Xbox One-80: Behind Microsoft's multiple about-faces

CNBC: Strategies for video game console are typically planned years in advance, but the course has been anything but clear for the Xbox One. In the months since Microsoft introduced the next-generation system, the company has made four major policy reversals—and there's no telling if it's done yet.

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jaredhart1947d ago

They 180'd because they had to. Sony checkmated them at E3.

darthv721947d ago

i like the thought you put into that analogy but it would be slightly incorrect. Sony 'checked' them at E3. Checkmate implies there are no more moves and the game is over.

With the moves Ms has been making, they will be running out of pieces sooner or later.

JoySticksFTW1947d ago

Man, you knew what he meant Chess-Nazi :)

MS definitely needed to change things, but not into PS4 version 2.

They have no vision now that their original vision has been cancelled (or put on the backburner - dons tinfoil hat), and are just copying at this point.

But why wouldn't you just go with the original PS4?

MS needs something to really separate it from the competition, especially with that price difference and now Sony looking to implement tv differently (maybe the subscription content without the required cable box that we thought X1 was originally going to do).

darthv721947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

@joy...yeah, lol i am a fan of chess to the point where when you see the phrasing being used feel its your civic duty to correct.

My bad.

blackmanone1947d ago

Don't apologize for lesser minds, Darth. Ever :).

Rimeskeem1947d ago

He said at E3 in which when sony did this after MS had done all there moves at E3

Kydawg1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I'd agree, M$ is "checked" (with one knight or bishop and queen left) even this early in the game.
It's called empathy, learn some ;)

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eman3d1947d ago

Sony played the PR game and it worked beautifully but what happens as E3 stays at E3 meaning there is a lot of time to make changes which Microsoft is doing. In the meantime you fanboys can be happy no one is caring about the features of the PS4 because there are none. Sure it's a more powerful system then the PS3 but that's expected. But what has Sony done for the sake of BETTER GAMEPLAY- NOTHING.

By putting the focus on Microsoft's poor showing at E3 Sony has been able to cover up it's own failings with the PS4.

Infamous, KillZone, God of War... been there done that....

At least Microsoft is trying to create brand new experiences and their new billion dollar server investment to add cloud computation within their games is something to look forward to.

Great job Sony at being an American politician- scandalous.

MWong1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

M$ had a brand new experience, they had a new vision (not consumer friendly, but it was theirs). This vision wasn't just created over night, it was created over years. What do they have now? NOTHING, almost everything they spent millions on in R&D was thrown to the waste side. So the entire "what has Sony done for the sake of BETTER GAMEPLAY - NOTHING." What has M$ done? Nothing because everything they were thinking about was scrapped. Now the XBone is starting to look more like a PS4, except it's $100 more and not as sleek.

Sony has played a masterful game of chess and have done that since their reveal in March. M$ hasn't done anything but fumble around the board and try to play catch-up. I hope they get their sh** together because a company needs competition to continue greatness and to push forward.

davidj881947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )


Whether there is a lot of time to make changes or not there shouldn't be the need to so close to release if MS had done it properly the first time. The reason nobody cares about the PS4's features is because with Sony's track record there isn't anything to worry about, don't you really think if Sony had made the same mistakes as MS that it wouldn't be blasted over the internet and on forums?.....of course it would.

''Infamous, KillZone, God of War... been there done that....'' Same can be said for Gears, Halo and Forza

If MS were trying to be so innovative why have they scrapped so many of these new features they first came out with? Sure cloud computing is something positive but it won't mean anything if they don't themselves use it to it's full potential, i mean MS could buy all the servers in the world but if the games library is anything like the 360 at the moment what's the point?

stuna11947d ago

I just can't help but ask the question, where do they find you people!? As much as some would like to believe Microsoft is just killing the competition, no that's not the case! Microsoft has done so well in business by trampling on the backs of consumers like you who'll believe anything their fed! Now Microsoft wants to get into producing their own processors! And guess what? Pass off the cost to the consumers! At least Sony had the integrity and decency to eat the cost of their tech experiments.

