GameSpot: NASCAR 09 Updated Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "From the outside looking in, NASCAR and the video games inspired by the sport are just a bunch of people turning left. But stick yourself in the middle of a pack of 43 cars, all fighting for position in a crowded field, and you can immediately appreciate the kind of skill it takes to find success in this kind of oval racing. For years now, EA Sports has been working to find a balance between re-creating the intense racing action of the actual NASCAR racing events and appealing to the broad NASCAR crowd, some of whom might not be ready for going wheel to wheel with the likes of Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon.

Enter NASCAR 09, EA's latest oval-racing game, and one that's looking--at least based on our limited hands-on time with the game--to come closer to finding that balance than previous games in the series. The crux of that balanced approach will be the two handling settings you can choose from in the game: normal and pro. With normal handling, your car will feel more rigid and stable when coming into contact with opponent cars, and it will have more grip in the corners. That isn't to say you won't be able to send your car crashing into the wall, but for the most part, the car will be a bit less squirrely than in the past. On the pro setting, the cars will behave more realistically in the corners, will be more liable to spin after contact, and will seemingly be more dependant on the setup you choose as you're turning laps."

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UGA_13903d ago

I will never buy another EA nascar game after Nascar 08.