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Rockstar has no plans to sell Grand Theft Auto Online separately

Rockstar may be emphasizing GTA Online as a 'separate entity' from GTA V, but there are no plans to sell it as one. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

SillyYou  +   533d ago
badboy776  +   533d ago
Call Of Duty should think of Doing this Not GTA.
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N8  +   533d ago
I agree I only play the online
SJPFTW  +   532d ago
And they will charge both full price knowing Activision
Starbucks_Fan  +   533d ago
Why would they?!
nevin1  +   533d ago
I can see it being offered on PS4/Xboxone
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HammadTheBeast  +   533d ago
It's basically an online pass.
Gster  +   533d ago
"It will come free with every copy of GTA V and doesn't require a code, online pass, or anything like that."

Its simply a free part of the game that won't be accessible until the game has been updated on Oct 1st.
So it's really only a free patch.
HammadTheBeast  +   533d ago
But idk it seems unusual to say "every retail copy".
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   533d ago
I think I love rockstar.
Grimhammer00  +   533d ago
Something smells.
First of all....mp won't be rdy at launch. That's bums me out.
2nd...it sounds like gta online is going to get a mega ton of dlc. If it is maps/modes/guns/abilities (if such exists) - that'll just split the community. Like cod....but also like cod, it's popular enough to not be a issue in terms of finding matches/rooms.

I can't see this much investment of time and money and server resources for current gen only. I really think the gta online portion will be offered on ps4/xbone. Will it cost you if you already own the ps3 gta5 disc? Likely. But perhaps at a cheaper price. Doubtful.

At any rate the sp should tie me up till my ps4 is in my hands.
dcj0524  +   533d ago
Free content patches ?
YodaCracker  +   533d ago
I'm so glad the online does not come out for 2 weeks after the game's release. This way I'll be able to enjoy the single player at my own pace and not be spammed with invites and feel pressured to play online where some loser may be shouting single player spoilers.
Cam977  +   533d ago
And potentially see "too much" early on.
EazyC  +   533d ago
GTA V deserves to be played as a whole package.
MizTv  +   533d ago
Ok so how about sell it on ps4????
Plagasx  +   533d ago
This isn't Capcom or Activision we're talking here...

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