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Why you're going to LOVE Gamescom 2013

GamesRadar - If you’re not currently located in the glorious realm of castles, dragons, lederhosen and relaxed drinking attitudes that is Europe -- or even if you are -- there’s a good chance that you’re not aware what a huge fat slab of Big Deal Gamescom is. Much younger and far less well-known than the glamourously tanned, sparkle-toothed E3, next week’s GC (based in Cologne, Germany) is nevertheless serious gaming business indeed. Now becoming comparable to E3 in scale, spectacle and industry importance, it’s categorically worth every bit of attention you can give it this year. (Gamescom 2013, Industry)

ABeastNamedTariq  +   618d ago
"Having Gamescom a couple of months after E3 allows them to deliver a two-hit combo of hype, dropping initial announcements in L.A. and then following up with a haymaker of additional content and revelations in Cologne. With the end of this year being next-gen ground zero, Gamescom 2013 is going to be more important than ever in that respect."

Awww yeah, MS and Sony are gonna go all out to hype their consoles up! Bring on the announcements.

I just have to find the times for the U.S. for when the conferences are streamed.

P.S. - Is MS not streaming their conference or am I misunderstanding? I saw something about that earlier today.
black0o  +   618d ago
yes MS will have a privet conference but the announcements will be streamed after that ''trailers and gameply'' .. and i find it odd really i was waiting to see the UI in action and the new boss of the x1 division
slimeybrainboy  +   618d ago
What so will press come out of the conference and just spread the word on everything MS said or are MS doing announcements via twitter or what's going to happpen?
minimur12  +   618d ago
I just found out that I'll be at work during the PS gamescom conference¬!!!!!

ARRRRRGHHHH dammit!!!!
Skips  +   618d ago
Here ya go...


"Spencer further stated that the approach Microsoft was taking didn't allow GamesCom 2013 media briefing to be live-streamed, however there will be a short stage presentation."

"there will be a short stage presentation."

I'm guessing a few more exclusives announced. Not much if it's gonna be short one though...

"Most of the time will be spent with the press getting time with the developers and their games. You should think about this as a room with a lot of hands-on."

I'm guessing most of the stuff they showed at E3 will be hands on and whatnot...
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games_FTW  +   618d ago
from you link "however there will be a short stage presentation" then he wright " Xbox will have the biggest booth ever at the event" that two sentences like oil and water they don't mix something tell me MS well screw up at gamescom.
aaron5829  +   618d ago
cant effing wait...

really really hoping for the 1st party studios to show off their stuff!
sherimae2413  +   618d ago
im going to love it... because of the upcoming unannounced games
that needed to be announced specially for vita and ps4 ^_^
Quicktopick  +   618d ago
bibili ka ng ps4?
sherimae2413  +   618d ago
siguro mga next year pa poh, ^_^
gusto ko muna mga bagong laro sa vita, ung mga AAA type
hindi dahil gusto ko, kundi para dumami ang bumili ng vita,
pero baka bumili rin me, pag type ko ung laro ^_^

translation: :p
(maybe at next year, ^_^
all i want for now is more vita games, those AAA type
its not that i want it, but more people will buy a vita if there are games that announced that will interests them,
maybe ill buy it too, if a certain game is my type ^_^)

happy gaming ^_^ its fun being a gamer
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Septic  +   618d ago
I can't wait man. Road trip to Cologne! I'm gonna be there on Saturday.
B-radical  +   618d ago
abzdine  +   618d ago
i cannot believe it's just a week away.
Septic  +   618d ago
Oi respond to my PM! We better meet up!

One week! So excited man. This time next week I'll be driving down listening to my mates complain about how uncomfortable it is in the back of the car as I drove through Germany.
Mr-Dude  +   618d ago
It's like a 45 min drive from my home... Going also!
Looking forward to feel that smooth PS4 controller in me hands!
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Septic  +   618d ago
Ah, hope to meet you there. I'll be with the GAMEONDAILY.COM crew sporting white t-shirts, trolling cosplayers by dancing awkwardly in front of them and giving developers a hard time.
Demster  +   618d ago
For real dude? You comin all the way down here to germany? Damn you really must love gamescom! I kinda lost interest in it, it became more of a neckbeard/cosplayer kind of thing by now.
Games Convention in Leipzig was the real deal back then. Gamescom is just there for milking the industry imo.
But I'll be there on satturday too tho. I wanna see the OS Vita Cup (skateboarding competition) and Valve.
Septic  +   618d ago
Ah man don't suck away the fun! I've never been and have heard that its even bigger than E3.

This year though, I thought it was a must to go considering that a new generation of gaming is upon us and I'll be in my 30's when the new gen comes out :(

7 hour trip there and back...its gonna be worth it.

" it became more of a neckbeard/cosplayer kind of thing by now. "

UGH...please don't tell me that's true.
Foxgod  +   618d ago
Looking forward to see what more i will possibly be playing on the X1 soon.
Hellsvacancy  +   618d ago
I'm hoping Fallout 4 gets a showing, even it it's just a silly teaser trailer

It's the only next gen title I'm bothered about (and The Witcher 3)
No_Limit  +   618d ago
Fox, Gamescom isn't too far from your backyard, are you going?
ZHZ90  +   618d ago
I am excited to see Sony announce their games and Square Enix to show more info on FFXV and KH3, I'll see what MS will show as well.
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beebap  +   618d ago
It sooo close now and I'm going to be there. Travelling from Northern Ireland to Germany. This will be best year in a generation to go. I expect to see so many big annoucements and of course I will trying out the ps4 and xbox one.
gaelic_laoch  +   618d ago
E3 was just the Appetizer, now its time for the Main Course! Will SONY deliver the knockout blow?
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stuntman_mike  +   618d ago
cant wait, i just want to see more new games.
SynestheticRoar  +   618d ago
Bring on the games. PS4 baby tell your friends.
falviousuk  +   618d ago
If this news story is about Gamescom, and industry event cov ering gaming not just one console and company, then why has the posting on here show a PS4 console only.

Another flame bait article from a site looking for hits. It seems we are getting these every day now.

Such a sad thing to see, and again shows why gaming isnt seen as a grown up industry, with childish nonsense such as this.

The gaming press may grow up one day, but with websites such as this using flame bait tactics, we are a long way from that goal.
thrust  +   618d ago
Can not wait to see what MS has, they have a master plan.

Also would like to see more games from Sony and them to show how they have made psn better for online gaming.
Agent_hitman  +   618d ago
Please Sony, announce Twisted metal 2014-2015..
thetruthx1  +   618d ago
Ryse, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Killer instinct, and Forza will be playable and they'll be representative of the retail versions. I wish I could go

Microsoft show the new Halo, Gears of War (you can't fool me I know it exists) Black Tusk's game, a new Fable, Quantum Break, and Crackdown 3 along with those 13 new exclusives
T2  +   618d ago
Unfortunately even if thats true most wont get a solid release date ...
jessupj  +   618d ago
I think Sony know that MS are going to try their absolutely hardest to win the gamers back, so no doubt Sony are going to be very aggressive as well.

It's going to be very interesting.

I think things concerning next gen and peoples views might change after gamescom. It's gonna be big.

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