Microsoft to convince consumers that GTA IV is best on Xbox 360

Msxbox-World writes: "With the masses of Xbox 360 loyal owners it's a given that they'll spend their cash on the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV later this month when it hits stores. However there are a number of gamers who have yet to take the plunge and decide whether to head to Sony street or go the Microsoft way."

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decapitator3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Of course they will. I can already imagine their marketing slogan:

"Only the Xbox 360 will you have the COMPLETE experience of GYAIV with episodic content"

They wont let that 50 Million go to waste.

Sony would argue that:

"GTAIV is a playStation Franchise and that the recently announced bundle which you are practically getting the game for free because of the asking price."

It never ends..*sigh*

TheExecutive3877d ago

OK well, I am around 99% positive that a huge chunk of that 50 million dollars was to make the game multiplatform.

It wasnt 50 million for DLC, it was 50 million for DLC and for it to show up on their platform. I am quite certain of this, but i have been wrong before.

sonarus3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Haha. Seriously speaking i wonder if consumers take into consideration RROD when choosing which console to purchase it for. After all aren't 360's more likely to die when playing games that stress the hardware. Heard a lot of them died while playing dead rising or something. Not sure how much of the 360 power the game is draining but it sure would suck to have your 360 RROD while playing GTA4.

I kinda agree with exec. How can you pay 50mill for DLC that just makes no sense AT ALL. You can make like 2 games with that budget.

Back on topic microsoft is in a bit of a bind this yr. They don't have any real system movers until the end of the yr which will be gears. They are behind in sales in all regions and even if more 360 version of GTA4 outsells ps3 version by 2-1, at the end of the day that isn't what matters it is the hardware sales. Analysts have already predicted ps3 to win the hardware battle on GTA4 and in the UK ps3 is leading in both hardware and software boosts. The ONLY thing that can save msoft at this point is a nice price cut like they did in the UK and some HEAVY marketing.

If i was a new consumer at the current price points, i really don't see a reason to pick the 360 over the ps3. This is what the average consumer will be looking at when comparing the 2 consoles
1. PS3 has blu ray plyaer 360 doesn't
2. PS3 has 20 more gigs yes it doesn't really matter but in the eyes of the consumer numbers stand out more than you think
3. Wifi right out of the box

360 may have a strong catalog of games but a new consumer isn't really looking to play games that are 2 yrs old. They want new games to play. But hey, thats just my opinion

Hatchetforce3877d ago

Sonarus, you need to tack on the cost of LIVE for say 4 years are so. At the Amazon price of $44 USD then you get your $349 360 + $176 = $525 USD.

The last time I checked, a more expensive console costing $525 that breaks a great deal and has an online service with constant issues and no Bluray player isn't a good deal.

Bleucrunch3877d ago

Just buy the version you want. END OF STORY.

InMyOpinion3877d ago

What if you are a GTA fan and want the ability to play the exclusive DLC? I'm wouldn't take the unnecessary risk of missing out when I have the choice not to. What if you, believe it or not, don't care about Blu-Ray cause you usually download movies and stream them?

You mention features that has to do with the consoles(Blu-Ray, WiFi?!?) and not the game. Like saying "I'll be getting Army of Two for the 360 because it has Xbox Live".

In the end, just get the game on whatever console you prefer. It will probably be the best damn game this generation and I hope all of you get to enjoy it!

sonarus3877d ago

Well if you are a GTA fan, and you want that DLC content so bad that it outweighs the fact that ps3 obviously has more value than the 360 then go for it. But as mentioned before, most people won't be looking at the DLC as a true selling point. Most of the new console owners haven't even adjusted to the whole DLC content. Simply put msoft isn't doing enough to pull NEW users in for GTA4 but they are catering to the already proven loyal 360 owners who stand behind as many 360's as fate deals them due to RROD.

1 game is hardly enough to really push console sales talk less of "mysteriously unrevealed DLC that will reveal itself at a later date. The advantages of owning a blu ray player alone far outweigh DLC in my opinion

mikeslemonade3877d ago

It's pathetic on MS part that they spend 50 million and they need to spend more to advertise it. Right now based on the review that was taken off you can't really go wrong with either version. I hate how MS is going advertise that GTA4 can be bought on a core $280 or premium for $350 because you will need xbl gold and a harddrive to play online and download the downloadable content. That's BS and the 40GB PS3 is the better value and especially when the GTA4 PS3 bundle is coming to America.

InMyOpinion3877d ago

I don't think the PS3 has more value. If I did I would have bought one. I think it has many features that just don't interest me, and the exclusives released on the 360 are more my type of games.

That doesn't mean that I don't understand people who prefer the PS3, and think Blu-Ray and WiFi are great features that are worth paying extra money to get.

