With Xbox One Delayed and PS+ Predicted to Grow 900%, Sony Has a Country-Wide Head Start

CCC Says: "Although the initial announcement of pay-to-play multiplayer for the PlayStation 4 left a foul taste in the mouths of many, Sony’s repeated assurance that revenue from the inevitable rise in subscriptions will be put towards improving and stabilizing PlayStation Network has dampened the resentment considerably. As expected, Sony explained that the shift to a paid online model was sparked by the need to stay competitive as a network, and the addition of a multiplayer fee is an effective way to raise the necessary funds. More surprising, however, is how dramatically the change may benefit the company."

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WorldGamer1945d ago

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

MS def didn't need another presumed back track in the news on their part right now. They have had a rough go at it since E3.

Guess there will be more restructuring in their future.

negative1945d ago

Nah. The Xbox One will be fine and support will grow as more people hear the feedback from early adopters.

I just can't wait to have both consoles in my hands.

FlameHawk1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Lol both consoles? Yeah right, your profile description just tells us you are a Microsoft fanboy. And people that have 1 bubble usually indicate some type of fanboy that trolls everwhere.

ginsunuva1945d ago

You can hold both consoles in your hands?

Kurylo3d1945d ago

i had 3 xbox 360s last gen.. dont ask. Continuied to buy em cause the multiplatform games looked better on 360. But i doubt i will be giving xbox One a chance. PS4 seems to be doing everythign right this upcoming gen.

slimeybrainboy1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I smell, fanboys in disguise.

Can't wait to have both in your hands huh?

Let me quote my friend negative (that's you) just 6 hours before this post.

"negative 10h ago
Easy fanboy, relax.

So far whatever the X1 is promising they will deliver. I have both consoles pre-ordered but am seriously considering the cancellation of the PS4.

I mean I already have a PS3. Nothing innovative about the PS4 at all. Thanks but maybe no thanks."

The_Con-Sept1944d ago

I am not sure how big the gaming market is in these other countries. If these countries do have a big enough market to make an impact then "time is money" applies here.

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Blacksand11945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

2006 alot of people brought the 360 because they didn't want to wait a year for the PS3. Now PS4 is coming out before the X1 and a $100 cheaper now people going to comeback to Sony because of this news. This is a big turn around for Sony when the PS3 launch.

redwin1945d ago

It sounds like u have buyers remorse and you need constant reasurement. Lol, just because if u repeat it often and then sounds better it doesn't mean it's true. The fact is and you can read it here in n4g, microsoft has the smoothest game play and best remote in the industry. I have always owned them both and MS is, when it comes to game play, in my opinion, is the best.

Blacksand11945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )


No! I don't, I had PS1, PS2 and PS3 so why not keep going with the PS4. I enjoyed all my PlayStation and all the systems before that. True story, I only had the first Xbox, found it in the trash, had to reboot the mother board with a another Xbox to make it work so I enjoyed it to. MS been having problems since the first Xbox so I bypass the 360 in 2006 and waited until 2007 to get the PS3 and no! i have know remorse it been a good ride.

JunioRS1011945d ago

I'm just excited to see if the beatdown is going to happen like the media would have you believe it will happen.

If PS4 doesn't outsell the X1 right out the gate at least 2:1...

The media loses more credibility.

VENOMACR1945d ago

"Sony explained that the shift to a paid online model was sparked by the need to stay competitive as a network, and the addition of a multiplayer fee is an effective way to raise the necessary funds."

Is Sony not one of the biggest names in electronics, yet they need to raise funds so that they can make the online better? Seems like they just want to charge consumers to make an extra profit, which is fine because they are in the business to make money, but they could have made the online much better and kept it for free. They are charging because they can.

mistertwoturbo1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

They are in a business to make money, and that money can be used towards the improvement of their services. It's a necessary cycle. Just because a company makes millions doesn't mean they have unlimited budget and can keep things free. At least not everything. They have to pay themselves to license the use of things like Netflix and servers etc.

My company's revenue is around $250m a year, and we still need approval and budget for something as simple as coffee cups.

VENOMACR1945d ago

I completely agree they are in the business to make money. To be a successful business you have to make money its simple economics.

My thing is they have been making Playstation for what, 15 years now? The PSN+ is generating profits, the DLC and all the items on their network they get some cut of, so I think charging PS consumers for online is just a way to make extra money, which Microsoft does and other companies as well. They just wanted a piece of the pie which makes them no different.

