Saitek Launches Cyborg Keyboard

From the article: "Saitek, a leading designer and manufacturer of consumer electronic products for PC and gaming announces the launch of its new Cyborg Keyboard. This high end gaming keyboard has advanced customization options for greater control and convenience, and a durable design for improved gaming performance..."

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Tempist3903d ago

If I can't bio-merge and cut a man in half, then it shouldn't be called a cyborg keyboard.

It is awesome however. But not awesome enough to merge with my biological body.

JelalTrueshot3903d ago

I have to agree with that. It is a bad choice in names for their whole gaming peripheral line. I would have saved it until the devices COULD interface with my body.

Fallen_Angel3903d ago

I think I'll stick with my logitech G15

JelalTrueshot3903d ago

Nice! I was a huge fan of my original model G15 - but didn't really like the newer LCD panel. I switched to a Razer Lycosa recently and have found the key action to feel really nice on it.

Fallen_Angel3902d ago

Razer makes some nice stuff I got a rzer mouse it actually matches my keyboard nicely lol

JelalTrueshot3902d ago

Sweet, what one did you pick up?