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krontaar1943d ago

Looks just as bad as the game itself.

1943d ago
Crazay1943d ago

I have to admit that I have very low expectations for this game. I hope it surprises me the way Tomb Raider did.

Jyndal1943d ago

If they stick to the formula that made the first 3 parts so good, I can guarantee that you will have a new addiction.

starchild1943d ago

Yep, the original Thief games are some of the best games ever. The stealth is so addicting.

It seems the new Thief is sticking pretty much to what made those games good, while also improving things in a few areas.

sarcastoid1943d ago

No reason not to trust eidos montreal. They did DX:HR well, though not perfect. I think they'll make this game worth having.

stage881943d ago

Ugh... those ugly green boxes don't go with any cover art.
The PS3 case looks fantastic though.

stage881943d ago

Come on, you can't honestly say that the green and black combo looks good?
Black on black does though.

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