Official The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Website Launches

The site is chock full of colorful assets, showcasing beautiful high resolution screenshots and multiple videos.

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ATi_Elite1945d ago

LOL Nintendo needs WiiU Zelda, not a HD remake!

Misaka_x_Touma1945d ago

uh they are working one as we speak
they are giving us this to hold us over til it comes

did you even watch Jan. Wii U Direct nope

DarkBlood1945d ago

yup this is just to hold us over and i have no problem with that :P

ATi_Elite1945d ago

LMAO hold you over until Nintendo goes belly up!


and the fact that like only TWO post are here shows just how LAME Nintendo has become.

Nintendo will make a GREAT third party publisher. Can't wait for Mario/Zelda/Metroid to be on PS4/XB1.....They are already on my PC!