Kryptix1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )


"I could say the reason I'm not buying a POS4 is that it's ugly, the controller blows, no truly new games, PS+ is a joke, no innovation just some new hardware and a new shell, and it's expensive ($400/$500, its still not cheap). But I'm not getting one so I dont care and I wouldn't troll on a Sony topic just so I could share my stupidity with POS fans.
#1.5.12Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report" -You

You said in a previous post, "But I'm not getting one so I don't care" but magically your brain shifted and suddenly you care about the Playstation 4. Do you have a split personality like Two Face or are you trying to act like you're the victim even though you weren't planning to get it. Why should it be free or not, you're not getting, according to you, a "POS4." And if the whole comment is read via clicking on the link, he even calls the PS3 a "POS3." Turn around and get yourself some real reasoning then come back. Microsoft is a $200+ billion company so why are they charging for online. Your answer: "To make the online experience better." ...And it can't be said the same with Sony? You're just feeling down because PS Plus is going to be successful next gen with the high demand of the PS4.'s ok, at least you will have the imaginary power of the cloud there for you to justify your purchase. Just believe. :)

n4rc1945d ago

Funny tho... Highly logical yet it never seems to mean anything if Microsoft does it... They are evil and money grubbing but Sony is just smart business for following suit..

Not talking about you. As you didn't make that assumption.. But so many others seem to think that way..

The double standard is getting so painfully obvious it makes my head hurt.. Lol

mistertwoturbo1945d ago


The difference between Microsoft's service, is that even though you pay you are still plastered with ads everywhere and it has been that way with XBL for a long time.

That and the entire industry has been playing online games free for years.

And there is no double standard, a lot of people are unhappy that Sony is putting online gaming under the pay wall too, but they are justifying it much better with all the other stuff like tons of FREE GAMES. They are also handling it different in which that it is NOT REQUIRED to use services like Netflix.

DigitalRaptor1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

@ n4rc

Anyone who actually described their disdain for Microsoft charging for online connectivity should have at least been saying what was so wrong about it in the first place, and at least I was trying to expose the problem.

Peer 2 Peer. Microsoft was charging you for that absolutely non-premium connectivity for over a decade. If you know what it is then well done.

Sony was using dedicated servers with PS3 for years and with many games, and yet they still didn't charge. Both companies are now using dedicated servers for their games and their respective networks are much more bandwidth intensive than ever before.

And yet, Microsoft still charges you for free apps, and services and features that are free on every single other platform and device. Everything that should be outside of the paywall is outside of the paywall on PS4 - even the things that you'd think would be a part of PS+ are not (auto-updates, cross-game chat, party system/chat).

With Microsoft, it's on a whole other insulting level, where 90% of its features are locked behind the paywall, and if you can't see the difference between the attitude of both companies, and feel like hiding behind supposed "double standards" that's on you buddy, but don't expect me to take you seriously, if you do.

MRMagoo1231945d ago

lol VENOMACR one of the dumbest trolls on this site and now he gets called out with his lies and doesnt reply lol. Nice work Kryptix on that he must feel more of a douche than usual

Kryptix1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

You know I had to come back and post VENOMACR's private message.

Can you point out all the errors and contradictions?

n4rc1944d ago

Let's set the record straight here..

1.. Its pretty clear you don't own a 360.. Ads plastered everywhere? You get one tiny tile that you don't even notice..

2.. Sony uses dedicated server for most of its games?!?! Haha.. Good one

3.. Even using a p2p system, party chat and matchmaking etc are all done by lives servers..

4.. Yes.. Let's talk about the free games.. PS+ offers older games that don't sell anymore.. Its absolutely hilarious that people think its going to continue as it has.. They don't have a catalog of games to offer!! Drive club is being offered up as its a Sony title.. But unless they plan on giving up every exclusive 1st party game for free, they have nothing to offer besides f2p and indies they have bought outright..

Plus I must have missed where Sony said you'd be getting all these free ps4 games.. You assume it will continue but the fact is.. They can't give away a game for free when the developer needs to sell copies..

mistertwoturbo1944d ago

It's clear why people do not bother with n4rc.

And what does me owning a X360 have anything to do with it? I have two of them, a X360 white arcade and a X360 4GB model. I enjoy the hell out of Halo 4, Forza, and Gears of War 3.

