Microsoft’s First Chip Brings Tank-Finding Design to Xbox

For the first time, the company will build its own processors based on an in-house design. The new chips will make Kinect more accurate and responsive using an imaging technology found in military gear, said Cyrus Bamji, who played a key role in developing the silicon architecture. Previously, Kinect relied on an off-the-shelf chip from Israel’s PrimeSense Ltd.

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Bigpappy1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

That interesting. I wonder who they outsourced the production to?

This explains a lot of the limited production and lack of readiness.

Edit. I missed that they are doing the production internally also. That can not be permanent.

JokesOnYou1774d ago

Yeah this was already revealed when they did that presentation at Redmond I believe.

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ABeastNamedTariq1774d ago

Well, hopefully they won't have any production issues or hardware problems. Overall though, it sounds interesting.

GraveLord1774d ago

There's a delay in 8 countries. They already have production issues. The hardware problems are still up in the air. MS doesn't really have a good track record there.

FanboyCrusher1774d ago

They had a fuss once with the 360, they won't risk another RROD, there's zero hardware problems that they would let out. The Xbox One is most likely under a fine tooth comb, Microsoft can't risk anothee launch fiasco or their gaming division could be done for.

Fireseed1774d ago

And now we await the crackpot theorists with accusations of military tech in Kinect...

B1663r1774d ago

The Kinect in every house helps finds enemy tanks... Didn't you read the article?

Why are you in favor of helping the enemy tanks hide?

Fireseed1774d ago

Because secretly I am King Jong Un and trying to smuggle tanks in through the cloud. ;)

XboxFun1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

OH NO! I knew it! The Kinect will see me when I'm hiding behind my couch and contact the NSA of my foul misdeeds!

*points finger from around the couch*


Sounds like this Kinect 2 will be as precise as ever. I'm ready and so is my body.

Fireseed1774d ago

Honestly though if they wanted more people to feel comfortable with it in their rooms they should've coined better terms than "Infared Blasting" and "Shooting Photons." However it does give me the necessary leverage to act like I'm being killed on an episode of Star Trek :D

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