AoE 2 gets an official expansion after 14 years - Forgotten Empires

Good news for AoE fans. Forgotten Empires has received the official expansion status for Age of Empires 2 HD, and we have some details on that.

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Smurf11948d ago

Same. I hope they improve it even more since it's official now.

ATi_Elite1948d ago

Ghee Whiz they must be working in the Valve Time Portal warp also!

SpecialK1948d ago

Gave it a go, the ai is so much better than it used to be!

Still play this game loads with friends on gameranger. Genuinely timeless and hopefully it'll continue to get support for a long time.

Thehyph1948d ago

Before they patched the original game there was that ai bug where computer players would just randomly give up and you'd win. I got frustrated with that a few times.

Still good times

Thehyph1948d ago

Technically, the title of the article is wrong. Shouldn't it say another expansion?

That's still pretty great news.
I setup my first email address (hotmail with aoe2 in it) specifically to play the game on msn gaming zone. Microsoft emailed me about two years ago congratulating me on ten years of usage.

unluckynumber111948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I'm mostly excited for the Ludicrous map size and the 1000 unit limit. Gonna be insane.