70° PC/GFWL Marketplace Closing August 22nd

Microsoft announced today that their PC Marketplace will be closed for purchases come August 22nd.

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zeal0us1949d ago

So Microsoft is finally shuttering GFWL. I guess that's why Capcom choose Steam over GFWL then.

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FanboyCrusher1949d ago

Hopefully they try something new that's actually competitive, maybe something that syncs up with XBL a little more. GFWL was horrid, the prices made GameStop look like the holy grail. Just for example, Crysis 2 for GFWL currently is SIXTY FRICKEN DOLLARS. Step up Microsoft, if you do something with PC again try not to screw people.

unluckynumber111949d ago

I think they're gonna replace GFWL with The Xbox Games for PC marketplace they already have set up, sorta like what they did with Zune by replacing it with Xbox Music.

AD7051949d ago

Just get rid of GFWL all together. It has brought nothing to PC gaming but bullshit DRM and headaches. Especially when some games force us to sign into gfwl just to play them.

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