GTA Online will expand "forever" - Rockstar will add new locations, including "old stuff"

Where does Grand Theft Auto Online end? Everywhere and nowhere, according to Rockstar - the goal is to keep adding new locations to the universe indefinitely, till the designers run out of world to simulate.

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clmstr1950d ago

GOTG (Game of the Generation) incoming!

modesign1950d ago

The last of us has been out for some time

Cherchez La Ghost1950d ago

The Last of Us is a spectacular game. But running against GTA will be a tough fight against.

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

I dunno why you got so many disagrees, this is the fight of the titans here.

The Last of Us had amazing story, character development, and gameplay.

GTA V looks to have a truly amazing open world, good characters, and a robust online.

Two massive games, completely different.

It's unfortunate that their can only be one winner.

Journey/Skyrim were last years biggest competitors, let's see how this year plays out.

Can't wait for GTA V.

James-GAMES1950d ago

Both the last of us and gta 5 will be talked about for years to come as the best games of this generation.

1950d ago
Septic1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I think the comparisons here make no sense.

TLOU for me, is the game of the generation as far as story telling and acting in games are concerned.

GTA on the other hand looks set to be the next GOTG purely in terms of gameplay. For me, that is the most important element in this industry and therefore, it is the only game this generation that I think is capable of being branded Game of the Generation (in terms of objectively assessing this-if possible).

Don't get me wrong, TLOU is an amazingly crafted experience but not necessarily because of its gameplay.

HeavenlySnipes1950d ago

Love that game but its currently number 2 after seeing more of GTAV

SillyYou1950d ago

Why are people comparing these games? They have nothing to do with each other. Stupid comparison.

Both games are GOTG's.

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sobotz1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

This is the future of 100% Metacritic score in gaming!!

ZombieKiller1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Rockstar if I told you to shut up and take my money that would be a lie considering I REALLY wanna hear what you have to say. So....uh take my money...and tell me more?

Why are we even talking about TLOU? Great game but its GTA V's time to shine. The games aren't even similar and the only reason he said anything was because he was comparing GTA to his favorite title...thats all. Tell me what you guys think about this MP video! What games will you guys create? What seems to be the talk of the town in this MP mode for everyone?

I just want this game. GTA V keeps getting better every time I look. Holy fucking online....

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modesign1950d ago

Theurw not creating new

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

Actually no, this headline is out of context. They were asked what they might do in the future as additional content, and they said they might go into old locations, but their true goal was reaching new heights and countries/locales.

modesign1950d ago

Oh OK. That's awesome can't wait for GTA Berlin or hong kong

FullMetalTech1950d ago

Man so much to do in this game. Hoping the online comunity stays strong cuz thats cutting it pretty close with the next gen consoles releasing soon after this game drops.

Trenta271950d ago

Not everyone will jump to the new consoles when they come out. I don't really think GTA V will take a hit at all with the new consoles releasing.

ZombieKiller1950d ago

I've got all my very close real friends playing GTA IV STILL. "My" community isn't going anywhere thankfully!

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1950d ago

im still praying it comes to next gen!!

ricochetmg1950d ago

If it does I will buy next gen this year.

ZombieKiller1950d ago

Funny how this game sells systems. I've seen this happening since GTA III

Kalebninja1950d ago

the online looks great but why did they give it every single reason to be rated M its like its borderline about to be Ao

SaffronCurse1950d ago

Retailers refuse to sell Ao games.

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