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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 905d ago | preview

IGN- Hands-on: Is the Xbox One Controller Good for Shooters?

IGN:Our first impressions of Microsoft's new gamepad with a fast-paced competitive first-person shooter. (Xbox One)

first1NFANTRY  +   905d ago
Well you would hope it is seeing as it's very shooter centric. Anything is better than the original xbox controller. that thing was a brick in the form of a game pad.
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darthv72  +   905d ago
if by "original xbox controller" you mean the duke then yes every xbox controller since that one has been an improvement.

The controller S was the basis for the 360 design and that one is a very practical controller. The new xb1 looks to be taking the good from the 360 and making it better.

Better d-pad
Better button layout
Better stick response
Better triggers
and most importantly (to me anyway)
Better comfort.

Personally, i didnt have an issue with the 360 d-pad but i understand others who did find it to be less than satisfying. The xb1 is trying to be transparent to the user with a better overall design and function. Meaning that the more natural it feels and responds the less likely it is to break the user connection to the game.

that is the ultimate goal of any controller keep the player centered on the game rather than the controller and any imperfections they may experience.
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HammadTheBeast  +   905d ago
The problem with the d-pad on Xbox controllers is that it makes fighting games completely unplayable for me.
Gman0173   905d ago | Spam
darthv72  +   905d ago looks like sony went back to the original dual analog controller for a few ideas on improving the DS4. Most notable are the longer hand grips and the concave thumbsticks.

Both of which are geared to improving the comfort of holding it. Many only know about the non twin stick PS controller and then the dual shock.

Sony made their first twin thumbstick controller very early on and it is quite a comfortable controller to use. It lacked the "shock" effect when release outside of JP but when they revised it to include it (to now be known as the dual shock), they made some changes that have been consistent ever since.

It may not have been around for as long as the dual shock but it is still a collectable piece of PS history. It is SCPH-1180 and anyone who is really into the playstation should have one.
redwin  +   905d ago
@gman I agree. I don't like the ps controllers weight but I like the 360s controller weight and to make it better I have added the keyboard pad on the bottom. Plus, small controllers gives me carpal tuner pains. I guess that's why they made the new ps controller bigger, I guess Sony agrees w me.
nukeitall  +   905d ago

I hope the PS4 controller also feels better, because the PS3 controller is a cramp fest every time.

For me the Xbox 360 controller only had a d-pad problem and I rarely had issues, since I don't generally play games that use it. Glad it is fixed tbough!
TomShoe  +   905d ago
It might just be me, but the asymmetrical sticks feel awkward for me.
kewlkat007  +   905d ago
It's the best...
tigertom53  +   905d ago
I also like the improved bandwidth of 20x
golding89  +   905d ago
I hope it actually lives up to what they promise. It sure is looking that way
onyoursistersback  +   905d ago
"I hope it actually lives up to what they promise....."
What was promise...? And when, cuz after E3 there hold system is different now.
XboxFun  +   905d ago
"This week's demo solidified that the era of the Xbox 360's loose, imprecise disc-based d-pad will soon be a distant memory."

Best controller ever confirmed!

"With Sony making FPS-centric improvements for the DualShock"

Looks like this gen will be focused on FPS's too.

I can't open your link due to some "referral denied" error. But I can imagine it's one of those pretend controllers with the million of buttons. If so i'll just post my "lol" now.
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iamnsuperman  +   905d ago
Urm you forgot this one

It does a lot more (you didn't say it had to be real)

OT: Making the controllers FPS orientated is just to appeal to the ever massive BF/COD crowd.
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darthv72  +   905d ago
xboxfun...while your enthusiasm is understandable.

The "best controller EVER" is actually one that the user forgets they are holding because the connection between the game and player is seamless.

check out this vid for more information:
negative  +   905d ago
I can't wait to feel every inch of this controller in my man hands.
No_Limit  +   905d ago
Hey, MS spent over a $100 million developing this sucker so no doubt it will be great.

The only bad thing about the X360 controller was the D-Pad and the sole purpose that I get most of my Fighting games on the PS3, now that is fixed, this controller will no doubt be great for all genre.

LOL, you'll know the haters will bring in the AA battery BS and try to downplay this bit of pro XB news any moment now.
thrust  +   905d ago
And it's not very often good news about the Xbox one / MS make it on this site.

Lots of all good news about the playstation.

