Will Mafia 3 be at Gamescom?

OnlySP: 2K Games has announced it’s lineup of titles that will be shown off at their booth during Gamescom next week and will be showing a “surprise” that will more than likely be a behind-closed-doors showing of an unannounced game. What that game is we can only guess, but I’m placing my bets on it being Mafia 3.

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porkChop1863d ago

I'd highly doubt it. Take-Two wouldn't show off Mafia 3 while they're still hyping GTA V for release. Mafia 3 is probably going to be a next gen title, and it's unlikely it'll be released this year or even next year.

elhebbo161862d ago

yea but its not like its gonna be released right after GTA V... a little teaser wouldn't hurt.

DeadlyFire1862d ago

I think they will save Mafia 3 for TGS/GDC/E3 time. There is strong evidence of Red Dead 3. So I wouldn't count out the western title showing up.

elhebbo161862d ago

Im sure read dead 3 will be announce at some point I still think its waaaay to early.

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DinoNYC1863d ago

I sure hope so! Not to be a stereotypical italian new yorker, but I love my mafia games/films.

MiasmaDodo1863d ago

I loved Mafia 2. Absolutely blew me away.

Mafia 3 would be a welcome announcement. Mafia 2 destroyed LA Noire in doing an "old school" open world.

OhMyGandhi1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I was equally blown away by Mafia 2, what a damned fun, and engaging title.
I'll never forget playing Mafia 2 right around the time of L.A. Noire and thinking that Mafia 2 just felt more -Alive- then the other game. Great soundtrack as well, got me into the oldies.

Voice acting was also top-notch, and characters felt incredibly real, and most importantly: believable.

If anyone in this thread hasn't played it already, pick it up now.

SillyYou1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

It was good as a story linear game, but sucks as a openworld game. It was so boring. Nothing to do in it.

Ausbo1862d ago

i agree. mafia 2 was sick. Although i really like LA noire, i thought mafia was a little better.

I really want mafia 3 as i really love these mobster games

BattleAxe1862d ago

Mafia 2 was a super boring game, so I'd rather see Rockstar make GTA 1944 or something. LA Noire looked boring also.

roadkillers1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

LA Noire had its moments of greatness. Loved the chase sections in the game, on foot and in vehicle. To bad the game was too repetitive to keep anyone from beating it.

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