Just because I'm logical when it comes to my hard earned money, doesn't mean I'm a dimwit fanboy like you are who is clearly at Microsoft's mercy.

In fact I play most of my games on the PC, and the last PS3 game I have bought in a long time is The Last of Us.

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FanOfRootBeer1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

They are indeed charging because they can, if only because their prime competitor does it, and has been doing it for over a decade. But it's not like consumers are getting nothing out of the deal.

On the topic of Sony being an enormous company: Sony's gaming divisions are basically separate from other sectors, so it makes more sense to focus on the problem of PSN internally than throw some money from, say, their TV manufacturing corner into the mix.

Thehyph1945d ago


The only thing I'd add is that it would probably have to come from their publishing arm or something else.
I believe TV's are part of Sony consumer electronics, which is also not their most promising business line right now.
Hopefully the boost that the next gen will give the PlayStation brand will help turn Sony's other departments around. The Korean companies are starting to slaughter most of the Japanese ones in most consumer electronics.

The example I always give is: walk into your local best buy and try to find a section that doesn't have Sony products at virtually every price point. Your only chance is probably musical instruments.
Some kind of restructuring is needed in that regard.

On the topic of PS+: I will gladly pay it. I was paying for it anyway. Monetizing most of their network usage had its benefits for the consumer as well. Any serious issues or complaints have to be rectified when consumers are paying for the service. Subscription losses do not look good on financial statements when they don't have to be there.

devwan1945d ago

@FanOfRootBeer "On the topic of Sony being an enormous company: Sony's gaming divisions are basically separate from other sectors"

Yes, but as the presentation at E3 showed, where it makes sense to do so Sony plans to bring a lot of its business together in future, to benefit the company as a whole.

Enemy1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

"They are charging because they can."

Obviously, but mostly because they took a huge risk with the PS3 and need to make up all the money they lost. Blu-ray, the cell processor, etc.

You're being pretty unreasonable about the whole thing. Have you become so obsessed with free that you forgot they're still in the business to make money? It is a business after all.

They need money to continue being the best of the three. The end.

ginsunuva1945d ago

biggest =/= making so many moneys that they can do free stuff for everyone forever.

HammadTheBeast1945d ago


MS is the biggest name is PC software, why are they charging? Money obviously.

corvusmd1945d ago

They are charging now, without making any real changes. And all current estimates based on what we know will put them on Par or slightly behind CURRENT yeah, it's all about making money.

BlaqMagiq241945d ago

Ugh another dumb troll as usual.

ironwolf1945d ago

What the money will be used for is to keep them dancing on the knife edge of bankruptcy a little bit longer.

kwiksilver991945d ago

you expect sony to make online better for free?
why?.just because someone has a lot of money is no reason to expect a handout.
they are charging for a service which will in all fairness be an upgrade to what the ps3 offers.i would suggest you wait and find out all that the new ps4 has to offer in terms of network features before complaining about it not being free,since there is still time for them to announce potentially new features that we havnt heard of yet.

VENOMACR1945d ago

@Mr Magoo and Kryptix

You want to talk about trolls. Sorry I dont sit and wait around for people to respond on N4G, especially those with a low IQ who dont even discuss the topic. Craptix, your pathetic. You post private messages to act cool haha. Your more of a loser then originally thought. You and Magoo can continue to jerk each other for your love of the POS4.

Its really sad this is your life. Viewing peoples comment history, posting messages to photo bucket, is it really that serious? No but when your a tool and have nothing better to do why not. I like how neither of you even commented on the subject, just make stupid remarks. What lies? You have no clue what your talking about. I'd be embarrassed to know either of you personally.

gobluesamg1944d ago

My god your a sensitive puss. Don't send scathing personal messages, troll, and talk sh!t if you don't want to be called out.

Hicken1944d ago

Wow, really, Veno? I suggest professional help. There's fanboys, and then there's your reaction here.

1943d ago
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CaEsAr-1945d ago

Man, %900! That some serious business. PS+ is incredible.

Salooh1945d ago

No , it's good but not great. It can be much better. Most of the games they put are games i wouldn't even think of playing , they must give us at least games that we want to play bit not worth buying because of the great games. For example : twisted metal, heavy rain..etc

thrust1945d ago

Xbox is not delayed where it matters.

mushroomwig1945d ago

Everywhere matters these days, what console do you think the people in the affected countries will end up buying because the Xbox One is delayed? That's a big chunk of business lost, regardless of where it happens.

