Color-blind gamers: common. Developer awareness? Minimal

Via Ars Technica: "Gaming is a visual medium, and it's amazing to think how much information we have to take in almost instantly to play games. Especially in action games, we need to be able to quickly take notice of subtle movements and the state of numerous dials and displays that show us how well or poorly we're doing in the game. To do that, we have to be able to absorb a large amount of color information. What does that soldier's uniform look like? Is that a red or green mark above an alien's head? Is he on my side, or is he an enemy? Now imagine that much of this crucial information was removed from a game; the challenge of dealing with situational awareness would increase very quickly."

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fenderputty3848d ago

I'm not color blind. I guess it's just one of those things that aren't noticed because most people aren't color blind. Online FPS must be a pain in the arss though for those who are.

v1c1ous3848d ago

jump into a gunfight as a guinea pig just to determine who is friendly and who is an enemy :(

Suicyco 133846d ago

It makes playing some games a problem. I love the puzzle fighter game that is the picture for this article but it's hard to tell difference between the red and the green. I have to mess with the tv colors so I can play the game.