GTA Online to launch 'around 2 weeks after GTA 5'

Rockstar to release new content and creation tools over time, North president confirms

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DA_SHREDDER1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

This is very disappointing, btw, cant wait to get my hands on some saints row 4 co-op

KonsoruMasuta1798d ago

How dare you bring up that crap game in an article about a masterpiece such as this?

Hellsvacancy1798d ago

Strange but whatever, if it means it will be stable the longer the better

The singleplayer will keep me more than happy

tigertron1798d ago

Nooooooo! I'm actually looking forward to GTA Online more than V since the only replay value that GTAIV had was the multiplayer.

I'm sure V's single player will be much better, but I'm just more hyped for GTA Online.

HammadTheBeast1798d ago

What lol?

GTA IV had about a hundred hours of single-player alone.

tigertron1798d ago

GTAIV was boring, the only real fun I had on there was the multiplayer.

If GTAV is like Vice City and San Andreas in terms of single player then that would be great.

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The story is too old to be commented.