Controversy with Female Soldiers In Call of Duty Ghosts

Sharn from Sentral Gamer gives his opinion regarding the comments made about female soldiers in Ghosts

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Cmk01211829d ago

there have been female soliders in gears and their are in real world not a big deal should have happened long ago. the internet can be a childish place so it will be bumpy for the COD crowd.

minimur121829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

agreed. who gives two S**s if theres a female - everyone should be treated equally anyway, what, would the internet go crazy if there was a gay soldier in ghosts? No. So don't worry about a bloody girl.

Timesplitter141829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

the internet WOULD go crazy if there was a gay soldier in Ghosts. Do not overestimate the intelligence of COD fans

gaelic_laoch1829d ago

How would that work?

Pink Army Camo with a leather biker hat and mustache?

minimur121829d ago


and the prejudice starts.....

ravinash1829d ago

"How would that work".
One of your squad mates give you a quick peck on the cheek and then says 'go get them solider'.

The Meerkat1829d ago

There ARE gay soldiers in COD.

They just don't shout about it.

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gaelic_laoch1829d ago

Its time for these Sexually Frustrated CODites to liberate their minds and realize that there are these strange creatures called WOMAN in the armed forces of most modern western armies!

lildudexst1829d ago

female should been add long time ago.whice is sad now you add them.there alot of female COD player now.

josephayal1829d ago

I always prefer female characters over dudes

pabadamus11829d ago

A lot of the uproar comes from a higher level of fear and insecurity. Boys and men alike do not like the idea that women are increasingly moving into the hardcore gaming demographic. They relish in their perceived exclusivity, ignorant to the fact that women have been part of the core demographic for some time now. The anonymity afforded by generic avatars and a muted mic goes far these days. The thing is, developers and content holders already know about this from our private profile information and online behavior. The only natural progression would be to include a female avatar for what is a growing fan base.

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The story is too old to be commented.