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GR: I never thought I’d ever play a cartoony zombie-game that takes place on a lawn for more hours than I did Skyrim, but the original Plants Vs. Zombies sucked me in and spit me out like a green pea at high speed. I own the game on more platforms than I care to admit, and I still can’t get the soundtrack out of my head. A sequel for the game, originally launched in 2009, has been long overdue, and now that it’s out on the AppStore, exclusive to iOS, it really is about time.

In fact, the subtitle "It’s About Time" is a double entendre. I’ve been dying for more PvZ—that much is true—but the game’s plot features Crazy Dave and his talking time machine as they, during the opening scenes, travel across the ages in search of a delicious taco that he already ate in present day. It’s nonsense, sure, but they don’t call him Crazy Dave for nothin’. This time, Crazy Dave has a lot more dialogue through hilariously clever writing, adding to the overall charm that PvZ2 brings to the table.

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Oaklnd1828d ago

its plants vs zombies...2!!!

darthv721828d ago

lol. the way you typed that i can hear Mark from Classic game room saying it the same way.

Sev1828d ago

Love this game so much.

oNIXo1828d ago

Not letting me play because I don't want a shit overpriced phone? Booooooo

knifefight1828d ago

Yeah. This doodads aren't worth the price of the phone.