Should Digital Games Be Cheaper?

An article about how digital purchases should be handled.

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Donnieboi1944d ago

Of course. When you take out the money that retailers would have demanded to put a physical disc on shelves, then YES, the savings should be passed down to customers if the game is digital.

Stranjak1944d ago

But why aren't they, then? Is it just because we continue to buy them at full price when they're digital?

Canary1944d ago

It's worth pointing out that in many cases digital copies of games do see partial discounts. Most PSN games, for example; many 3DS games, etc.

In general, publishers will charge as much as they think they can for games. That's why the average MSRP went to $60 for PC games--a $10 hike that was originally justified by the increased production costs of blu-ray and HD-DVDs was applied to digital PC games on Steam.

Some publishers are good about selling digital games cheaper, others are terrible, and some are just ****ing bipolar.

Like Nintendo.

$5 off any digital copy of a 3DS game, full price for any digital copy of a WiiU game.

user55757081944d ago

theyre skipping one of the middlemen so yea they should be cheaper. and not that $5 discount we often see. $60 games should be like $45-50 digitally

Canary1944d ago

It's more than that.

Digital sales remove not just retail fees, but manufacturing and distribution fees as well, which amount to a good 40% (or more) of the cost of a game.

That's one of the main reasons why developers can afford to do such massive discounts during Steam sales and still turn a profit.

ATi_Elite1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Should they be: YES
are they: NO (well PC Games are way cheaper) I don't see Sony/MS dropping prices on Digital Sales.

Sell a $60 game at Walmart the publisher only gets $20 per game while Walmart gets $30 and Sony/MS get $10 for Licensing Fee!

Sell a$60 game on Steam/Origin the Publisher gets like 70% or more of that $60

Sell a $60 game on your OWN website the Publisher gets the WHOLE $60

Which is why PC gaming makes a lot of cash cause it's 90% Digital and Steam is a very friendly middleman with plans and rates to custom fit each Game/Dev/Publisher.

ala_7671944d ago

Everybody wants a cheap game

Neonridr1944d ago

I have to agree, if I am only buying a digital copy of a game and thus not getting a physical disc, an instruction manual or a game box, then I would expect to pay at least $10 less for the game.

Saryk1944d ago

The market will pay what it wants. The seller will drop its price on the market. This is simple supply and demand. Leave the free market to its on. Most regulations are slighted and should only be used in case of monopolies or unfair business practices.

Thevariance1944d ago

The marginal cost curve must surely be lower for digital copies, resulting in a lower equilibrium price, no?

Saryk1944d ago

During the Intellivision/Atari days, games were 30-50 dollars then. Salaries for personnel have risen to high amounts. Yes the packaging is gone, but there is still high cost to making games. But if you don’t want to pay $60.00 for a new game, then don’t. You can’t make a company drop their prices by whining; only by being patient and a smart buyer do you get the good deals!

1944d ago
aliengmr1944d ago

What regulations? We've written a lot of words on paper but nobody does anything. They just tell everyone how sacrosanct the "free market" is then just go and bend it to their own ends.

We certainly don't need to regulate the price of games, but let's not pretend that the goal of these companies somehow includes bowing to this almighty "free market". In the end they just manipulate the system to suit their own needs.

Consoles drive video game sales and until recently haven't had a a service like Steam. But since they're closed systems, there is no reason to lower the prices for digital. They've rendered the "free market" impotent.

And yes, budgets have gone up, but the reality is much of it is waste. SWTOR for example. Wow, dialog, that was really worth the $300 million.

Digital will likely not do well with AAA next-gen. They are going to charge the same price across the board, because there is really no reason not to.

Saryk1943d ago

You just pretty much summed what I said. The free market will charge what it should. You can't bend it, the consumer drives it. If everyone buys a $100 game when it is released, then guess what? If no one buys a PS4 or XBONE at release, I bet they drop that price PDQ. If no one buys their games on their digital system, then they will drop their price. If they still don't do it, then the customer will leave and buy a PC, which is why the PC is really going forward.

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