Predictions for Sony at GamesCom

Gimme Gimme Games writes about what they think Sony will reveal at GamesCom next week.

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PeaSFor1437d ago

a solid ps4 release date would be nice

Roper3161437d ago

I agreed with you but I still think the release date will be announced @ TGS though.

pompombrum1437d ago

TGS isn't until September 19th.. I'd really hope for a known release date at least a few months before it's out.

Thatguy-3101437d ago

Naw it will happen in gamescon because a wider audience its watching. When TGS comes they only cater to the Japanese audience. Gamescon is like E3 more people get into it.

ohiostatesman1437d ago

I predict they will just show more stuff about knack and Killzone. Nothing really new or exciting in my opinion. Pls don't show Drive Club. Game is hideous.

ohiostatesman1437d ago

I don't think there's much that Sony can do for the PS Vita. Sold less than 15K in the US the last 4 weeks. Just 15K. It's really sad.

1nsomniac1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Like someone else said on another post I don't think they would be stupid enough to announce it at TGS. As announcing that the Japanese will get it last while being in japan is a stupid idea & as said here, they would be leaving it a little late also.

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pompombrum1437d ago

Yes this, while it's cheaper than X1, I think it's time for them to announce a release date as to give people a chance to plan for the release.

sprinterboy1437d ago

I think 99% of gamers knew it was coming late 2013/early2014. If gamers have not saved now then that's there fault sorry. I will start saving for ps5 in 2018 to make sure I have the funds just like
I did for ps4 ( started saving early 2012)

pompombrum1437d ago

Well some of us don't have the luxury of being able to save an exclusive console fund. I won't have problems paying for it but with it being potentially close to Christmas, it would be nice to have some advanced notice.. especially with booking a few days off work.

ZHZ901437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

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Helldivers Trailer and Gameplay
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PS4+PS Vita Bundle for $500 Announcement

NumOnePS3FanBoy1437d ago

PS3, PSvita, and memory cards price cut. PS4 release date. New gameplay on existing titles. few new Reveals

kparks1437d ago

@numone they need to drop the vita 50 bucks or more and the memory cards WTF were they thinking 100$ for 32gb

Johnsonparts231437d ago

Totally. Can't wait for my Amazon order to be updated with a solid ship date :)

assdan1437d ago

Sony said they will be giving the solid release date at gamescon I'm pretty sure.

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iamnsuperman1437d ago

Does anyone know why GimmeGimmeGames thinks LBP3 would be a PS3 game. LBP is a big franchise. Doing another PS3 game delays LBP being established on the PS4 platform. They need to get it early so more PS4 compatible levels are made for when more people pick up the system for another LBP.

jackanderson19851437d ago

didn't sony say they'd continue to support the PS3 for a while? this could be the reason why

HammadTheBeast1437d ago

How much more can they do? They've already put GT6 and Beyond and Pupetter for PS3, any more than that and the few others, and it would be bad for PS4 sales.

jackanderson19851437d ago


just thinking down the line with all the rage in HD re-releases they could do it in a few years and cash in twice on the same game

mrbojingles1437d ago

Past resumes have hinted at game being worked on by Sumo Digital for PS3 for "over a year". Every LBP3 rumor in the past year has hinted that its for PS3 and PS4.

Nyromith1437d ago

Last Guardian or it didn't happen.

ABeastNamedTariq1437d ago

Wouldn't that be better suited for TGS though? Along with Persona, etc.

1437d ago
Roper3161437d ago

again like with the release date I feel you're going to wait until TGS for any Last guardian info.

ABeastNamedTariq1437d ago

LBP 3 on PS4, and a release date for that bad boy would be nice.

GribbleGrunger1437d ago

Expect some big multi-media announcements as well as game related news.

XboxFun1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Do you have a link for this rumor?

Joke, hence the sarcasm "/s"

GribbleGrunger1437d ago

"Predictions for Sony at GamesCom"

HammadTheBeast1437d ago

I thought it was funny. Btw why the low bubbles, you're one of the most neutral people on this site. Well aside from the username

XboxFun1437d ago

I was marked for trolling just once and lost a bubble.

I'm pretty sure I also had a well said some where and didn't gain a thing, but one troll comment and instant bubble burst.

Oh well, it was expected sooner or later with a name like mine to draw crazy heat and attention.

GribbleGrunger1437d ago

Sorry about that, XboxFun, I misunderstood. Bubbles as an apology.

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