7 reasons to get Harvest Moon Cute, even if you own Harvest Moon DS

From the Article: "Natsume recently released Harvest Moon Cute for the Nintendo DS on March 25, 2008. Many gamers may have decided to pass on this title, especially considering that Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness is expected to be released in June 2008. The thing is, Harvest Moon Cute is really a nifty farming game, and the most polished, portable Harvest Moon to date.

If anything, Harvest Moon Cute should really be considered Harvest Moon DS 2.0. It's no secret that Harvest Moon DS, released September 2006, caused quite a bit of heartache and frustration for fans of farming sims. It was riddled with glitches and inconsistencies and the legendary "corrupted save" glitch kept many loyal fans away.

Thankfully, Natsume learned from its mistakes and Harvest Moon Cute is a solid game. Gamers just need to give it a chance. In case you're still on the fence about purchasing it, take a look at seven reasons why Harvest Moon Cute is worth $29.99."

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