Sony will win next gen, but it is good to have competition!
Gman0173   905d ago | Spam
hazardman  +   905d ago
Theres good news, fanboys either downplay or overlook it. Or y'all just BLIND!!!
JunioRS101  +   905d ago
Do you know how much they invested making the original controller? How about for the 360? How much did they spend making Kinect? What about the WiiMote?

It's all relative. How much money they spent on development is irrelevant unless you know for a fact that they invested more this time around than ever before.
vigilante_man  +   905d ago
Hey, I just spent $100 developing this new car. It is great but you still have to wind it up at the front to start. I bet people will moan about that little fact!

Joking aside I am so excited about using the DS4 especially as developers seem to be raving about it. And now we know how much MS spent on upgrading their controller there can be no more complaints about controllers.
Tctczach  +   905d ago
That was a joke? Eww
Mystogan  +   905d ago
Sony, you can make a better specced console then Microsoft, you can even humiliate them publically at E3, But you can NEVER,EVER make a better controller then Microsoft.
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Transporter47  +   905d ago
You have used the PS4 controller and the Xbox One right because so far i heard both are great, most lean towards the DS4 but w.e
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golding89  +   905d ago
if supposedly most "polls" say they will buy ps4.

What do you think the polls will be when they are ask about dualshock4 vs xbox one controller?

It does not mean it's better than xbox one controller buddy.

It just means they prefer ps4 ..not that the controller is better. but that's just the truth
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No_Limit  +   905d ago
LOL, you're posting links of internet polls of random people that have never touch either controller. How credible.

There was even a poll on the headset for both systems and the PS4 earbud is also leading by 3-1 over the XB1 headset. Even the most diehard fans of Sony can realize that the Headset on XB1 is better than the cheap earbud of the PS4. That is all there is to know about where most of these internet posters legion are with.
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Xsilver  +   905d ago
Not only polls but developers say the DS4 is the best for next gen said by battlefield

And more do, whats your point every time you see most game play vids the majority is DS4 controller in their hands, DS4 is more of a next gen controller new stuff to do than the xone controller which is basically the 360 controller with minor improvements nothing that says that the xone controller cant be used on the 360.
and people used both at comic con so whose to say they aren't in those polls. everyone first reaction when they saw the xone controller was is that the same controller resigned. if they didn't tell me what they changed i would of never knew all i saw new was the design and the d-pad.
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Mystogan  +   905d ago

So what? one dev prefers the Dualshock 4, Big deal. And he didn't even mention the X1 controller he was bashing the Dualshock 3 and 360 controller. Of course there are some that GENUINELY prefer the Dualshock 4, But from what I've seen(not fanboy influenced polls like above).from people who actually played with both Xbox One controller is still king. Even sony fanboys admit that X1 controller looks better.
Xsilver  +   905d ago
give me the link sir to the poll your talking about please and it wasn't one developer okay.
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Mystogan  +   905d ago
What are you talking about? I didn't mention no polls?
Xsilver  +   905d ago
hold i just read what u said first of all if they say the controller is (still)king then they have always preferred the xbox controller so that's not good info to go on.
u can really see the difference in the xone controller-_-.
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tokugawa  +   905d ago
xsilver who gives a shit??

what so you need others to tell you what to prefer? another sheep who cannot decide for himself??

and then you feel the need to tell people who prefer the xbox pads that they are wrong, and you and these others are right..

gtfo. let me tell you something. i dont need anyone be it a dev or a pathetic fanboy to tell me which i prefer, and which i dont.

now fanboys, the disagree is the bottom middle, and the bubble down is top left
Xsilver  +   905d ago
stfu i'm just saying which controller has the better improvements since they wanted to insult sony controller but praised ps2's controller in those days when ds3 aren't so different saying Sony cant make a controller tell me about the first xbox controller please, so dont give me that shit if the xbox fanboys can say shit but anything sony related then scream sony fanboys everyone knows when u insult a console ur not insulting the console ur insulting the people who buy the console that's how it goes same reason we defend sports teams and whatever else we what u want but if u feel the need to say ur controller is better then i can do the same point blank. yeah disagree all you like.only u xbots hate the polls because people see something they like and u scream fanboys guess what most people that buy the console wont have used it before. im done anyway
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tokugawa  +   905d ago
the first xbox controller was a joke.. there, feel better?? also, put some paragraphs in your post to make reading easier.

"everyone knows when u insult a console ur not insulting the console ur insulting the people who buy the console that's how it goes same reason we defend sports teams and whatever else we like"

rofl. that is a new one. perhaps that might explain why fanboys act like they do.

