28 New Black Desert Online Screenshots Show Beautifully Realistic Environments and NPC

The upcoming MMORPG Black Desert Online looks pretty, extremely pretty, and the developer Pearl Abyss demonstrated that once more today by releasing a new batch of fantastic-looking screenshots.

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AnteCash1945d ago

Looks decent , very low poly with good face textures.

Indo1945d ago

Very nice. Wasn't expecting such beautiful pics, most headers don't match whats said or shown but that wasn't the case here. Loved how the horse and dragon statue looked so realistic.

Abriael1945d ago

Yep, I normally try to avoid hyperbole, but when i see new screenies of Black Desert, it's really hard to keep it reigned in lol.

dcj05241945d ago

Man. I wish I had a good PC. Big mmorpg fan but I can only afford consoles. Hope this makes it to PS4 if it gets popular.