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Microsoft explains how Xbox One importing works

Microsoft has finally revealed the truth behind importing the console (Xbox One)

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Crazay  +   717d ago
damn, there goes our chances of overseas scalping >.<
nix  +   717d ago
also one needs to be careful that the games on blurays will not be region locked but the movies will be. so if you pick up xbox one from region 1 while you live in region 2, you're pretty much screwed when it comes to watching movies.
SonyNGP  +   717d ago
Not really. The majority of Blu-Ray movies that I've seen sold have been either multi-region or region-free.
Yi-Long  +   717d ago
Yet another reason for me to not buy an Xbox One.

I want my menus and OS in ENGLISH, and absolutely NOT in Dutch. As do many MANY other people in Holland btw.
BallsEye  +   717d ago | Well said

The hell you talking about? You can change language of games and menus in console settings. Stop complaining about something you have no idea about.
Gman0173   717d ago | Spam
gaffyh  +   717d ago
Yes this is true, I have this issue on my PS3, as it is a US PS3, and I'm in the UK. It is also the case with DVD movies, although with them it is fairly quick and easy to rip to a computer and watch as a video file on PS3.
UnholyLight  +   717d ago
@Yi-Long wuttt?? I also love how it must be you that downvoted BallsEye because he is correct.
badz149  +   717d ago
know your PS3 region and before you buy any BD movie, check if it's region-free or not.



Yi-Long  +   717d ago
@Ballseye: Next time you're in Holland, please drop by and change my language to Dutch for me. Fact is, Xbox Live will NOT turn to English. I even called up XBL Support to fix it.

HOWEVER, I believe a few months ago they changed some possibilities that allows you to change regions/locale for XBL, which might have changed things. I wouldn't know, cause I've been in Hong Kong for the last 8 months orso, without an Xbox.

So maybe they've caught up and you're right.

However, last fall, when I last attempted it, all I got was a system that was a hybrid of Dutch and English, even when all possible settings were put on English.

A few years ago, XBL was still English for us, as was every menu on the system, but in recent years, they forced localisation on us.

But again, not 100% sure about the latest updates, because (like I said), I've sadly been away from my 360 for the last 8 months.

I really REALLY hope that you can now get EVERYTHING (menus, XBL, etc) in English. That wasn't possible a year ago. For sure.

- Last time I checked, it was impossible to get it all set to English, regardless your settings, cause the location of your IP makes it connect to the Dutch XBL, which is (poor) Dutch by default, and can't be set to English.

So no, he isn't/wasn't right, depending on how it might have changed the last 8 months.

- I only added my disagree-vote just before writing this comment, which was when I woke up and read it. I'm guessing other Dutch people who encountered the same problem, recognize and agree with the made complaint.

I know when I was asking around about this on Dutch fora last year, many were also very annoyed by it.
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kreate  +   717d ago
Yi-long just pwned u guys up there with his last comment (which is his 2nd bubble comment).

I'm gonna go check my 360 and play around w the language settings to see what happens.
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BaronVonRhett  +   716d ago
Yi-Long is trying to say that he doesn't want to wait till microsoft perfects his "native language". read the article and it makes sense.
vigilante_man  +   717d ago
I do not understand this at all. Something is just not right.

If they have been working on the new console for years now then all this would/should of been resolved way before release. Unless Sony caught them on the hop by announcing a 2013 release when MS were expecting a 2014 one.

MS release windows all around the world. Localisation and languages is second nature to them. We may never know the truth but I feel we are all missing something..
fr0sty  +   717d ago
The rumors for a while now have been stating that it has to do with the ESRAM. To give a little background, XB1's RAM is has less bandwidth than PS4's by over 150%. To bridge the gap, they included a little 32mb chunk of really fast memory on the GPU die called ESRAM. It helps to bridge the memory bandwidth gap a little bit between XB1 and PS4. However, this is the first time a consumer product has been released that had that much on-die RAM, and it apparently has been suffering from very poor production yields. Microsoft's excuse is that localization is the problem, but we know better. Nintendo and Sony never had to delay over localization, nor did MS last generation. The ESRAM rumors make more sense.
HolyDuck  +   717d ago
Fr0sty, honestly, are you thick?

I can't imagine them releasing in the largest markets but not the smallest because of yield issues, it makes no sense to say

"okay, we have yield issues, but it's okay because we will launch to half the world but not the other half until the problem is rectified"

You're literally just bashing XB1 because you have nothing better to do.
rainslacker  +   717d ago
Localization is. Windows supports probably every civilized language on the planet.

However, their voice recognition software is only available in 5 or 6 languages. Don't know if they are licensing something for Kinect or not. Would seem likely.

This is more than just text and voice though. They're also talking about cultural differences in the look or feel. Gotta make sure you don't inadvertently use something offensive. Possibly made different artwork, etc.

Still, while I'm dubious on this being the reason, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Seems this is something they should have had before the reveal.

It is really odd though. I think every country they were releasing in, the majority of the people could speak English as a second language. Many of them can speak several languages in fact.
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sobotz  +   717d ago
So, the only things delayed are the entertainment apps such as TV right, we just have to wait that apps to be fully supported outside the 13 launch country, that's reasonable I think. I don't really want to use those apps actually.

I don't mind, as long I still can play games and access XBL at launch.
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jackanderson1985  +   717d ago
no reason you couldn't as it's a similar situation with the 360... not supported in a bunch of countries but set up a profile with the locale in one of the supported countries and you're golden
ZodTheRipper  +   717d ago
“That said, there needs to be a valid payment method corresponding to a supported launch country in order for any transactions to occur over Xbox Live, and some content may not be accessible outside launch markets due to geographic content restrictions imposed by content right holders.”