"yeah disagree all you like.only u xbots hate the polls because people see something they like and u scream fanboys guess what most people that buy the console wont have used it before. im done anyway"

what are you talking about? the only people on n4g going on about polls, and the same sony fanboys in every xbo pad thread talking about these said polls.

i dont give a flying fu#k about polls. polls dont mean nothing to me. the only poll i care about is my own. and that will be conducted when i recieve my xbo and ps4 on launch day.. yes that is right, i have both on pre-order.
Xsilver  +   905d ago
i didn't read what you wrote because i thought u didn't give a shit, give it a rest you don't care i don't care i know what i'm buying i guess you know too peace. and i bought a xbox before i bought a ps3 it doesn't mean shit u only like one in the end.
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strifeblade  +   904d ago
Your wrong- you base your oppinion on preference and not fact. If its one thing that x1 has over playstation its the controller on a technical level.

Blue tooth- 3 mbps
wifi direct- 250 mbps

sony cheaped out on this category x1 controller proves more responsive by atleast 20% faster or 2-3 miliseconds. Makes a big difference in competitive gaming.

Msoft impulse triggers plus new rumble layout easily beats out a standard rumble layout without impulse triggers.

sony's touchpad which is a gimick the sameway sixaxis is a gimick. It would be pretty hypocritical to hype something like a touchpad when sony fanboys criticize the newly included kinect in the same fashion or the wii-u tablet for that matter.

In my oppinion i would place more importance on a faster response time (wifidirect) and impulse triggers than a touchpad. It would have been cool if it was a mini lcd touch screen imo but a touch pad at this point seems unnecesary and wont serve to enhance a game experience as much as new rumble and impulse triggers.

Xbox one controllers can be connected via usb cable and it takes on a wired connection giving you the best response time versus the wired but still running on wireless signal ps4 controller.

Ps4 has built in batteries which is an advantage if your on a budget. The only downfall is when its dead you have to sit 3 feet fron the tv since the cable is so short. solution spend 10$ and buy longer cable. x1 has no built in batteries so buy a 20$ energizer charge kit so when one pair dies switch out for another pair and put the old on charge- this way you are always wireless gaming- its an advantage for an extra 20$.

Another feature is the controller is always connected and if you leave it goes into a low power state and the second you pick it up it turns on and is already connected without the push of a button.

Ps4 has a lightbar which is utterly useless without the eye and knowing the ps community hate against the kinect- its not a feature most sony gamers would brag about or even buy the eye to take advantage.

And sony has grip on the back... ummm xbox no longer has screws in the back lol.
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Tito08  +   905d ago
That old brick original controller was horrible at best, and the fact it had 3 iterations of their controllers with a terrible d-pad obviously makes your argument completely invalid, definitely any controller at the time, including both DS1/DS2, was better than that Mr. Olympia-On-Steroids-Looking XboX controller, so please don't you say ever say "NEVER, EVER" because Xbox controllers are mostly favored for FPSs, but just because of that one genre, it isn't necessarily a better controller.
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Funantic1  +   905d ago
I keep hearing about this controller. If it's better than the 360 controller then it must be good.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   905d ago
id hope so, being that shooters are what xbox is known for
Thomper  +   905d ago
The DS4 definitely looks to be improved, which it needed to be. A lot of my gaming purchases this gen came down to my preference towards the 360 controller and the on-line functionality.

Any improvement to the xbox offering can only make it even more perfect.

Looking forward to getting my hands on both....
vigilante_man  +   905d ago
Here is my attempt at humour:-

So one controller is for AAA games and the other uses AA...
darthv72  +   905d ago
As Mork would say:

"Oh, humor! AR! AR!"

Now that is really showing my age. Anyone as old as me would get the reference.
Good_news_every1   905d ago | Spam
vigilante_man  +   905d ago
I'm pleading ignorance!
gedden7  +   905d ago
What a DUMB question.....

IT BETTER BE thats all MS cares about are FPS games...
No_Limit  +   905d ago
LOL, MS only FPS franchise is Halo (well, Perfect Dark as well) and yet PS3 has Killzone, Resistance, Haze, MAG, Socom.

On the launch of the PS4 and XB1, Sony will have another Killzone, while MS is bringing Killer Instinct and Ryse....oh, and Project Spark around launch window for those that are keeping track.

