Persona 4 Arena update confirmed, 2 new characters

Junpei and Yukari confirmed as playable in upcoming Persona 4 Arena update

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Snookies121767d ago

Is this an update or the second game?

sobotz1767d ago

I think it's the second game, with an updated characters and tweaks, just like UMVC3 and SSFIV

pop-voxuli1767d ago

What second game? This clearly says "Update" for P4A.

Snookies121767d ago

I'd heard elsewhere this was from the sequel to Arena. Which it clearly is going to have based on the ending of the story. So, upon hearing conflicting reports on whether it's an update to the original game, or a sequel... I am confused.

TongkatAli1767d ago

Hell yeah! Yukari is going to go hunger games on some fools.

shossofe1767d ago

Well, he's

Donnieboi1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

How? Because his clothes is underwhelming and he looks a little sloppy? He never tried hard in school, ever. So it's in line with the story that he look like that (plus he was a very sloppy dude...remember his room?)

Hicken1767d ago

Who cares about Junpei? Yukari looks delicious!

Inception1766d ago

Ok, you love Noel and you also love Yukari. It's looks like we have to decided with a fight to the death match who's the best man for this girls XD

ABeastNamedTariq1767d ago

I'm playing through Persona 3 right now! Lol I'm stuck at the 180th floor boss :(.

I completely forgot that this game existed. Is it any good (don't kill me, I'm uninformed)?

Inception1767d ago

It's good and easy to play for newcomer. But hard to master like Guilty Gear or BlazBlue.

Redempteur1767d ago

2 new characters is good, but there are many more potential characters tat need to be in this game ( adachi, dojima+hanako , more P3 characters , igor)

just throwing examples.
The shadow mecanics is nice , even if i hope they won't be just "unlimited" characters .....

Inception1767d ago

Adachi is in prison and i don't know if Dojima + Nanako can fight among characters who had Persona. And Igor, hm, it's interesting if he got out from velvet room and show his abilty like Elizabeth.

Redempteur1765d ago

adachi can get out of prison,
dojima and nanako were one of teh first ideas from arc sys , so they have ideas to make it work ( index didn't want them but that can change now )

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