Nintendo 3DS, NCAA Football can't save US retail game sales in July

The NPD Group has released its video game retail report for July, and the sales numbers are not pretty. Total industry sales declined 19 percent to $443 million, as hardware dropped 34 percent to $99.4 million while software sales (including PC) fell 20 percent to $222.3 million.

At this point, it would appear that most consumers are either waiting for the new consoles to hit the market this holiday season or they're seeking price drops on current-gen hardware. That said, Nintendo did fare well again with its 3DS, which was the top selling video game platform for the third straight month, as sales increased 14 percent over last year.

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clearelite1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

3DS is selling very well so the industry is healthy.
3DS also has some killer software releasing and software is a factor.
Their marketing is pretty good as well.
A lot of us who plan to go next gen are still buying when the price/products are right though, which is another consideration.

I know I'm waiting for a couple price drops and would love to buy a Vita, haha.

Hopefully people will learn not to take the doom/sensationalist articles so seriously though.

Also, NCAA football is supposed to be that popular here in the US? I should pay closer attention, I think.

Trago13371948d ago

I wonder how well the 3DS will sell when Pokemon hits........

XboxFun1948d ago

I'm sorry but NCAA was suppose to be a saving game for the US?

not knocking college football but not having real names and the insane amount of players to keep track of kind of put college football as a tidy over for when NFL foortball comes around.

DEEBO1948d ago

next generation,GTA, call of duty is what going to save retailers.most people are saving their cash for the holidays.


So the 178 millions that ms made didn't help either jajaja too funny