XBL seems to be built around customer restrictions. I can't see people wanting to own this device.
okmrman  +   717d ago
yet you come to every ms and xbox one related article to spew negativity
ZodTheRipper  +   717d ago
I'm just curious :D
But I didn't play on X360 a lot so it's hard to understand what people like about the platform in the first place. But right now, it seems either rushed or restrictive to me.
denawayne  +   717d ago
@Zod18 - I feel Playstation Network is a mess with whiny kids and a bad menu system. Even though I've never played on the Playstation Network.
XboxFun  +   717d ago
It's called legal issues that are way beyond what MS can do. Content that might be accessible in Japan might be owned by a whole different company outside and needs to get the clearance. And vice versa.
LogicStomper  +   717d ago
Well firstly, I'm in one of those markets so there won't be those restrictions for me. In this case, if it doesn't affect me, there's no reason to get all negative against the company because like I said, it doesn't affect me.
Transporter47  +   717d ago
Oh sorry that the all mighty you shall be not be affected by this. Since you are so more important then everybody else.
Kryptix  +   717d ago
lol That was selfish to say.

Translation: "Let's not bash Microsoft because I'm fine and you shall all respect my presence. The only person that matters is me, bow down to my glory! Do as I say!"

Yea, if you were king for one day, you would definitely meet the guillotine the next.
aLucidMind  +   717d ago
I believe logicstomper was saying theres no reason for himself to complain. Reading comprehension people lol.
darthv72  +   717d ago
there are customer restrictions and there are region specific restrictions that even the platform holder cant avoid.

there are ways around certain restrictions. Like not everything sony releases on the ps store is available world wide. There are some things that are region specific.

I could make a euro account or a jp account if i really wanted to get content not available in the US. it isnt as convenient as sony releasing the content worldwide but they must have their reasoning for doing so.
No_Limit  +   717d ago
like okmrman said, you are in every MS news posting negatives.

There is a simple solution to that, users in Sweden/Belgium can just create an account with Germany or the UK and walla, there goes a workaround.

Australian gamers has been setting up US Live accounts on X360 for years now due to the strict restriction of the games over there.
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M-M  +   717d ago
"like okmrman said, you are in every MS news posting negatives. "

Your comment history.

I don't think it works that way after reading the article, although it's possible I could have misread it.
devwan  +   717d ago
@No_Limit "walla"


OT: It's not going to be as simple as creating an account in another region with the One - as One fans keep pointing: it's way more than a games console... maybe a Swedish xbox one importer isn't going to be too impressed when all the non-gaming content (TV, fantasy sports, pizza ordering etc). is in German and targeted to Germans... delivery on those pizzas alone would cost more than a game download.
NeutralXP  +   717d ago
Hey remember PS4 hasn't been announced a released date yet so enjoy waiting till 2014 as I enjoy my Xbox One in November

I see manufacturing problems coming up with Sony LOL
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gaelic_laoch  +   717d ago
Lazy F- Grade Trolling
jackanderson1985  +   717d ago
wasn't there DLC for Metal Gear Rising that was restricted to one platform in NA? I know that was more a business restriction due to deals being struck but same principle applies.... unless they have permission to sell it in a specific country they can't do it unless gamers do a work around
Saddam_hussein  +   717d ago
Grow up dude. It's getting old.
kewlkat007  +   717d ago
Well I just cancelled the extra 3 I was going to buy...

How am I going to pay for mine..
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T2  +   717d ago
@ neutral - LOL wow thats hilarious /s ...you are a fanboy congrats .
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PositiveEmotions  +   717d ago
Why is it always about money with microsoft? -_-
jackanderson1985  +   717d ago
it's always about money for every corporation in the world... it's how they survive
black0o  +   717d ago
but not like M$ .. thx to M$ sony now charging us for MP, thx to sony M$ did 180 every week since E3

did u get the picture ;)
Manic2014  +   717d ago
Do you even understand what they said?
christocolus  +   717d ago
ALLWRONG  +   717d ago
Apparently on planet PositiveEmotions corporations do it all for free and charity. These corporations would never think of charging for anything like BC (PS4) or online (X1/PS4) or charge actual money for a product... on planet PositiveEmotions.
CoLD FiRE  +   717d ago
Because they are a corporation and not a charity, genius!
PositiveEmotions  +   717d ago
Yes i read the article even in xb1's killer instict game they want you to buy more characters and you have a $9.99 xbl for the monthly plan while sony's psn is free heck even their ps plus its less than five bucks.

I am glad that is not region lock tho.
LoydX-mas  +   717d ago
If you can't afford an extra $55 a year, then it may be time to move out of the basement and get a job.
aLucidMind  +   717d ago
Or maybe they would prefer buying a game rather than pay for the ability to play the online portion of the games theyve already bought. Your statement makes you sound like youve got tge mentality of a 12 year old.
Saddam_hussein  +   717d ago
Isn't planet side and a few of their other free games pay to play on Sony?
kingdip90  +   717d ago
Maybe getting rid of microsoft points wasn't such a good idea for those people living in the delayed countries
Pascalini  +   717d ago
Get a grip

Ps3 was released months after in Europe this gen yet you make a huge deal out of this

Ps4 may be available in less countries anyhow- just wait
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Crazay  +   717d ago
short memories dude.
ghoh1  +   717d ago
who even wants to import this piece of shit, if they didn't care enough to release it in your country then fuck 'em

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