New Kinect Software Turns Any Surface Into Touch Screen

Microsoft teams up with Ubi Interactive to release software for Kinect 3D mapping allowing any surface to be a touch screen. Users will have the ability to interact with applications and web pages on any surface as if it was a smart phone or tablet.

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darthv721950d ago

it does sound intriguing. And if they really do mean "any surface"...

Honey, watch what happens when i (slap)

p0tat0stix1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Can you imagine Kinect coupled with the Oculus Rift?

From what I read, the biggest downfall to the VR device is not having arms and legs. Kinect could change all that.

I'm excited to see what Kinect's future brings.

Mounce1950d ago

Just have to remember, this is Kinect 1.

Kinect 2 doesn't have any potential Mod support unlike its predecessor, Microsoft last I had heard cut it off so no one could dabble with it as MANY have made great leaps in technological features as simply a hobby who don't even work in the gaming industry or for Microsoft.

dcj05241950d ago

I want to do that so badly now. "What? I'm just checking some n4g articles honey"

Crazay1950d ago

Ya...that is very very cool.

Thatguy-3101950d ago

Nothing new. They actually been working on it for a while. I'm pro sony but Microsoft as a company does mess around with a lot of futuristic concepts which is pretty cool.

eman3d1950d ago

It's funny when people give Microsoft backhanded compliments. Fanboys are amazing.

Right now, Microsoft is the only company that is trying to move games forward while Sony is playing the PR card.

Sure Microsoft failed at explaining their vision but clearly they are motivated by innovation.

Spending nearly a billion dollars for a new server farm to implement cloud computations within games for Xbox One is very exciting and something, as a gamer, I appreciate.

B1663r1950d ago

Well you seem pretty ignorant for someone who "actually been working on it for a while", as this is not a Microsoft product. This is a third party company that is selling software that uses a Kinect and a projector.

But this does represent the first time you can contemplate projecting star craft onto a wall or a table and play it all futuristic like. Hmm, looking at how it works, looks like you can use to to retro fit your giant Samsung LCD TV with touch screen as well. Thats kind of cool, huh?

Thatguy-3101950d ago

Like I said Microsoft has been working on the concept.

B1663r1950d ago


This is a product you can go and buy, not a concept

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Belking1950d ago

very innovative stuff from the MS camp.

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

Please stop.

Cool tech though.

Salooh1950d ago

Suddenly , MS became innovative with games and features. What the hell with these fanboys , since when MS was good at games. And sony is investing the same thing on gaikai which is about games , not like MS that invest on stuff like kinect. Don't tell me xbox will have dedicated service , ps4 will have it too , ps4 will have cloud stuff too. So what's the innovative thing that related to games MS did.

As i said before , kinect is great but it's not for games.

imt5581950d ago

No, it's not innovative. This feature was shown on CES a few years ago.

n4rc1950d ago

Sounds cool.. This is the kind of stuff they need to come up with..

Reading sign language was another awesome use

unluckynumber111950d ago

Imagine this with a game like Halo Wars 2 if they were to integrate something like this with it.

darthv721950d ago

i can see that. you lay out a giant white board and the image gets projected onto it. you can call out sections of troops and point them to where you want them to go.

could be interesting.

XboxFun1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Nice, the possibilities for Kinect 2 and future games are endless.

I am hoping that great devs backing MS will try and incorporate some of these great ideas into their games.

Imagine having this plus Illumiroom all going at the same time.

Almost total immersion.

Xbox One DAY one!

dcj05241950d ago

What does this have to do with kinect 2? This is for kinect 1 on the PC. Kinect 2 does not support mods.

ainsleyharriott1950d ago

I'm sure kinect 2 will eventually as it's coming to PC next year.

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