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GIZORAMA - Organized crime is glamorous. While the exploits of a petty thief might not be admirable, there is a certain appeal to the life of a seasoned criminal.

An ordinary person will likely go their whole life without robbing a bank or transporting cocaine. But that doesn’t mean that person can’t feel some of the rush that comes with pulling off a successful heist. That’s the escapist nature of a video game: it lets people act out wild fantasies.

Payday 2 lets players live out their organized crime fantasies with a variety of underworld undertakings, ranging from art theft to gun running. It’s all of the fun of robbing a bank with none of the lengthy federal prison sentence.

Equal parts Left 4 Dead and the opening scene from The Dark Knight, Payday 2 is a strategic, co-operative shooter from Overkill Software. It follows the crime spree of the original Payday: The Heist crew as they run rampant through Washington D.C.

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