Women Who Play: An Interview With Kayletta from The Repopulation

"I highly suggest for women getting into gaming... adopt the mantra that you're a gamer. Period. Not a gamer gurl, or a girl gamer, but a gamer. You are not your gender, and when your gender doesn't matter to you, you will find it matters less to everyone else too."

Kayletta is a gamer, mother, and Associate Creative Director for indie game The Repopulation. She sat down to talk with Kazz about gaming, getting into the industry, and her experiences as a gamer and game industry member.

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Enate1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

That turned out to be actually pretty good. She is along the lines of someone I could play with as she seems to have a good understanding of things. Especially when she pointed out the whole thing where its not just a gaming problem but a global one. I always hated it when girls glorify an announce to death they are a girl gamer but get mad when someone gets at them because of it.

A gamer like her I could chill with an play with no sweat. Though she is defiantly a different player then me because PVP is at the low end of my favorite things. As far as the harassment goes I've seen guys and girls both get it aplenty just depends on who you run into. An yes it defiantly has a lot to do with what genre you are playing and what game. I have been called everything in the booked and messaged all sorts of fun things after whooping up on a team an leaving the lobby afterwards :)

I've learned to use the mute button and block functions with ease. An continue on what I was doing and think nothing of it. has a large example of the double standard girls I was talking about earlier though. Look at me I'm a girl and as long as it gets me viewers and follows. Which lead to sponsorship's and income from streaming its all good. Though the moment someone calls them out on it the white knights rush in. An even some of them that have the skill defend the low cut shirt ones which I just don't understand.

An don't even get me started on the names some girls have an actually expect to not get **** because of it. I've always hated wow but have heard all the stories in the book as I have been gaming since like 1989. I can't remember exactly but the guild leaders wife had a character named smackmya** or something along those lines. An someone jokingly in the guild said can I smack it. The guy raged so hard he went to ask his wife if he could ban this person from the guild. Which she apparently promptly agreed,an I thought that was one of the dumbest things I had ever heard.

I could go on believe me as I have discussed this topic in great detail over the years and have a gaming gf of my own. Though I fear if I continue this may become more of a dissertation an less of a comment good day.

beebap1950d ago

Well I'm a gamer but my main focus is single player games. Multiplayer is a rare bit of fun so I always running like a noob with usually no headset so I never have any trouble which is prob why I don't get these articles about what is happening online to women or is it headlines for men to feel defensive and need to read and comment,for me I read it because i wanted to read about her involvement in industry.Girl gamers are not new, I never got told growing up that I can't play cause I'm girl maybe teased but that just people get we all like to tease everyone and the most obvious thing is we should try not to even get caught on these articles that have headlines which include the word women as it not big deal
I may not have many women gamer friends but the amount of hardcore male friends is small too as I c mainly cod players as casual gamers.