Glad to be a gamer3877d ago

You can get a 360 for £150 over here and for people who are casual gamers and those that dont have a hd tv (the majority of the gaming population.) This will be a big factor.

Im also sure that as Ms have payed for the extra content for gta4 they will market the hell out of it. Although to some of us the dlc isn't a factor due to all the great games coming out there are a large no of people that just buy the latest Gta or need for speed. I guess the dlc will be very appealing to them in adding longevity to their favourite franchises.

ill be getting it for my 360 due to the dlc and custom sound tracks.

i Shank u3877d ago

quick! somebody call the WHAAAaaambulance

anti-MS hate brought up? - check
Defensive rants concluding in why ps3 is better? - check
DLC sh1t on when still no one knows what the fvck it is? - check
RROD mentioned? - check, plenty of times.
Bullballs review mentioned? -check. believe this was confirmed on neogaf as fake, who knows
MGS4 mentioned? mmmhmm, continually used as fuel for the fanboy's fire

flame wars? - confirmed and flaming

NO_PUDding3877d ago

No mention of thigns touchy 360 fnaboys could cuss me for.

I am just goign to say. In the end, it's downlaodable content, which is nothing to the average Joe. And if it is, they will do the math, the cheapest evrsion possible is with the PS3 bundle, becuase by the time you have bought:

360 GTAIV Arcade Bundle
LIVE Subscription
Online Adapter (which is a complete rip off)
Hard Drive

It will actually cost more than your free internet, ready for wireless, with HArdrive 40gb PS3 GTAIV bundle.

Am i right or am i right?

Lucreto3877d ago

Thats why I don't have a 360 it has no value to be the PS3 has far more stuff I like.

Fallen_Angel3877d ago

@sonarus Wow talk about being an idoit fanboy. people dont buy game systems to play games ?

Gamers dont care about blu ray. If they wanted to watch movies they be buying a dvd player not a game system. People have been playing video games and connecting to the inter net long before wifi. As for the ps3 having a bigger hdd well I've had my 20 gb hdd at least a year and a half long then my ps3 and I have 13 gb on it still. I'm down to 34gb on my 80 gb ps3. I will run out of room on my ps3 long before I run out of room on my 360.

I buy all my online games for my 360 cause that what all my friends play.

dan-boy3876d ago

and again, what's to stop microsoft giving gta with every new console sold?? nothing ofcourse!! bundles don't really mean anything! i don't think rrod will put people off of buying a 360! you can get it repaired for three years for nothing. and you will be able to pick up a 360 with gta and live for a year for the same price as the ps3!

as i said i post the other day, people will buy this to play with their friends, and they imo will pick it up on the console that has the most people they know playing it!

ktkh3876d ago


I think people who own or would own an Xbox 360, put past the issue of RROD.

I think its more of the inconvenience of it happening when it does happen. You know... phone calls, sending it in for a period of time. A hassle I'd say.

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Noodlecup3877d ago

play this huge game on a console that works thanks :)

ghostface3877d ago

Thats the reason i preorder GTIV for the ps3. with my xbox waiting to be ship out for repairs, I just dont want 2 take that chance for it to break down again when i do get it back.

Hatchetforce3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

If MS was so positive about having the best version why do they have to convince consumers?

I will tell you why. Because MS knows the truth already. The superior version of GTA4 wound up on the PS3 and now they have to mount a marketing campaign in order to try and sway public opinion. Too bad the money they will squander shoveling BS at John Q. could have been spent on fixing Xbox LIVE.

MS has been effective with this tactic in the past. All 2007 they managed to get the morons in the press to write articles questioning if the PS3 was in trouble, should Sony quit, blah blah blah. How ridiculous was that tripe? The PS3 was outselling the Xbox 360 everywhere except the U.S. and yet morons were repeating what they were reading like they were reciting a mantra while waiting on their cup of Koolaid in Jonestown.

Now MS is once again prepairing to go on the offensive with their truckload of lies and their sleight of hand in a desperate attempt to fool the public.

Too bad MS. The public is hip to your weak and idiotic attempts to mount a PSYOP campaign. Welcome to 2008 and a greater number of consumers that are fed up with your deceit on everything from a console that breaks constantly to it's substandard disk drive to it's failure to stand up to the PS3 as a technical powerhouse to it's inability to evolve.

The 360, like the Wii, is rapidly showing it's hand as the dodo bird of the next gen war and Darwin is gaining on MS in a predatory fashion.

PSh1t33877d ago

"If MS was so positive about having the best version why do they have to convince consumers? "

---because you guys are morons.

Hatchetforce3876d ago

That's it? That is the best you can offer having been flayed alive and lambasted by the sheer fact of 360 inferiority? A mere pittance of a retort?

