RaiderZ Korea shuts down, but NA version to keep chugging along

Following its closure in Europe, RaiderZ will also be shutting down in Korea, leaving only the NA version online.

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-Mika-1947d ago

They should try to bring this game to the PS4 and XB1. It could be a huge hit. I definitely would play it.

zeal0us1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

The game overall lacks content and probably couldn't get enough players to make it worth porting. It doesn't even have some basic features that is in modern mmos have. PvP can be only done at place. There's only one race to choose from. Guild system is no better than a giant friend list. There's a limited amount of classes. Five if you include the assassin class which never reach the NA yet.

Outside of all that, the combat is pretty good. Boss battles tend to keep your toes and just sit there and just left click your mouse.
I doubt the NA version will last long. Soon as PWE gets to par with the KR version there's really nothing else they could do. Unless they plan on buying IP from Maiet.