Before either console was even announced I had said that Microsoft had gotten complacent and comfortable! When Sony started referencing the Feb event, most knew it would intail a eventual reveal for Sonys next gen offering, but obviously Microsoft must have missed that show or, were unconcerned! At that point I knew they were going to be unprepared, even though the ones from the Xbox camp were saying it was delusional thinking! To make matters worse Microsoft wouldn't respond to anything, good or bad! I said it was because they couldn't compete with Sonys showing! In hindsight I realize it was much more than that! Microsoft has spread themselves to thinly and it's showing.

It is nothing wrong with sticking with what you know best! When software comes to mind I think of Microsoft, when I think of hardware I think of Sony.

Kydawg1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

A billion dollars thrown at a cloud won't mean anything if PS4 dominates.
Xbot Dumb.

jessupj1946d ago

Microsoft trying to make brand new experiences? I think you're a little confused. Remind me again when was the last new AAA exclusive IP released for the 360? (Hint: a very long time ago).

And how many new IPs has Sony released this year alone?

Don't make me laugh by spouting such complete and utter nonsense.

Sony are the ones that produce new experiences. Sony are the one that actually support their gamers.

I'm so sick of people defending MS when they have completely dropped the ball on exclusives for the 360.

kayoss1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I cant imagine what else you can do with a video game console? Motion controller implemented, Augmented reality, Camera's, 3D, touchscreen have all been implemented, what other "Innovation" are you looking for? Do you want something like Tron?

"Infamous, KillZone, God of War... been there done that...."

I can say the same for Halo, Gears of war, Forza... been there done that...

"At least Microsoft is trying to create brand new experiences and their new billion dollar server investment to add cloud computation within their games is something to look forward to. "

Really? TV show is a new experience in Gaming? Can you give me a list of what "new" innovation that MS is doing with the xbox one that doesnt already exist? if Cloud Computing is all you have then you lost all credibilty and need to shut up. Or are you talking about the AA batteries that comes with every xbox one?

Let just say Cloud Computing is the new innovation, what makes you think that SOny cant do the same with Gaikai? You do know that Gaikai was one of the largest streaming company with thousand of servers right?

Great Job Eman3D, you made yourself look like an Idiot. Bubble for you.

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miyamoto1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

First Impressions Last

Have you seen a boxer whose face gets demolished by another one to the point that its not entertaining anymore and the victory you feel also turns to pity for the poor guy that you shout "Some one trow in the white towel!"?

This is how I am feeling now for Xposed One80 and Wii U.

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n4rc1947d ago

I still feel this assumption that they are backtracking on the fly is pretty unlikely.

I'd say they are more plan b.. Any smart company will always have a backup plan.. Especially when there is a chance it won't go over well

corvusmd1947d ago

There ya go...inject some logic into this conversation. Not everything MS did was a 180...even if it was, business do that ALL THE TIME...even Sony...I know hard to believe that the "chosen company" actually makes mistakes and backtracks on things...esp with their amazing profits over the last decade for a multi-billion dollar cooperation (cough-cough...sorry I couldn't type that without laughing).

Oh no....MS is giving consumers what they are asking DARE they listen to consumers and give the people what they want...why do they keep taking away things for PS Fanboys to cry about...not fair.

davidj881947d ago


''how DARE they listen to consumers and give the people what they wan''

What MS wanted was to force you to be connected by implementing a 24hr check-in policy and limit your ability to buy and trade used games....when MS didn't get what they wanted and saw they would lose money they were forced to change these policies.

MS didn't choose to do these things because they listened to gamers, they were forced to do these because of the poor numbers they were facing come the Xbox One launch.

corvusmd1947d ago

@david.... that's the same thing Sony did:

Although I think MS's stance on DRM and such wasn't nearly as evil as some want to make it seem. MS wasn't making money on used games, if publishers wanted to, that would be up to them. MS just wanted used games sold through a licensed dealer so that they could take the copy off the console of the original owner (because once installed you didn't need the disc anymore...this makes sense, or people would buy games...install then turn them straight back in. It's actually kinda logical...but yes, today's gamer isn't ready for an all online game experience yes, being a business, just like Sony...they need to make money, and just like Sony...reversed their decision so that they could be profitable...can't blame them there. So why is only MS taking the heat for this?

davidj881946d ago


I have previously seen that article and it doesn't make either of them any better or worse than each other so the link is irrelevant. What i think you disagreed with on my comment is my using of MS.

