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crimsonfox1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

!!! YES \(°o°)/ YES !!!

Outsider-G1867d ago

Holy s***! This looks 10x better than GTA IV multiplayer!

JhawkFootball061867d ago

Looks like the current gen is going out with a bang.

golding891867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

:( It's a shame these won't be coming to next-gen

This game has potential to be best game of this generation..hands down..

SolidStoner1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

damn.... it looks.. even better then I imagined... and all that customization is awesome...

EDIT.. who says it will not come to next gen? R* didnt.. I still think it will be on Everything it possibly can..

ZodTheRipper1867d ago

I'm almost sure we'll get a next-gen release someday ...and knowing Rockstar they'll probably not just simply port it over but take advantage of the better tech. Just like with GTA4's PC release.

Gster1867d ago

@golding If it's coming to PC, you can almost guarantee it will be on next gen soon after.

Phene1867d ago

Compare this to COD's reveal yesterday ...oh my god, am I excited ...I just read a bulleted list of all the features of this multiplayer, and damn does it sound FUN ...blown away, damn current gen going out with a bang

NukaCola1867d ago

Wow! The online world looks as deep and indulging as the story itself. There is so much to do. I truly have no words to say more so.....

*stands with tears and slowly claps with pride.*

MurDocINC1867d ago

Who needs real life when you got GTA online.

Man2bFree1867d ago

my body can't wait anymore!!

alien6261867d ago

I dont know what present was better the birthday sex or rockstar's gift of this video haha jk

mcccann1867d ago

So will you get to use the full range of vehicles in from GTA 5?

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awesomeperson1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Content creator... mission/story driven multiplayer?

GTA never seems to cease to impress.

Will probably be one of my last games of this gen.

The_Sneauxman1867d ago

agreed!.. although if Rain is due out for the PS3, I'm getting that

Rainstorm811867d ago

You just put Rain in the same Convo as GTA5/Online.....LMAO

....To each his own i guess

DoomeDx1867d ago

So ehh.. How many players per world?

Cant believe they didnt even say that.

ShadowNextGen1867d ago

Online is a dynamic and persistent online world for 16 players that begins by sharing gameplay features, geography and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto 5.

StraightPath1867d ago


HammadTheBeast1867d ago

Can't decide between this or Last of Us.

ZodTheRipper1867d ago

Last of Us for me just because of it's fresh story and original concept. GTA5 is just another bigger and better GTA. Nonetheless I'm really looking forward to it.

Tetsujin1867d ago

I still vote MGS 4 Game of the gen with Uncharted 2 at a very close second.

I'm waiting on GTA 5 before I place a 3rd to play it safe.

1867d ago
rigbybot1271867d ago

I would say it's Portal 2, with MGS4 and Bioshock close seconds. The Last of Us is #6 on my list.

FlunkinMonkey1867d ago

O most of you guys haven't played The Last of Us then? that's cute.. This does look sick though.

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I never finished mgs4...was it THAT good? Sounds like I need to pop it back in before the ps4 comes out.

Spinal1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

The shooting mechanics of Max Payne 3 is what excited me so much finally GTA will be so fun havin shoot outs.

I'm buying this for my ps3 then again for my PC when it lands sometime 2014.

GamerGuy1531867d ago

And then again when it comes to the PS4?

JackBNimble1867d ago

Why would you get it on ps4 if you have it on pc?

webeblazing1867d ago

not really surprise. anybody that liked gtaiv mp could of seen this coming. definitely look impressive though not reall getting y they didnt have this in gta iv. this was a common sense thing. every person i played online with said that it was missing these features, but i guess it make sense since theyre bringing a lot of features back that was missing from the game as a whole.

sourav931867d ago

Holy GTA Online Batman!

liquidhalos1867d ago

WTF!! this looks amazing, are we seriously going to see this on current gen?? I simply cannot wait!!!!!!

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Emilio_Estevez1867d ago

Content creator looks awesome, cannnot wait any longer. Not a big MP person, but this looks great.

Jeff2571867d ago

That is truly impressive

Obamanationn1867d ago

GTA Online , its basically an open world ever-expanding 16-Player(32 on PC) MMO style sandbox Co-Op/Deathmatch mayhem with a touch of needforspeed, PlayStation Home and littlebig planet style of creating and sharing along with taking the single player content thrusted in between all the carnage for the 1st time ever in the series . I WANT IT NOW!

Kennytaur1867d ago

There was no mention of a pc version. I'm sure modders will unlock a massive playercount, but don't spread rumours and lies just yet.

bub161867d ago

i want to play this game naked

Benjammin251867d ago

I want to watch you play this game naked. ;) :P

sarlucic1867d ago

I want to watch you watching him playing naked.

Gster1867d ago

Could I record the three of you and pretend you are the three main protagonist??? :D