Whatever makes you feel better as you try to convince yourself that your acolyte obedience isn't without merit. Well it is. You are holding onto the belief in a machine that really is only a bridge between last gen and next gen. That is what the 360 actually is in fact. A sort of Cro-magnon between Neanderthal and Erectus. A branch of the evolutionary ladder doomed to extinction.

And all you can muster as a response is "because you guys are morons" You support above all others a console with the worst operational record in history, when combined with online multiplayer service costs more than the competitor, offers no Bluray support, no true hardware physics, no studio master HD sound, no free online service, no internet download ability, etc etc and yet PS3 supporters are morons? Hardly.

You are exemplary of the pathetic lemmings that continue to worship your lord and master while being crushed by superior technology, a far better gaming vision, a greatly better community vision, and the best exclusives on the planet. Have fun with your beliefs and enjoy yourself. You will find that bridge from last gen a lonely place.

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vloeistof3877d ago

cant wait for the ps3 version

Hydrolex3877d ago

The PS3 version wins

1- What happen if your Xbox 360 breaks ? You will be mad FU*K
2- Free Online on the PS3
3- Split Screen only for PS3 ( confirmed by 2 people )
4- Less Jaggies
5- Warmer and Realastic Colors
6- Less FPS drops than 360 version
7- More peds and cars around the CITY !

These are all confirmed by people who have played GTA IV. Theer are not fanboys like me like you but they are journalists and ...

t-0_ot-3877d ago

Okay. I'll give ya the first two..

But, not these.
"3- Split Screen only for PS3 ( confirmed by 2 people )" That's cause
PSn isn't as good. You can't invite your friends to come play with you like you can on the 360..

"4- Less Jaggies" How would you know? I haven't heard anything bout this..

"5- Warmer and Realastic Colors" R* said this(I think?) but do you even know what that means?

"6- Less FPS drops than 360 version" Again, I haven't heard this..

"7- More peds and cars around the CITY !" Once Again, I haven't heard this..

And, for the replies about not hearing those "statements" you said. Trust me, if those were said, then the PS3 fanboys wouldn't let me NOT see them..

DexTh053877d ago

I just think that Playstation 3 would be the thing to get it on if you got the console. It started wit sony it should end wit sony. Hardware wise everyone knows PS3 is the stronger of the two.

TheExecutive3877d ago

Well, I think that people arent deciding what console to buy solely on this game. I think its a good incentive for people to jump into this generation but I highly doubt someone will pick one console over the other due to DLC.

They will look at the consoles and judge the games available, games coming, reliability, and value of each peice of hardware and come to the best decision for them.

The DLC is a good incentive for people with a 360 already but it wont be much of a selling point for people on the fence about which console to get.

I think that MS is going to have a hard time stealing the "ps2" userbase solely for the fact that the ps2 was so great because of a bunch of games not just GTA. All of those games are returning on the ps3.

I dont even really think that MS dropping their price will have a lot of ps2 users convert this year (most people, especially people who havent bought a next-gen system yet, dont buy more than one console in a year) to the 360. The fact of the matter is a month and a half after GTA hits, MGS comes to the ps3. Not only that but FF and GT are on the horizon. I can guarantee if I were sony I would market GT5:P and MGS just as much as GTA.

Robearboy3877d ago

is much more stronger on the ps3, but does that actually make the game better on the ps3? end of the day, 360 owners will get the 360 version, ps3 owners will get the ps3 version, people who own both consoles will more than likely go for the 360 version for the dlc, unless they are into the nostalgia then they will go for the ps3 version for the "feel" of it

TheExecutive3877d ago

Yep, I agree but its not about those who already own consoles, its about those who dont.

Just wondering what console you think will sell better?

Adamalicious3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Don't forget that last generation PS2 and Xbox sales were more than 160 Million. So far the 360 and PS3 have sold something like 25 million. That means there are literally tens of millions of potential customers out there who either haven't decided which one they want or when they will get it. Massive mainstream hits like GTA go a LONG way to helping people make those decisions.

In general, though, I think GTAIV will make a lot of people buy A console, but which one will be determined by the consumers overall preference and not which version of GTAIV is "better".

EDIT - to answer above: I think GTAIV will sell more PS3s than 360s for a couple reasons.

1) Based on historical hardware sales the 360 is approaching 50% market saturation where the PS3 is well under 10% (like 7% ish) - meaning there are a lot more Playstation people out there waiting for a reason to jump in than Xbox people

2) GTA has been hugely successful on the PS2 and is generally perceived as a Playstation game

3) The Bundle

Now which version of the SOFTWARE will sell more is another issue entirely, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

Silellak3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

"It started wit sony it should end wit sony."

I disagreed with you for that line. I don't care what game system a franchise started on.

I swear, you'd think Sony fanboys forgot that Final Fantasy started on Nintendo. Does that mean FFXIII should be on Wii? Or that we should only play the Crystal Chronicles series? Please.