My point, which you clearly missed, was that they weren't giving consumers what they ''wanted'' because what they wanted to give people wasn't what the people wanted. This meaning BOTH were then forced to change to make money. I wasn't attacking MS but merely pointing out your ''MS is giving consumers what they are asking for'' comment is utterly flawed.

My reasoning for disliking the way MS handled the DRM/24hr check-in situation was the bare faced lies in which they told people they couldn't change it....but when they saw a loss in revenue it magically disappeared and ''switches were flipped''. I personally am not comfortable giving my money to a company that has repeatedly deceived and lied to me, and even recently with the Kinect revelation.

Basically i think we'd all agree that whether MS or Sony both companies are looking to make money, sure companies change things here and there but Sony do it without the BS and false information. If MS and Sony are in some way evil, i know for sure i'm going for the lesser of two evils....Sony.

RiPPn1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

I'd argue that Microsoft has not appeared to be a "smart" company as of late, and it's not just the Xbox division that is suffering.

I think it was arrogance, they constantly say how they were number 1 this last gen and I think they truly thought they could bring whatever to the market and people would buy it.

Also if they had a plan b they would have probably enacted it after the May reveal, before the E3 show. But again their arrogance thought the games they were going to show would make everyone forget all the negative.

JoySticksFTW1947d ago

I don't know man

All of the back tracking has come in stages as the vocal potential consumers complain about each feature.

I think if it was a plan B scenario, MS would have just announced All changes it was intending to make at once instead of suffering months of continued bad press.

People's number one concern was drm. Then drm was removed.

People been blasting them about Kinect always on. They finally announce that it could be unplugged, after first announcing that you can turn it "off".

Even the (I feel) overblown head set debacle. Now there's one included.

If these changes were truly part of a backup plan, then the marketing team has failed even more for not conveying these planned changes to gamers at one time right away to avoid this crapstorm.

n4rc1947d ago

Well they don't want to abandon everything all at once..

The complaints came in waves.. DRM was the problem, they fixed it.. Then it moves on to the next thing to bitch about..

I preordered mine right after e3.. And had to hit 3 stores to find one.. Not everyone thought the original policies were bad..

They are adapting as demand dictates imo

JoySticksFTW1947d ago

"Not everyone thought the original policies were bad"

I'll tell you something. I was one that thought MS were crazy with their original X1 plans. I bitched for changes. Damn near celebrated when the changes were made.

But I'll definitely acknowledge that X1 was a more exciting product before, because at least it was doing something different than the competition. I know it seems hypocritical, and I still think the changes were needed to protect gamers' rights to ownership and privacy. But I kind of regret that the consoles are so similar now.

I really hope MS has something exciting up their sleeve that makes the gaming world Oh $#1! :O

XboxFun1947d ago

Hmmm, another Xbox 180 article. I bet this 1000th submitted article will bring something new to the already stale news we have ingested.

"The revisions don't cost the company any money at this point,"

Exactly, better to get this done now then pay for it later.

IcicleTrepan1947d ago

Whoever wrote that line is an idiot. Rewriting software costs money. Packing in a headset costs money. All of the man hours involved in changing all of these things costs money. Hell the time spent alone in having representatives of the company talk about all the changes when they could be doing other things is likely quite expensive.

Sevir1946d ago

Lol, better not post that. People on dont like hearing the negatives, even when its the truth. Well said. Bubbles up

DJ1947d ago

The downside of all these policy reversals is that the core message of Xbox One is very murky. People who talk to each other about the system will find that they have conflicting knowledge, which inspires very little purchasing confidence.

UltimateMaster1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

I still don't care about the Xbox One.
It's still a piece of shit.

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