Daniel Bryan Talks SummerSlam And WWE 2K14

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is in Hollywood for SummerSlam 2013. He talks about the big event and explains what 2K Sports brings to WWE 2K14 in this exclusive interview.

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DDDGirlGamer851950d ago

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yo 1987 called they want WWE to die now

Agent Smith1950d ago

I don't watch WWE, so I don't know much about Daniel Bryan, but I do know one thing about him.

1950d ago
DxTrixterz1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Here is your winner and neeeeeeew WWE Champion...Daniel Bryan.

GreenRanger1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

He should be on the main cover, not the alternate cover.

Daniel Bryan has FAR more wrestling talent than Dwayne Johnson ever had.

MizTv1950d ago

TheRock wrestled like 2 times this year
I agree with you
It's just stupid if you ask me

CrimsonDragon901950d ago

Both of them suck, the 2k14 cover is garbage compare to wwe 13's awesome cm punk cover.

cyguration1950d ago

It's funny because the guy is legit. He could have had a promising career as an MMA fighter (check out some of his indie vids where he's using a shoot style) but he's in the WWE for the fame and glory. If WWE was smart and wanted to capture that MMA crowd they'd put the strap on Bryan and turn the roster into a split between entertainment superstars and the guys vying for "legitimacy" like Bryan, CM Punk, RVD, Swagger or Cesaro.

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