Destructoid Review: Baroque

Although the older looking graphics would be easy to blame, Baroque's worst crime is its oddy blurry intentions -- Destructoid felt like they still didn't really know what was going on until the very end, but instead of being masterfully handled in the process, they were kind of fumbled instead. Sometimes being fumbled is good, but, you know, not always. Unless you are a hardcore Atlus collector or dungeon crawling obsessee, you'd be best off saving your money for something a little more compelling.

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PS360WII3904d ago

ouch that's a bit harsh but his review is spot on. I might of given it a 7 at least but I'm nice ;)

I was hoping he was going to give me a hint I don't know about but alas... I've died a couple of times and the story hasn't progressed that I've noticed. Maybe I need to die a few more I guess either way this game is hard.

bloodred_dragon3904d ago

It seems like eveyone's giving this game bad reviews...