Just because people preferred playing a specific genre on a console doesn't mean that that is all it has to offer. Make too much sense, I know.
#11.1 (Edited 905d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Tito08  +   905d ago
Haze has being published by Ubisoft, unlike Gears, and Socom is 3rd person, but since you making it seem as if Sony made too many shooters, let's list both PS3 and 360 shooters by quantity.

Halo= 5 games
Gears Of War= 4
Perfect Dark= 2

Total= 11

Killzone= 2
Socom= 2
Resistance= 3
Mag= 1

Total= 8

So who's being milking and making more? Lol.

Difference is by 3, and I did not count Halo Wars because it's an RTS, that would of made it into 6 Halo games, so you fanburgers being playing the same frigging games the entire generation while PS3 was diversified, same goes with Forza having 4 games and 2 Project Gothams for a total of 6 games compared to Sony having only 5 in the form of 1 GT, 3 Motorstorms and 1 F1, yes, what you're trying to imply makes sense and very evident, the fact that you are nonsensical. Since you mentioned "Another Killzone", there's ANOTHER FORZA for you, McChicken.
#11.1.1 (Edited 904d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
ElementX  +   905d ago
In all honesty Sony has invested a lot into FPS and third person shooters.
gedden7  +   905d ago

I NEVER SAID was playing Xbone vs PS4: The Fanboy Wars..

I was just stating a fact... Now get off my N^ts, Thanks!
ma1asiah  +   905d ago
@ gedden7

ummmmmmm when you guys talk exclusives you always state the following

Gears Of War

Now how many of those are FPS games

Lets see ummmmmm I maybe wrong (sarcasm) but I am sure the answer is one.

Now lets look at the X1's exclusive line up at launch

Ryse Son of Rome = nope not an FPS shooter
Forza 5 = nope not an FPS shooter
Dead Rising 3 = nope not an FPS shooter
Killer Instinct = nope not an FPS shooter

yeah its to early in the morning to remember them all but as of right now I can't think of any X1 exclusive that will be available at launch that is an FPS shooter.

So it kind of blows your comment right out of the friggen water don't you think.

Now you might throw Titan Fall in there but as you all keep REMINDING us it is not an exclusive and second it is not available at launch but within the launch window which is not the same thing.

Still even if that was the case then once again the answer would still be ONE!!!!

LMAO "I was just stating a fact..." Which part was fact dude???????
#11.4 (Edited 905d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
gedden7  +   905d ago
Better YET how many are good games and are still being played...??? Barely halo and thats DYING FAST to COD... Again get off my NUTs!
WeAreLegion  +   905d ago
Looks fantastic. Both the XBO and PS4 have incredible controllers! I can't imagine complaining about either of them. :)
PFFT  +   905d ago
Belking  +   905d ago
No, the xbox-one controller is great for shooters.
hazardman  +   905d ago
Definitely looks like it's gonna be great!!
bjmartynhak  +   905d ago
Indeed looks awesome. Aesthetically much better then the DS4.

The 360 was close to be perfect. It feels really good to hold it, though I can control better my actions with the symmetrical analogue sticks, probably because I use since PSone.

I wonder how it is to use the WiiU pro controller, given that it is like the 360, but with symmetrical sticks
vigilante_man  +   905d ago
Actually I think the new XB1 controller looks a bit bland in comparison. It may actually handle a dream and be the best controller ever invented but it looks a bit boring.

At least admit when something looks okay. The PS4 looks much more funky than the XB1. Does not mean it will play any better just because of the way it looks. It's about functionality as well.

The DS4 looks the nicest of all controllers I have seen yet. Nicer than the DS3. I hope they all handle great. I bet they will as loads of money had been spent on them.
Belking  +   905d ago
Nope, xbox one controller is much better. That's why sony copied the triggers because they work better for shooters and racing games. Sony needs to fix the analogs then ds controller would be much better.
TrollCraftTales  +   905d ago
The only thing I want fixed are the AA batteries and the 25% easier to move analog sticks, Other than that it is a very solid controller...
TXIDarkAvenger  +   905d ago
Of course it is. Xbox controller were always leading for shooters on consoles. Hence why Sony changed the horrible triggers on PS3 for PS4.
christocolus  +   905d ago
MultiConsoleGamer  +   905d ago
It's the best controller for shooters and the d-pad is greatly improved over previous models.
hazardman  +   905d ago
I like it...I haven't even tried it but I can already tell that I'm gonna like it.

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