What happens when game developers draw Mario?

GamesRadar - There are many pressing questions facing the game industry right now. What does next-gen really mean? How can we keep ambition up but costs low? How do we balance the rights of a creator in an age where there is no moral hazard to piracy?

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr31949d ago

They become one with the mushroom.

Pozzle1948d ago

Lol. I love how shocked Suda was.

GenericNameHere1948d ago

At least he wrote Luigi's name too. No one ever cares about Luigi. Oh sure Nintendo's saying it's Luigi's year this year, but where's his major blockbuster console game? Maybe if Luigi's Mansion 2 was on Wii U instead.

exfatal1948d ago

but 3ds is best selling console makes more sense for more people to enjoy all the weegi on the bigger market.

with that said.. still would like luigi type game ont he Wii u Luigi sunshine perhaps?