With Xbox One, Microsoft is over-promising and under-delivering

With Microsoft’s recent revelation that it is backing down from its original commitment to release the Xbox One in 21 markets later this year, the firm is betraying a commonly accepted rule of doing business: under-promise and over-deliver.

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PSVita1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

They weren't prepared. The Xbox one is a reaction to the Feburary PS4 reveal, I mean they delayed the original don't even need a working console to do a reveal since its all concept. So to me that mean they didn't have a clear vision of what the XB1 was going to be and rushed it out in order to keep up with Sony. Now it seems they're not only having yield issues but also hardware.

pacostacos1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

except theres no real indication of yield issues or hardware issues besides rumors the delay according to Microsoft is kinect software related

Minato-Namikaze1945d ago

lol, CBOAT called this a month or to ago. Its yield issues according to him and the kinect software issues are just a smokescreen.

pyramidshead1945d ago

This CBOAT on gaf is a right mysterious entity.
Also notorious for being spot on correct with all of his Micro leaks too.

Septic1945d ago

Do remember that the PlayStation 3 release was delayed from September to March so this kind of thing is common in the run up to a console release.

However, its just that, with MS and Sony going up against each other in an unprecedented console launch rivalry, MS can't afford to lose out on potential customers to the PS4.

joeorc1945d ago


"except theres no real indication of yield issues or hardware issues besides rumors the delay according to Microsoft is kinect software related"

while 100% true, there is only a rumor

There is this very simple true fact in Consumer Electronic's hardware production.

"You do not, want to miss your 1st shipping date!"

Thing's happen, everyone knows this but when you tell 8 other countries that they will get their units later, that will mean if another company does not miss their shipping date, they may purchase more of said product, since your product will not be there.

Even worse, the production of the hardware 3rd party company can put other companies production priority before yours! say for example, you ask a 3rd party vendor to hold off on production on one of your components because your tweaking said component before Template production another company who is ready may get priority over your's because that 3rd party will just not sit and wait for just your company.

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IcicleTrepan1945d ago

Only on N4G could someone take the information that MS is reducing the amount of countries it hits at launch and extrapolate that into 'hardware failures'. They said themselves it's taking more time than expected to make the OS changes and localization for those regions across voice recognition and app support. So they delay the launch in those areas as the software isn't ready.

Funantic11945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Yeah this site will do that. I've noticed on my iphone that if I disagree with a Sony fanboy it'll give him 1 disagree and 1 agree at the same time. It makes it look like he has tons of agrees. Those agree and disagree votes are not accurate at all. But....I still like this site tho.

n4rc1945d ago

Ya no kidding.. People are really reaching now.. Like a worldwide launch is expected..

They delayed small markets to make sure their core markets are covered.. But its always nice when they give you info and people call its lies and a smoke screen..

Funny the tons of info Sony has released make it all OK.. Release date, launch countries etc.. You know NOTHING... but its perfectly logical to assume sony will do everything perfectly while ms is just lying g out of their ass..

Saddam_hussein1945d ago

N4g is the armpit of the gaming branch of the Internet. Everyone knows that.
Everyone on this site either has dellisional fantasies of them having a relationship with Sony and wants to see Mircro gone.

gaelic_laoch1945d ago

@ Saddam_hussein

People are just fed up with the MS BS coming from a PR team that would have made your mate Comical Ali proud!

PSVita1945d ago

Id be on here all day if I had to name all the things MS has said that turned out to be BS.

jessupj1944d ago


Wow, what an amazing MS circle jerk.

@ Icicle

Yes, because MS has been sooooo trust worthy lately. /s

Maybe these articles would stop coming out if you just admitted reality and conceded that MS has made a lot of bad decisions regarding the X1.

It quite obvious at this point that MS is rushing the console out to compete with Sony. I don't blame them for that though, as MS have seen how hard it was for Sony to catch up after getting to the market 1 year late.

Having said that though, I'd be very cautious if I was getting an X1 at launch. I'd be half expecting it to fail every time I turned it on.

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pacostacos1945d ago

cboat also predicted a downclock and we all now how that turned out

Roper3161945d ago

that is what MS does best, over promise & under deliver while they try to dictate / tell you what you want at the same time.

gaelic_laoch1945d ago

Xbone has become the modern day Snake Oil!

gaelic_laoch1945d ago

'With Xbox One, Microsoft is over-promising and under-delivering'

M$ I feel really did not want to get dragged into a next gen cold war they were not prepared for. Now they have been out maneuvered and outgunned by SONY.

Life would have been simpler for M$ if they could have just kept pumping out COD on the 360 for another 2 years at least!

IcicleTrepan1945d ago

'Life would have been simpler for M$ if they could have just kept pumping out COD on the 360 for another 2 years at least!'

They are, and so are Sony with the PS3. COD sells well on both systems.

FlunkinMonkey1945d ago

What? While COD is being released on PS3, Sony are also releasing exclusive after exclusive.. Most likely Game of the Year with Last of Us this year i might add.

the exclusives in the 360 camp are just straight up elusive, exclusiveLESS.

Sitdown1945d ago

Why did you feel the random need to defend an argument that nobody made? Who above said Sony was not churning out exclusives, the discussion was on something being simpler ....and do you have data showing these exclusives are helping move ps3s more than a Cod?

negative1945d ago

Easy fanboy, relax.

So far whatever the X1 is promising they will deliver. I have both consoles pre-ordered but am seriously considering the cancellation of the PS4.

I mean I already have a PS3. Nothing innovative about the PS4 at all. Thanks but maybe no thanks.

FlunkinMonkey1945d ago

Bahaha, who are you trying to fool you troll, you've never owned a PS3 OR pre-ordered a PS4, look at your comments history.

If by some miracle you have pre ordered a PS4, PLEASE DO cancel.

jessupj1944d ago

hmmmm.... you're considering canceling the much more powerful, cheaper console with much much better 1st party support....

I smell a fanboy.

VENOMACR1945d ago

I really can't wait for the system to launch and then get a couple months into the next gen era. Once both systems are launched, games are coming out, then all the talk about which system is better will quiet down. Right now there is nothing better to talk about with the next gen consoles. PS4 and X1, we haven't seen a ton of actual gameplay or in depth previews. There are no games to review. Only accessories are a controller and a handset. No DLC to discuss. And since Sony is quietly sitting in the back of the classroom, Microsoft is the kid raising his/her hand every 2 seconds which annoys everyone. Once they stop making changes and both consoles launch, then we can all go back to debating if COD is better than BF, Forza over GT, this new exclusive is great, etc etc.

Unfortunately websites like N4G which continue to post all this stuff just keeps the theories and rumors alive. Just wait until January when the dust settles, both systems have launched, games are being played, and we won't be discussing and reading about these topics.

Belking1945d ago

Overpromising? No, that would be sony. They are known for that.

n4rc1945d ago

Its easier to just leave people in the dark and hope the Xbox hate wagon sells their system for them..

jessupj1944d ago

I guess when you don't have any exclusives to play, you have to come here and spout complete nonsense.

I find the xbox fanboy a very peculiar creature. Similar to the girlfriend/boyfriend that stays with their partner and defends them from every criticism despite how accurate it is no matter how abusive the partner is.

Very peculiar indeed.

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