If I owned both systems, I'd probably get the 360 version. Why? Most of my gamer friends have 360's, not PS3's. Also, I personally prefer the 360 controller due to analog stick placement and triggers.

But those are all personal things. Notice that? It all comes down to the person buying it.

Edit @2.8 Below:

Yup. But you'll hear people claim that both Metal Gear and Final Fantasy are "different" because the "Playstation brand is what made them big"

TheExecutive3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Adam, I couldnt agree more. Software will sell better on the 360 in the short-term side of things. I think in the lifetime of the consoles it will sell better on the PS version but it will take pry a year to reach that.


You have to admit its pretty cool to have the choice to download the content if you so choose...

LastDance3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Microsoft are quite simply put, over zealous. So ardent that they want to win(penetrate) so bad that they are making huge unprofessional mistakes.

Okay all Sh!t aside for a moment. DLC missions...for a GTA game?? i mean honestly?...That is weak as Pi$$. Missions are the last thing on gta players minds.

travelguy2k3877d ago

Didn't Metal Gear start on Nintendo?

Utalkin2me3877d ago

It started with rockstar and is ending with rockstar enough said. Fu#%ing morons i swear!

marison3877d ago

MSX is an 8 bit computer system developed in Japan with huge collaboration from Microsoft (all the Operating System code, BASIC based).

There are 2 Metal Gear for MSX. The second version is japanese only, but was translated for various languages by fans.

Funky Town_TX3877d ago

Now you can't think like that here. I wish developers would get a little credit here. That is the one thing that makes me mad about M$ and Sony (Sony more), they don't give credit to the dev that bust a$$ every day. I could care less about M$ and Sony making there pockets fatter of GTA4. Now I care about rockstar making $$$.

NIN643877d ago

GTA 1 started on PC and was ported to PS1. I'm not a fanboy, just pointing that out for the umteenth time. . .

Tarasque3877d ago

I think utalkin2me was replying to DexTh05 .

But anywho that is a retarded comment.

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SullyDrake3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Microsoft is the one with the DLC locked-in but it seems like they're worried about sales. While you don't really see articles about Sony scrambling to convince people, do you?

Kinda makes you wonder if Microsoft is trying to convince the public to go with the weaker version. We've all heard the news from that first review, how the PS3 has practically no pop-in and no framerate issues or screen tearing, as opposed to the small amount of these on the 360 version.

And with the PS3 bundle, the general public who hasn't moved into next-gen yet WILL buy the PS3 bundle, because they'll be thinking Sony-brand franchises, and then MGS4, FFXIII, Ratchet & Clank Future, GT5, and others will come to mind.

Don't get me wrong, I love the 360, I just hate Microsoft. And my brother has the 360, so comments about me being ignorant just won't do. But either way, the PS3 version is technically superior, and being so big already, that'll go a long way against the exclusive DLC.

Consider a share of my $89.99 going proudly to Sony.

EDIT: Plus, once the PS3-exclusive GTA5 is out, they'll look nice side-by-side on the shelf.

littletad3877d ago

That we have no idea if it was legit or not? I'd wait for a little more reviews before finding out which version is "superior" and taking the plunge. Seems silly to think Microsoft is "desperate" because it's pushing it's own version. Considering that GTA4 was a once Sony exclusive and timed exclusive, it makes since to let the general public know this game is coming to the ps3 AND 360. Or we can read opinionated blogs that try to fabricate it as "desperation".

SullyDrake3877d ago

The guy was careful about what he said. He concealed certain things because Rockstar wanted him to.

Not that it matters on release day, but why can't it be real? because the PS3 version is superior?

Of course Microsoft is desperate. Imagine if Halo 4 became multi-platform. How much pushing would Sony need to do? And wouldn't it still do little in the end?

Same scenario here bud.

Either way, if the 360 was miles superior, I'd still be getting PS3 version, because it's my console, and I like the controller more. And apparently Home integration will blow our minds or something.

Silellak3877d ago

I don't think it was real, because there's been no mention of split-screen co-op for either system, and Rockstar has flat out said that both platforms have the exact same features.

ukilnme3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

We won't know if it was real or not until more reviews come up with the same conclusion. I will try both myself just for the h3ll of it. If they are both the same and I had to pick one I would go with the 360 version because I like the controller more. Don't get me wrong, I like my PSWii60, I just don't like Sony [email protected]^$oyz.

Edit for the disagrees: Ok, I don't like MS [email protected]^$oyz either.

Utalkin2me3877d ago

Thats kinda odd, All the articles i have seen is the 360 has smoother framerate and better colors. While the ps3 suffers from some framerate issues and is a little dingier, but has a few more things on screen at once like people and cars and stuff.

Shortstop3877d ago

But you like MS fanboys then? What's that make you?

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