Should Sony Focus on Core Gamers With the PS Vita?

With today’s reveal of a Nintendogs clone for the Vita where the talking mutts will give you nightmares, Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan discuss who the handheld’s target audience is, and who it should be. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1945d ago

Come on Sony, don't let me down at gamescom.

Foolsjoker1945d ago

Waiting to find out about that Pets DLC? Been waiting for that rhinestone hair brush...*Crosses fingers*

Misaka_x_Touma1945d ago

I wonder how many times I heard that before a game event where Vita suppose games will be shown.

If nothing amazing or price cut or such thing that will make Vita fly off shelves then nothing left for it.

tubers1945d ago

Not really. P

repare for "disappointment" VITA articles year after year, major event after event for the rest of its life cycle.

That's what's in store for it in N4G.

There's gonna be a few sales spikes here and there but at this rate, probably nothing "ground breaking " *cough* exclusive high budget GTA/FF/KH/ES game *cough*.

ABizzel11945d ago

Handheld's rated E for Everyone

1945d ago
kewlkat0071945d ago

No, they should continue making cheap knock-offs of Nintendo franchises...

Hicken1945d ago

.. I can't for the life of me figure out how you're still holding on at 5 bubbles...

Bundi1945d ago

You are one to speak Hicken

miyamoto1945d ago

Project Phoenix!!!

Like PSV is not already made for Core gamer's gaming....

Uncharted Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush
Dragon's Crown
God Eater 2
Walking Dead
Killzone Mercenary
LBP Vita
Blaze Blue
Need for Speed
Soul Sacrifice
Persona 4
Ragnarok Odyssey

oh PRICE CUT!!!! Sony! Hardware and memory cards

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PSNintyGamer1945d ago

It's being marketed as a Core gamer's console, so yes they should.

People are not gonna buy PS Vita Pets when they can get a Million different clones on Tablets and Smartphones for free, or buy a 3ds much cheaper and get Nintendogs.

Seriously are any Vita owners even considering this game for themselves?

doctorstrange1945d ago

"It's being marketed as a Core gamer's console"
It is?

tubers1945d ago

Should have bee "WAS":

"Console Quality on the go".

TrendyGamers1945d ago

But do those clones feature talking dogs in firefighter outfits?

snitch_puck1944d ago

I'm prepared for disagrees but I'm considering to buy the game myself just out of curiosity.

dbjj120881945d ago

I don't care who Sony focuses on so long as I get some new software for my vita before they release a redesign.

ftwrthtx1945d ago

I don't need pets for my Vita. I need real games like Saints Row Vita.

KonsoruMasuta1945d ago

That would be horrible. What we need is a GTA vita.

snitch_puck1944d ago

Yup GTA first before Saints Row. But even if we get SR first it'd still be awesome! Vita lacks a pure-throttle action-packed bank robbing gang erasing game in its library. Also, Gravite seems to be the only great open world game the system has.

ftwrthtx1944d ago

There's no reason they can't make both for the Vita. I'd buy both.

GreenRanger1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Yes they should.

I didn't buy my Vita for Remote Play. I bought it to play Vita games.

I could do both, but Sony clearly aren't focusing on both.

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