Tesco Is Listing Dark Souls II For PS4 & Xbox One

Here’s an in interesting little puzzle for you. From Software have always denied that a next gen version of Dark Souls II exists, leaving it as a current gen title releasing next year. They considered creating a version of the incredibly Dark Souls II for the PS4 and Xbox One but decided against it.

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golding891584d ago

If this is true.. Yesssss

ArchangelMike1584d ago

It happens, mainly place holders. For example Zavvi list Rocksmith 2014 Edition as coming out on PS4. But Ubisoft have not made any such announcment.

PirateKing1584d ago

I'll get this game the first day it comes out. Bring this to next-gen.

ifritAlkhemyst1584d ago

Considering I'll have it for PC this is pretty inconsequential for me. I just, cannot, wait for this game!

Pintheshadows1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I hope they sort out the KB + M support this time round. Members of the community shouldn't have to fix the controls and camera of a game. Ever.

I'm different to you ifrit. If i'm playing on PC I want to be using a KB + M. Especially if it is an RPG.

ifritAlkhemyst1584d ago

I have a 360 controller for just that problem. I couldn't imagine playing DS on PC even with a good K&B config.

I just hope they offer more graphic options and the community doesn't have to patch >720p resolutions again.

jamz41584d ago

PC is the lead platform this time so it should be

cpayne931584d ago

Eh, a controller is really superior for this kind of game. Would be an even more difficult game with keyboard and mouse.

ziggurcat1584d ago

i hope it's not a typo.

Transporter471584d ago

Wonder what benefits it will have besides looking prettier/running smoothly, or if its just a port will be fine too.

Pintheshadows1584d ago

I'd hope that they would make it look better, although based on the PC version of Dark Souls I won't hold my breath. It was very limited before some fixes started appearing.

Pintheshadows1584d ago

Don't know why I got a disagree. The game is still the same excellent game on PC, but as a PC game it was incredibly limited on the graphics setting front.

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The story is too old to be commented.