Better TV service- I expect nothing else from Sony they have a huge entertainment business side but live TV will always be hard to get away from.

I feel bad for those people that plunk down $500 to get CoD DLC a month early. - I am not gonna tell someone how they should spend their own money or feel bad. They are enjoying themselves so be it.

dcj05241582d ago

Free games as planetSide2, Warframe, WarThunder, DC Universe Online, The Elder Scrolls:Online, BlackLight:Retrubution, and since EverQuest Next is made by Sony Online Entertainment hopefully that too. So yeah. Better free games.

KazeRaVen1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Better Free Games- I don't consider those "free" games if you have to pay a subscription service for them. I don't consider Netflix "free" movies.

Better free games- this being Planet side 2,War frame, war thunder,dc universe, black light retribution and Drive Club are all free day one of system drop. This means these games are not behind the pay wall EVEN for online multiplayer.

EDIT:Dcj0524 Beat me too it lol.

MysticStrummer1582d ago

@dcjo524 - Agreed, but Elder Scrolls Online won't be free since you'll have to buy it in the first place.

nooneknows1582d ago

Better Exclusives- First Party talent once again.

Alot of Xbox One exclusives may be timed. TitanFall devs are keeping their mouths shut about the game appearing on PS4 only because they were paid big bucks not to comment on that subject.

Lets be honest, as far as first party talent, Sony trumps Microsoft. Sony didn't even reveal what ND(second team), Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule and the rest of the teams have for PS4.

Honestly, if I had to take a bet, PS4 will have better exclusives.

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josephayal1582d ago

Bcoz PS4 is more powerful than the

GraveLord1582d ago

That's 1 of the many reasons. How about because its more affordable? How about because Sony isn't forcing any stupid camera on people? How about because Playstation Plus gives you lots of AAA free games over the year? I can keep going....

(BTW, check your comment before hitting submit, its incomplete)

mochachino1582d ago

I pretty much chose it for the price/power advantage and all my friends are getting PS4 so I'd be alone on Xone multiplayer.

1582d ago
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