The future of PlayStation Plus is looking rosy

Gamasutra: "With Sony planning to implement its PlayStation Plus subscription service heavily into the upcoming PlayStation 4 console, research firm IHS Electronics and Media has forecasted that the company will be generating over a billion dollars a year from the service by 2017."

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shoddy1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Cloud game save and auto update for the win.

elhebbo161948d ago

I hope auto updates come as a standard for all PS4's.

porkChop1948d ago

I'm pretty sure auto update is being removed from PS+ for PS4, and it'll be available for everyone. I could swear Sony said that a while back.

MrMister1948d ago

I don't even buy games anymore. In Australia everything is so expensive. I just get an American ps plus account and i'm good. No more buying overpriced games.

T21949d ago

Free games for the win.

Transporter471948d ago

Best gaming subscription for the win.

ApolloTheBoss1948d ago

Best deal in the history of mankind for the win.

dcj05241948d ago

Free stuff. Always wins

Zancruz1948d ago

Playstation brand will be fine there's a huge benefit to having PS Plus right now.... Sony will also most likely sell a ton more consoles from the beginning this time around and for X1 sold Microsoft has to pay Sony royalties for the use of the Blu Ray disc drive (Look it up). I'm just surprised Microsoft didn't go with the awsome HD DVD Drive this time (Lol). Sony should be rolling around in money this time around, Now IF they can convince us to buy the Vita.... Mmmmmm Micro SD card adapters would help convince me?!

theWB271948d ago

Those royalties won't even be worth mentioning. Sony shares that cut with other companies. So whatever small amount made on each console will then be split even more among other companies and as I hear...Sony doesn't even have the largest percentage in the split.

Which is also moot since Sony pays Micro for certain codecs used for Bluray. Look it up...all these competing companies are paying each other. No victory on that front for Sony.

porkChop1948d ago

"Which is also moot since Sony pays Micro for certain codecs used for Bluray. Look it up"

I did look it up. Can't find anything like that so I don't know what you're talking about. The only thing I found is that Sony's Blu Ray share will personally make them $2 to $3 off of every Xbox One.

kingPoS1948d ago

You mean VC1? Go on ahead. Tell if you see an VC1 encoded bluray disc made in 2013.

Pro tip: the ps3 has a on screen display that tells you what codec is being used during video playback.

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The story is too old to be commented.