Minato-Namikaze1945d ago

Thise 8 countries have a combined population of 200 million people. keep dreaming kid, lol.

SillyYou1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Russia - 143 million people
Belgium - 12
Netherlands - 17
Switzerland - 8
Sweden - 10
Norway - 5
Finland - 5
Denmark - 5

=205 million people that won't be able to get the system in 2013.

USA = 317 million people

Thats like 2/3 of the USA.

Thats a pretty huge number if you ask me. But nevermind, yeah 'Murica is the only country that matters. Lol.

gaelic_laoch1945d ago

Ooooooo say can you see no Xbone for ye!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1945d ago

I love how Silly You post these numbers of people in each Country, as if every single person there is not a buyer now.

LMAO... SDF has turned to SAD. Sony Attack Dogs.

Rimeskeem1945d ago

Actually more like 1/2 because playstation I the other half and look it up of you don't believe me

SillyYou1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )


Are you serious? Im just writing how many people wont be able to get the system in 2013. I never mentioned how many of them will buy it nevertheless
or won't. You are imagining too much, lol. Get some fresh air and come back. This stuff is getting too much for you :)

MizTv1945d ago

It's crazy if you think about it

Mr-Dude1945d ago

Here in the Netherlands it's pretty much 50/50 between PlayStation and Xbox. But with the recent delay of the Xbox One, people are pretty pissed...

Most stores here are sold out of pre order-PS4, and a lot of dissapointed Xbox fans are claiming to buy the PS4 now to... So not so smart MS

Tony-A1945d ago


With all the ridiculously large numbers being thrown around in the world today (the word "trillion" was barely ever used in public 20 years ago), over 200 million might not sound like much but if you think that isn't significant, you've got some serious problems.

200+ million people in 8 different countries is about 2/3 of the US population. Obviously not each and every one of them is going to buy a console, but even if ONE-EIGHT of that population were to buy it, you know how much that would be?


25 million people that Sony is getting to first. That's a very large figure.

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Snookies121945d ago

Where it matters... That's so nice of you to think people in those other countries simply don't matter.

jetlian1945d ago

the reality is those countries probably dont make much money anyway for ms

1944d ago
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XboxFun1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Not a problem, PS3 didn't come out for a whole year and it still managed to capture a large portion of the market now.

So why should it matter for the new Xbox to be delayed in SOME areas by a few months or so....

So, Sony charging for online was in necessity to stay competitive eh, funny seeing as they are the biggest leaders in the industry but whatevs. I wonder what else they might shift in order to stay competitive in the video game industry.

ThatCanadianGuy5141945d ago

Xbox isn't playstation.It's a weaker brand, globally.They will never catch up to PS4 sales.

Minato-Namikaze1945d ago

Dont feed the trolls, look at his name.

Deadpoolio1945d ago

They'll never catch up to PS3 sales globally...Hell Microsoft is in 3rd place now in MURICA!!! The only place in the world to some morons obviously....

PFFT1945d ago

They will catch up. Just wait. If you think otherwise you are only fooling yourself. They might not take the lead BUT they will catch up. AND like the 360 it will be the number one selling system 31 months in a row here in the US of A.

FanOfRootBeer1945d ago

So, because Sony is an enormous corporation and a leader in the games industry, they aren't allowed to have their network beaten? And if their competition does have a better network, they aren't allowed to improve theirs?

If you're going to be a fanboy, at least choose a side before trying to form an argument.

kma2k1945d ago

PS3 came out late & sold so well because a lot of pepole meyself included had a ps2 & held out for the ps3.

Rimeskeem1945d ago

Lets go back to the PS2 soooo it destroyed the Xbox in sales and a big reason for tht was it can out first

Thehyph1945d ago

PS2 sold more than Xbox and Xbox 360 combined.

PFFT1945d ago

And the Wii sold more than the Ps2 and PS3 combined so what your point?

Hicken1945d ago

... um, the Wii isn't yet at 100 million, while the PS2 surpassed 150 million alone.

stage881944d ago


I think PFFT was meant to say that the PS2 sold more than the Wii and Wii U combined. Easy mistake.

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