GTA Online Revealed - Forever Expanding

GTA Online's Forever Expansion might be a blade in the back, originally designed as GTA V's Online Mode; Constant Content Creation Might Lead to Subscription Fee.

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Wizziokid1951d ago

It's possible that if this one does well we might see another version which could have a sub or micro-transactions.

Since it's basically an mmo with the constant development they need to continue to make money off it and box sales alone aren't enough generally.

Emilio_Estevez1951d ago

Or they could start selling cosmetic items, like fancy hats.

IMO, micro-transactions are much more likely than a subscription. That is the way the industry has been trending.

Wizziokid1951d ago

as long as it's not pay to win then I'm ok with that

iamnsuperman1951d ago

I agree. I can see them selling future hats and cosmetic stuff (maybe even weapons) for a small fee with the option to buy packs of things (like LBP does)

FlameHawk1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

It's basically like a free-to-play, no subscription MMO. This is going to be awesome. Except its limited to 16 people lol.

PinkFunk1950d ago

But it's not free-to-play. I assume you need to have a copy of GTAV. I may be wrong.

If it doesn't start out that way, I could see it become a free-to-play service with pay scenarios like mentioned above.

FlameHawk1950d ago

Oh right, I don't know why I put free-to-play, but you know what I mean, MMO's are always expanding and since all you need is GTA V, its sort of like a f2p.