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Submitted by H2OAcidic 907d ago | review

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team (3DS) Review | Marooners' Rock

Aron writes:

"Dreams are usually pretty weird, right? One time I dreamed about riding to school on an inflatable cat instead of the school bus and the cat had eye lasers and instead of stopping at stop signs the inflatable cat bus just vaporized them with its eye lasers. When I got to school, the teachers were scarecrows and my fellow students were ears of corn that were covered in candy corn instead of actual corn, and then when I was in math class the teacher turned up the thermostat REALLY high and everyone’s candy corn kernels began to pop just like regular popcorn. In Mario and Luigi: Dream Team we learn that our favorite green-clad plumber’s dreams are simpler than ours, but no less weird. Luigi dreams of being a tree, of creating mighty vortexes of wind with his sneezes, and cloning himself. Mario and his gang will be traveling to the world of Luigi’s subconscious and use his dreamy new abilities to do battle and try to keep the people stranded in the mundane waking world safe from harm." (3DS, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team) -

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